Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate

Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate

The innovative design of the Safety 1st Perfect Fit Gate ensures a secure fit in entryways. Our unique auto fit extension on the side of the gate allows it to conform to irregular width walls on either the top or the bottom portion of the gate. For easy operation, the gate also features a complete control top handle that lets you lock, release, and adjust as needed.

Main features

  • Adjusts to fit base moldings and uneven entryways
  • Top handle locks, releases, and adjusts
  • Color indicator shows when gate is locked
  • Pressure or hardware mounted

Verified reviews


works better when hardware mounted

I purchased this gate because I really wanted a pressure mounted gate to use at the bottom of the stairs but I had read some reviews about pressure mounted gates sometimes failing so I figured with this gate we at least had the option to hardware mount if needed.When installing, we encountered a few problems. First, we have a narrow stairway with a baseboard on one side and a railing on the other side. We found that, although the gate is supposed to automatically adjust to acommodate baseboards, it just wasn’t as secure unless we tilted it a little. It did fit nice and snug if we lifted it off the baseboard. But then it was hitting the top of the railing on the other side of the wall. We finally got it to just the right positioning to get a nice secure fit while pressure mounted. But each time we fit the gate in place it takes some finagling to fit it in just right.Which brings me to my next problem. The other major downside to this gate is that it is really designed to be more of a barrier than a gate. And I guess this is my fault for not fully researching before buying (which is why I’m writing this review, to help prepare others) but when I think of a gate, I think of something that will swing or slide open. And this gate does have that feature – but only when hardware mounted. When pressure mounted,this is more of a temporary wall than a gate. If you plan on using the pressure mounting, then you will have to completely remove the gate each time you want to go through it. Our stairs are high traffic areas. It was a total pain to physically remove and replace the gate every time we wanted to go up or down (especially while holding a baby). After just an hour in place, family members were “jumping” the gates to use the stairs. Not what I’d envisioned.So, now we’re looking at hardware mounting it. I will update this review if we have any new problems with that, but I’m hoping it will solve our problems.I did rate the gate 3 stars because it does exactly what it says it does and seems to be constructed with high quality materials. My only advice is to make sure you know what you’re getting before buying.

Serena Tallapoosa, MO

Great for stairways

We purchased this gate for our 17 month old. It works great for stairways and is easy to adjust. Must have for stairways and no need to screw into walls. **added** She is now 2 and we are still using and loving this gate. It is sturdy and works well. Great for people who don’t want to screw things into their walls/stairways.

Miriam Skelton, WV

Buyer beware; this isn’t the perfect fit, nor the safety conscious gate it promises to be!

Finding a gate to put in our house was an act of congress, considering that our stairway is wide-set and yet the railing is too low for a standard gate. We needed a gate that was short and long, and finding one was terribly difficult. Add to that the fact that I am far from handy, and you had about four returns (of gates that I couldn’t make work), a few sets of drill holes in my stairway and a major headache before I finally got this `Safety 1st Perfect Fit’ gate installed.Right off the bat I had some issues with the way the gate closed. The adjustable end, that can tilt to accommodate an uneven wall, is incredibly annoying to maneuver. This is not a door you can simply open and close. This is a door that you need to open, then adjust in order to close again, fiddling with it to get it so slide into the wall brackets correctly. Oh, that reminds me, I MOUNTED THIS TO THE WALL WITH SUPPLIED HARDWARE, so in case you are thinking of using this as a pressure mount, this review may not apply. This was an irritant, but it was a last resort type gate anyways, and if it kept my kids from stumbling down the stairs then I’m happy; even if I have to continually mess with the thing in order to use it.But, then came my biggest issue. I’ve only had the gate up for a week, and in that week I noticed that it was starting to come loose. You see, there are no anchors supplied with this gate. Anchors are pretty necessary when securing something this heavy into a wall. I realized that after the screws started coming loose from the weight of the door hanging open throughout parts of the day. I went to screw the screw back in tighter and the whole door came off the wall.THAT’S NOT SAFE!What if that had been my kids pushing on the gate when it came loose? I mean, these gates, especially ones that are advertised as being safe for the top of the stairs, should factor in the fact that some children (most children) are not going to want to stay behind that gate. My youngest pushes on that gate a lot, trying to get out. I expect that the gate is going to protect them, keep them locked in so that they don’t take a tumble down the stairs.I think it’s safe to say that I’m not happy with this gate. I had to go buy my own anchors and redrill in order to make it safer for my kids. At nearly $50, this gate should come with everything needed to make it work. I shouldn’t have to spend MORE MONEY in order to makeshift this gate into being what it should have been to begin with.UGH!To be fair, there are a few things I do like about this gate. At first I was a tad put off by the bulkiness, but I actually like the look, and the locking feature really does lock (that pressure lock is tight and doesn’t budge, which is a real plus). Besides, it is not a gate that my kids can unlock, even my oldest. It needs an adult hand in order to get it open, and that is important with a gate intended to keep your children safe. My only wish is that this gate as a whole would have come together in a more satisfactory way.

