Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Safety 1st Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

For total outlet protection, this childproofing aid covers an entire outlet with plugs and includes a built in cord shortener.

Main features

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
  • Child resistant dual press release
  • Built in cord shortener prevents entanglement
  • Ideal for outlets in use

Verified reviews


Difficult to use.

This product is difficult to use, especially if you have two cords plugged in to the same outlet. It is extremely difficult to get the cover on. The space for the cord is so small, you have to be very precise about where you place the cord. In the one case that I actually got the cover on, I could not get it off.

Jeri Winston, OR

Keeps little hands away!

Before I installed these covers, my little guy was constantly trying to get to the outlets, which were covered with those little clear plastic covers. He was obsessed with trying to get the covers off. But once I installed the Safety 1st covers, he stays away. He’s not interested at all and just walks on by. The Safety 1st cover fits all of the outlets in my house, no problem. And I like the fact that it’s kind-of difficult to remove the cover – makes me feel safer that my little guy could never get it off.

Lily Mount Pleasant, MS

Decent for an outlet cover, but not for shortening cords

The cord that we used this for is too thick to fit inside the cover. The cord isn’t particularly thick either.

Krista Sandersville, GA

Your child will not be able to open this

Need I say more? Very easy to install and to use. Fits a typical two outlet box, but beware if you have an outlet really close to door trim.

Rosemary Marshall, ND

Very secure!

These are great! The price was so low that I wasn’t sure that I’d be getting a good quality product. I bought 2 just to try them out. They’re very secure! The cord shortener is a great feature. Just bought 3 more because I liked them so much.

Socorro Dana Point, CA

Highly recommend

These work well. The toddlers room needed to be toddler proofed, and we used these for the outlets in his room since like most toddlers, he’s fascinated by outlets. The cord shortener is great. I’m not tripping over cords and he can’t strangle himself.

Terry New Kensington, PA

works well

We have this cover over an outlet that is accessible from the crib. It works very well and was easy to install

Colette Westtown, NY

Works Great

My 18 month old hasn’t figured out how to open it, and has no interest in playing with it, so I am happy with this product. I like how I was able to shorten the lamp cord, but there is no way I am going to be able to shorten another cord in it because there is not enough space. This is probably because my lamp is freestanding right next to the outlet, so I had to wrap a lot of the cord up in the cover.

Cindy Brooklyn, CT

Work with a short cord only

This is a nice idea and works okay, but there is only enough space to wind about 3 feet of one cord. I managed to stuff about 4 feet of cord into it, but it isn’t nicely wrapped like in the photo. The second cord I wanted to wrap just doesn’t fit at all. Sure, it the plug is covered, which is great. I’ve had to tape the second cord to the floor. Also, if your plug is not the standard shape, this cover won’t work.While it’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing and I’ll likely purchase another one.

Lorene Manlius, NY

Okay but doesn’t work with all plugs

It definitely keeps little ones out of the plugs. The safety mechanism is definitely too hard for a small child to do, which is a big plus. However, the cover is not big enough to accommodate all kinds of plugs. It doesn’t fit power strip plugs (the cord of the power strip is too thick to fit through the tiny holes at the bottom of the cover). It also doesn’t fit plugs that are not standard plugs, like cell phone chargers that may have square plugs or baby monitor plugs that might be more rectangular. None of those will fit. That required me to knock off two stars from the review. If I can’t plug all my devices into it, then what’s the point? For those devices I had to get an outlet cover that slides back and forth. Those allow my daughter to unplug them, but at least the outlet springs closed. I would rather use devices like these so she can’t even unplug them, but they are just too small.

Trudy Hood River, OR

Confusing and messy

It is confusing how the cords wrap around and comes out. There are little slots they have to come out of otherwise the cover won’t snap closed. I also hate how the plastic cover is hard to open. And after wrapping one cord around, there doesn’t seem to be enough space for another cord. I just ended up stuffing all the cords in a big wad into the cover and promising myself never to open it again. I give it two points for actually keeping the cords inside, but it is way too hard to use.

Christa Central Point, OR

Must have

This is great, if you have anything such as a floor lamp that you want plugged in all the time you need one of these, once plugged in the kid cannot get to the cords or even damage the prongs as the cord loops inside. A great buy.

Dianna Ward Cove, AK

Outlet Cover with Cord Shortener

Would recommend to anyone with small children. Works great even with cats who love to chew on cords.Need to order another one.

Pearl Carlsbad, TX

Unable to use with the electrical receptacals in our home

This gadget installs with a single screw in the center. Our electrical receptacles use two screws, top and bottom.I’m giving this 3 stars because when we tried to send it back, they gave us a credit right away and let us keep the thing (which we gave to grandma and grandpa.)

Lelia Campbellsville, KY

only fit tiny cords

Ordered this to keep my one year old safe…unfortunately you cannot fit the cover on with the 3 prong cords… looks like it only fits the very skinny cords. Waste of money.

