Safety 1st One-Step Trainer Seat in White

Safety 1st One-Step Trainer Seat in White

The Safety 1st One-Step Trainer Seat quickly attaches to the toilet for easy toilet training, while allowing immediate adult toilet use. Features: 1. Flip-up feature 2. Reduces size of toilet seat 3. Easy to install 4. Built-in deflector shield Benefits: 1. Allows for immediate adult toilet use 2. Allows child to feel secure on adult toilet, for easier potty training 3. Affixes under lid, and flips up and does not need to be removed between child and adult use 4. Accommodates toilet training boys

Main features

  • Flip-up feature allows for immediate adult toilet use
  • Reduces size of toilet seat allowing child to feel secure on the adult toilet
  • Easy to install and affixes under lid and flips up
  • Built-in deflector shield accommodates toilet training boys

Verified reviews


Better options available

I wanted to get rid of our little toddler toilet because we have a small bathroom and it was taking up a lot of room. We wanted to get something that attached to the toilet. The safety 1st trainer seat seemed perfect, but it just did not meet our needs. The main issue I have is I do not like how bulky it is. Because it has a rubbery blue deflector for boys, the toilet seat lid does not close flat. I like to sit on the lid while bathing my boys, or helping them brush their teeth, but since the lid no longer rested flat against the seat, I couldn’t sit on it. If I did, I was squishing the trainer seat, and would eventually break it, or break our lid. Also, because it is thick, the seat and lid can’t stay open by themselves anymore. This seat is a great idea, but I would suggest spending a little more money, and just buying a seat with a built in child’s seat so you don’t have to worry about getting one that fits your particular toilet. We returned this one, and we got a seat at Lowes with a built in child’s seat for $30, and it works amazing well.

Melba Walnut Shade, MO

Your child can go potty, but an adult can’t without difficulty.

I love that this attaches to the toilet. However, the lid will not close. That’s fine, even for a germaphobe like me. But when I have to sit on the toilet, I lift this little seat and it falls to hit me in the back. My hair gets trapped between my back and this seat, and that’s disgusting. A man would have to hold the seats in order to pee. I’ll be returning this seat and the other one I bought.

Heidi Egan, SD

Not compatible with my toilet

I have a slow close toilet and it doesn’t work with it. Will be selling on craigslist as soon as possible

Tamera Churchville, VA

Doesn’t fit well on all toilets

Its great that this folds up and can go in the diaper bag. However, when you unfold it and place it on the toilet seat it does not stay in place well. i have to hold it in place while my son sits down on it. Otherwise, it works fine keeping him comfortable while going potty.

Alissa Tieton, WA

Does the job for the price

I have a two year old son who is very petite and he barely fits in the small opening without spraying eveywhere. I hope that my younger son, who is a bit heaftier, can use it as well. For the price, it does what it’s supposed to.

Leann Worthington, MN