Simone Clinton, WA

PERFECT gate for areas that have base moldings

I needed a gate for my 41″ hallway for my dog….tried the safety 1st gate that is $19.99 but turns out that one only works for areas that are perfectly even and do not have base moldings (would work for a door frame but not for my hallway). Also the cheaper one is plastic lattice which my dog would chew on…This one is PERFECT, but you can not see thru the plastic panels as stated in review. Very solid gate, when you press down the lock handle to set the gate up, it custom fits to the space. Definally worth the $30…I did get mine at toys r us though 🙂

Tricia Sumner, TX

buy hardware mounted

my mother purchased this gate because she didnt want to put holes in the wall, and it is similar to the hardware mounted gate i own and love. the one she bought is a piece of crap, after trying to put it up for 10 minutes, and it still isnt secure.

Kathryn Decatur, NE

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

This is exactly what we were needing. We needed a gate for the bottom of the stairs but our stairway has a wood baseboard that runs along the bottom – so the bottom of the gate would need to come in about an inch more than the top of the gate. We were so frustrated we couldn’t find any gates that worked. Then I found this gem. I really wanted a permanent gate, but figured I’d have to settle for one you remove and set back up every single time you need to cross the path it’s blocking. But once I opened it I realized it came with hardware to make it permanent! I was so excited. I quickly installed the pieces and it works beautifully. We’re going to purchase another one for the top of our stairs.

Anita Roxbury, ME


We have 3 big dogs and this gate works perfectly to keep them in or out. I love that it is secured into the door frame and that it is so simple to open and close!!!

Maryellen Jay, FL

Doesn’t stay in place

This gate does not keep enough pressure to stay in place, my toddler can knock it right over w/ little effort.

Frankie Johnstown, PA

A little hard to open with one hand

We chose this gate among the many there are to choose frommostly because it swings open.The only problem I have with it is that it takes two hands to open it once its locked. That doesn’t work to well at night when I have to carry a sleeping baby to her room and I forgot to leave the gate open before I feed her. So I have to step over it while carring her.My husband can open it with one hand because his are bigger. You have to push 2 buttons togther and slide the door over.That’s not a huge problem so I will continue to use this gate and would recommend it. Just remember to leave it unlocked if you have to carry a sleeping baby.

Benita Dallas, SD

Good idea, but bad execution – needs TWO adjustable sides

Once again the world of baby gates shows that they have very little grasp on how real live houses are built. I bought this gate for the “adjustable” feature – I have baseboards throughout the house and needed a gate that could handle those. I thought I had found the gate. Brought it home and discovered the adjustment is available only on one side – rendering it useless. How difficult would it have been to make both sides adjustable? How often is there baseboarding on only one side of an opening? This design strikes me as a good idea but the execution is ridiculously bad. The designers apparently sacrified the ‘adjustable’ feature of the gate in order to make it both pressure- and wall-mounted. That was a very poor trade-off in my opinion. It’s so hard to find gates that can handle uneven fixture points; this gate should have stuck to that feature alone.Most irksome is that the product’s packaging intentionally obscures the non-adjustable side so you can’t see it’s non-adjustable. I thought that was sleazy. This gate is going back tomorrow.

Maryanne Troy, NY

better gates out there

I wanted to like this gate- I like the features but sadly it did not meet my hopes. first off- its way cheaper elsewhere. also the plastic is very cloudy- not see through at all which I expected it to be. I use it for the bottom of my stairs and I looked everywhere for a walk- through gate that did not have a bar that goes along the floor since I am very clumsy. I used it pressure mounted first and it pulled the paint off the wall from being too tight a fit or fell over being too loose a fit- it never seemed right. so we mounted it to the wall and that was a pain! I give 2 stars since when it is hardware mounted it does swing nicely and my kids cannot figure this gate out- they have been able to figure out the other gates opening mechanisms! I would only recommend this gate for specific circumstances.

Tracy North Haven, ME

Great for Apartments

We’re expecting our first baby around Christmas and wanted a way to keep our expected little one out of the bathroom. Normally you could just shut the door, but we are also cat owners and they need access to the litter box. This is a great option if your situation is anything like ours. Our bathroom doorway is at 28″ which is the minimum width of this gate and it fits perfectly with the pressure mount system. Its also easy to take down for my husband, who is in a wheelchair. Since the gate is secure enough to withstand our pulling on it we’re really confident this will pass the baby test.

Cherie Cromwell, CT

Best Temporary Gate Out There

This gate is great if you need to move it around the house or take it up and down often. The permanent side is pushed against the wall and the adjustable side automatically fits the other side of the wall because it can move in and out or adjust up and down. I bought two of these.

Allison West Eaton, NY