Edythe Mavisdale, VA

Does what it says, says what it does

As the other reviewers mentioned, check your outlet cover to make sure it has one screw in the middle, not two on the top and bottom. This cover replace a typical outlet cover, and you can only attach it using that one screw in the middle.That said, it works wonderfully! The box isn’t large enough to wrap a lot of cord slack, but it make it nearly impossible for a baby to take off the cover and get to the underlying outlet. I have the baby video monitor plugged in behind her crib, but now that we’ve lowered the mattress she would have been able to reach through the slats to the outlet all night long. I had to find something to keep the out of her reach, and this works perfectly! I can keep the video monitor positioned as is, and keep her from electrocuting herself.If you have a long cord to wrap, or one of the outlet covers that uses two screws to attach to the wall, buy theOutlet Plug Cover by Kidco. It works with either type of outlet and has a larger box for cord storage.Also FYI, Apple charging plugs fit just fine in this size plug cover, so you wouldn’t need the large size one.

Estelle Mount Holly, VA

Great product but..

I like this idea but had a hard time trying to use it because I was attempting to cover and outlet that had a power strip plugged in and the power strip cord if thicker then regular cords. This product is best for regular cords and not thicker ones

Jaime Toronto, KS

Works Great

So far we love it. Our daughter loves the outlets and this keeps her from playing with the plugs. We bought one to try it and we have ordered more.

Jeri Firebrick, KY

Awesome product

It was really easy to install and is very secure.unlike snap-close outlet covers, you can leave things plugged in and protected from curious little fingers.Added bonus of having a means to take up extra cord.

Renee Olney, MD


This thing is an eye sore. While it serves it’s function it is huge. It is also a bit of a pain to use.

Rosalinda Venturia, ND

Great idea for covering cords.

This product was easy to install and works as it should. I may buy a couple more for the house since my daughter goes at the speed of light! I am happy with this product. Great idea.

Lenora Harford, NY

Great Deterrent!…

I just switched my 17 month old son’s room from his crib set-up to his toddler bed, and therefore needed something to take care of the plugs. His sound machine and monitor are both brick plugs and are a necessity in his room, however I wouldn’t let him sleep in his new bed till I took care of the exposed outlets. These covers solved my problem! Since putting these on, he went over to them once, fiddled with them, saw he couldn’t get them off, and hasn’t gone near them since. A great purchase, a fantastic price, and an absolute must for a toddler’s bedroom!

Patricia Herrick, IL

good cover and cord shortener

We are in the process of baby proofing our house and I needed to shorten a lamp cord and I figured this would do the trick. It did. The only issue I had was that it took me several tries to be happy with how the quick switch for the lamp came out of the cord shortener. Now that it is on I’m thrilled with it.

Summer Vina, AL


I got this for the baby’s room for the monitor plug (which has a small box plug) and it fit great. This is really secure and hard to get off the wall. Really happy with how easy it was to install – less 5 minutes and it was ready for toddler inspection!

Essie Millersburg, PA

Check your cord sizes

This product works fine for small cords like lamps; the idea is good and it fits tightly. However, thicker cords will not fit through the holes. Also, depending on your child, the size of this product may just draw his/her attention to the outlet.

Alberta Strawn, IL

Great idea but

This would work great if it was meant for thicker wires. I wanted to use it for a power strip. Those cords are not huge but they are a little thick and wont fit through the slot. It might have the cord sizes listed. Not sure.

Ingrid Suquamish, WA

One Star

The covers didn’t stay on very well.

Rosario Paradise Valley, NV

Cord Holes too Small, but otherwise good product

Just like others have said, if you have things plugged in to the outlet you are trying to cover that have thick cords, this isn’t going to work without some adjustment. Luckily, my husband was able to make the holes at the bottom bigger with some cutting (and since the plastic is sort of flexible, the unit did not crack). I hate having to do things like this to make it work, but all the oulet covers are the same way. It isn’t the most attractive thing in the world, but I guess that really isn’t the point. Once we got the adjustments made and got used to looking at it, it worked. My son can’t pull the plugs out now, although he does still try to pull the cords at the bottom- but the electrical hazard is much less now.

Mae Van Alstyne, TX

Sturdy and deters baby

This product is a good idea. This was easy to install. You take off the existing outlet plate and put the base of this one on, plug your cords back in and snap the top cover on to the new base plate and you’re done. Baby checked it out yesterday and pulled on it, but it stayed put and was not much fun so she moved on to other things. It is very sturdy and doesn’t look bad either. I would highly recommend as it seems to be good quality and does the job. It has small vents on the sides to allow some air flow too. I will probably buy a few more.

Marilyn Jacksonboro, SC

Great For Typical Cords

This works great for most everything you’ll need to plug in. It is not intended to cover something with an adapter, so if you want this flexibility, I would suggest purchasing a different product. I like that it helps keep cords short and out of the way.

Brandi Glencoe, OH