Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Adjustable Infant Car Seat Base, Black

Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Adjustable Infant Car Seat Base, Black

The safety 1st extra base lets you move your onboard 35 infant car seat smoothly from car to car. It is also compatible with all safety 1st or bertini onboard infant car seats. This is an adjustable, 2 position stay in car base. It is latch equipped and has storage for latch. Compatibile Models: Dorel Juvenile SKU Description 22395AWY Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 Air (Vintage Romance) IC086ARO Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 – (Orion Blue) IC086ARP Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 – (Orion Pink) IC086BRV Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 (Graydon) IC086BXT Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 (Ross) IC147BYM Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 (Sail Away) IC155AUB Safety 1st®  onBoard™ 35 Air (Flutter) IC155AVP Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35  Air Julianne IC155BNV Safety 1st® onBoard™ 35 Air (Decatur) IC155BVP Safety 1st®  onBoard™ 35 Air (Sea Breeze) IC168CKJ Safety 1st® onBoard Plus Infant Car Seat (Saint Germaine) IC168CKQ Safety 1st® onBoard Plus Infant Car Seat (Plumberry) IC168CLC Safety 1st® onBoard Plus Infant Car Seat (Twist of Citrus)

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Compatible with safety 1st onboard 35 infant car seats
  • Adjustable, 2 position stay in car base
  • Latch equipped.Black
  • Storage for latch
  • Please refer the image for more information on car seats dimensions with which this item is compatible with.

Verified reviews


Got it for an Eddie Bauer

It is the exact same company that makes Eddie Bauer line so it fits perfectly. Got this to have one on each car.

Bridgette Harrisburg, IL

Great Product and Compatible with Target’s Eddie Bauer infant carrier

This base was compatible with the infant carrier that came with my Eddie Bauer Travel System (Clearbrook) from Target ([…] . Our travel system came with one car seat base but we knew from the beginning we wanted to order an extra base. I purchased this so that we could leave one base in my husband’s car and one base in mine. I am so glad I found this on Amazon because it was very affordable and seems to be identical to the one that came with our travel system. I would recommend this for anyone who needs a second base for their infant carrier.

Lorna Morral, OH

great back up

Got this for grandma’s car and as a second base in my husband’s car, it is great. Easy to install and remove. It is a more streamlined version of the base that came with our car seat, but it is great to have on hand when someone who doesn’t normally watch the kiddo needs one to transport him

Lilian Grand Valley, PA


This was exactly what I needed. I used it with my Safety 1st onboard 25 infant car seat. It was exactly the same as the one that came with the seat.

Cara Willow Springs, IL

Extra Car Base for Eddie Bauer Travel System

Like others was looking for an extra base for the Eddie Bauer Travel System with no luck. But then I searched Amazon and found this one. I was reading other reviews about it and thought “too good to be true” but with further investigation I discovered Safety 1st actually manufacturers the Eddie Bauer system. So without hesitation I ordered it. And it works PERFECTLY. Just Black instead of the gray color my system is but it will be left in the car and my seats are black so not a problem. Thanks made this Grandma very happy.

Janie Hessel, MI

Worked very well

Got this to put into the 2nd car for those times we need to swap. For it’s function, it worked well – it holds the carseat in place just like the one that comes with the carseat. It is, however, different, and that’s unclear from the description. There are 2 versions of this base, one with the seatbelt like latch clips that push on, and one with carabiner style clips that clip on. This version is the latter. I find this version harder to attach and detach, especially when digging behind when it is tight and in place.If I were to do it again, I’d probably spring the extra bit and buy the more expensive version.

Maryellen Millville, CA

seat comes with base

Just as described. It is what it is. But just so you know the seat itself comes with a base. Iwas unclear about this so i ordered a base and now have two

Brandy Canvas, WV


I chose five stars because the product was easy to install and it is easy to use.I bought this product used, but in new condition.The price is a bit steep considering you can get the onBoard 35 carseat for about $100 bucks, but having another base is worth the time you save from having to ensure you correctly strap in the carseat all the time.

Sarah Chuckey, TN

Nice to have an extra base

We got this to have an extra base for my husband’s car. It works well. We got it for ease of use, but you can install the car seat without the base – using the seatbelt. So you don’t have to have an extra base just in case someone wants to take the baby somewhere (some car seats need the base, so unless you want to uninstall the base from your car, an extra base is needed).

Jody Spanaway, WA

Works with Safety 1st onBoard Air 35

I actually prefer this base to the deluxe one that came with the seat. It is smaller and my other kids seats fit better beside it.

Genevieve Jeanerette, LA

Just What We Needed

We had some confusion on if this would fit our particular car seat, but it does. Hubby got it installed in our second vehicle and works great. We have no complaints!

Nelly Register, GA

Great product

We bought one of these to go in our second vehicle for our car seat. It was a different style than the one that came with the carseat but as far as we can tell it works exactly the same and is just a little less fancy with how you can store the straps that lock into the frame. The sidewalls of this one are notably lower than the one that came with the carseat too, which makes it a lot easier to get the carseat out of the truck!

Josephine Netarts, OR

So happy to have found this…

It took a call to the manufacterer to confirm this would was compatiable with my Eddie Bauer carrier. I’m so happy to have found it. It’s exactly like the base that came with the EB Sinclair carrier / travel system I keep a base in my car at all times and uses the spare for other family members that transport my little one from time to time.

Liliana Saint Marie, MT


This fit our OnBoard 35 car seat great. It’s easy to install and move from car to car if needed. We got it for our second car and for when grandparents babysit – so far after 6 weeks of use we’ve have no problems!

Dolores Medon, TN

Helped us get through the 1st months of daycare

This was great when we only had 1 family car and 1 car seat. Made transporting our son much easier. But once he got too heavy, we got a 2nd car and got rid of the truck. Also got a 2nd car seat to go with said car, Fit our Eddie Bauer car seat perfectly.

Sallie Frederick, MD


this worked perfectly with our Eddie Bauer travel system. We got 2 of them, way better price than buying the manufacturers’ coordinating base.

Rosario Loudon, NH

** Car Seat Base ***

I didn’t keep this product because I only needed one base and I got one with the car seat so I sent back because I had one already

Amy Waldo, OH