Safety 1st onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat, Orion Pink

Safety 1st onBoard 35 Infant Car Seat, Orion Pink

Start your little one off on the right road with the Safety 1st onBoard 35 infant car seat. Featuring 17% more leg room than most infant car seats and a harness specially designed to fit tiny travelers, the onBoard35 infant car seat easily accommodates the growing baby in a rear-facing position from a tiny 4 to a tall 35 pounds. Our Carry Curve handle makes for comfortable transport between the car and wherever you need to go. Rear-facing 4-35 pounds. Side impact protection. 17% more legroom than most infant car seats. Adjustable stay-in-car base. 5-point harness system with up front harness adjustment. Removable, washable pad. Meets or exceeds Federal Safety Standards.

Main features

  • Rear-facing 4-35 pounds
  • 17% more legroom than most infant car seats
  • Side impact protection
  • Removable, washable pad
  • Meets or exceeds Federal Safety Standards

Verified reviews


Spend a little more money and get the AIR version

I bought one of these about 2 years ago for my first child and the quality was much better. The fabric was softer (think cotton vs. nylon), felt more padded, and it featured a soft, non-slip grip on the handle. The AIR version existed when I bought the first one, but I didn’t see much difference between the two…Now, 2 years later I purchased this exact model for baby #2 and was very disappointed. The fabric (while attractive looking) is not very soft, feels cheap, and there is no grip on the handle. To get these features now, you HAVE to buy the AIR version… which, if you shop around, you can find for only about $40 more. It’s definitely worth the extra money IMO. My daughter was in her onboard35 until 14 months, and having a soft fabric that baby will want to sleep on, and a soft handle that makes the carrier comfortable to hold, was a must-have for me.

Cynthia Wenona, IL

Great value for the price

The priority for me were: safety and price. This is a very good, simple model that received a very good safety score from the Consumer Report.Word of advice: get an insert(snuzzler) if you are planning to use it for a newborn.The insert that comes with it will not hold his head.

Wendy Fort Necessity, LA

Extremely easy to use. Very happy with it.

My baby has been using this carseat for a year and I honestly have no complaints about it. The straps are easy to adjust, it’s lightweight, the handle moves easily when you need it to, and over all it’s just a great product. We haven’t experienced any of the headaches that our friends have had with their other brands of seats. I would definitely recommend it.

Margret Peotone, IL

Safe, nice, a little too long, can’t attach it to a shopping cart

It’s very pretty, rated very well for safety (most importantly), and inexpensive compared to so many others. Since those are the most important factors for us, I rated it 4 out of 5 starts. Less importantly, it is just long enough that when installed you have less room in the front seat(s) for the adults. However, my husband and I are both very tall, so maybe it is not such a factor for other people. Lastly, it won’t attach to a shopping cart, which is just not the end of the world, but would have been nice to be able to do.

Rowena Tangier, VA

Baby loves it

I though this car seat would be too big for our midsize car. Surprisingly it fit and stays put. The straps are a bit troublesome at first to put on baby, but once it’s locked in, everything’s good. There are height adjustments for the shoulder straps which is great, so we can adjust the height of the straps to make baby comfortable. Highly recommend this product.UpdateThis car seat is better than expected. Fits babies uo to 35 pounds. So a 1 yr old is quite comfortable in it. A definite must.

Maria Hartsdale, NY

Great buy!

I think this is a great buy for the money and Consumer Reports safety. The only reason I have it 4 stars was because it does not fit in a lot of strollers.

Terrie Montezuma Creek, UT

Too Big for Civic and Corolla

This car seat and base are too big to comfortably fit in a 2004 Civic and 2008 Corolla. We waited too long to test it out so we’ll have to make it work now, but it must go behind the passenger seat and the passenger seat must go so far forward that it becomes unusable for anyone taller than 5’4″. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with a midsize car.

Rowena North Uxbridge, MA

Should be 3.5 but not 4 Stars

This is a good overall car seat.ProsLong, so will actually last until baby is 1 year old or 35 lbs.Pretty much regular seating, comfort, canopy, all that is goodQuality is acceptableIt is not heavy for the size (this is a larger one), but is kinda heavy generally speaking.ConsSame as the pro, it is long, thus, it is difficult to get in and out of the carIt may not fit in your car. it fits in our small SUV (Rogue) – we either need to put it in the midlle (where it is cumbersome to get n an out) or on the side, where the passenger seat mut be moved up, loosing leg room.The release on the base can be stiff, kinda hard to releaseOverall, it is good. If I had to do it over again, I think I would get a seat that goes up to 22 lbs, then get a marathon / baby-to-toddler seat, or something like that (one that doesn’t com in and out of the car) when she grows out of that.

Deidra Ary, KY

just what the protective mom ordered

Very happy. I feel comfortable and safe with this purchase. I feel the car seat is safe with the installation and installation guides. It looks nice too…in a basic but nice way..cute without the frills so you feel like the main purpose is not to be fashionable (even though it looks very cute) but the main purpose is the function of baby safety. Also note that the seat doors come with the was unclear to me so I bought a base too. Glad to have you but might not have ordered the second base had I known for sure it came with one already attached.

Whitney Ridgewood, NY

Infant Seat

I really like this car seat it can be used as a carry all. My baby was born a preemie and I was concerned that I would not be able to find a car seat that would work. I found that this car seat worked well with his size and its adjustable for small to large. Once the base is secure in the car all you need to do is lock the actual seat into place. It easily unlocks for removing, no fumbling or struggling necessary. The material used cleans easily just wipe with a little gentle soap and damp cloth.

Karyn Myakka City, FL

Pretty good

It is a nice car seat. The price was right. I did a lot of reviewing before purchasing as I didn’t want to spend much but I wanted a good safe car seat. The only complaint I have is the top bar gets stuck a lot when moving it back and forth, doesn’t always click in place. Would buy again. my son seems comfortable in it.

Renae Spangler, PA