Safety 1st Prelude Sport Playard, Citrus

Safety 1st Prelude Sport Playard, Citrus

Stylish, contemporary play yard with a comfortable bassinet for baby’s nap time with easy snap-on bars and breathable mesh. Convenient accessory tray with mesh baskets.

Main features

  • Elevated changing table
  • Stop or go wheels for mobility
  • On-the-go carry bag
  • Easy set-up with secure tech

Verified reviews



At the last minute, I switched S1 play yards for the less expensive model. I’m a little sorry I did. While it is structurally sound and our newborn has no problem sleeping on it as a bassinet right now, the shelf add on is now heading for the trash. It cannot hold anything even moderately heavy. I didn’t think we weighed it down too much. We kept 4 newborn disposable diapers, a tube of vaseline and a tub of wipes on it and it started to sag really bad almost instantly. After 2 weeks, it didn’t look like it was going to last much longer so we purchased a 3-drawer unit to put next to it for all our accessories to fit. So, if all you’re after is a play yard/bassinet and don’t plan on using the changing station much, this is fine. If you plan to use the changer regularly as we do almost all day long, make other arrangements for easy access storage.

Phoebe Pilgrim, KY

Be careful when setting up playard

We had this item shipped to my parents’ house because we were planning to visit and didn’t want to carry it on the plane. They set it up easily prior to us getting there. We decided to break it down to visit some friends and while my husband was re-opening it, it wouldn’t latch right. We turned it upside down and saw a screw missing from the support beams and one beam was slightly bent. We were able to get it to work that night; however, it was worse when we returned to my parents. We contacted the company, and they sent a completely new one at no charge. Luckily, this did not ruin our visit, and we were able to get a replacement.

Kimberlee Woodville, WI

Great playard!

Before having my twin girls we received this playard and one other (see my review onDream On Me Full Size Play Yard, Pink). I chose the Dream on me to have a larger option, and chose the Safety 1st specifically for the changing table and option to raise the pad higher.The Safety 1st is an average size playard. We used the changing table when we first brought home our twins, but soon started to just change them on the floor with a pad underneath. The playard does of course sit a little low, so it became a little difficult to hunch over the changing area and change two babies. I’m only 5’2″, so I’m not tall and I did need to hunch over. I do however have a bad back, so someone who doesn’t may not have an issue with hunching over for a minute to change their baby.Also because I have a bad back, I liked that the pad could be raised until the babies could roll over & sit up (which wasn’t until closer to 6/7 months for us with preemie babies). It was very sturdy at the raised position.It was easy to set up and take down. If you’re looking for a playard for twins that will last long, this isn’t it. It will become too small. We no longer have this one and use only our Dream On Me because both girls fit in it. (My twins are 18 months old 22lbs & 31in tall each, we stopped using this one around 14 months old.)I’d definitely recommend for single babies, and for twins if you don’t plan on it being your sole playard for an extended time.

Rose Fort Peck, MT

Good but you may want a simpler model

This is a really great folding crib/playpen but we find we don’t need all the features.We’ve been using it with one of our twin girls (now 8 months old) since she was 5 months and outgrew her bassinette. It consists of the folding crib, a cloth bassinette about 12 inches deep, an accessory shelf for diapers and toys and a changing table. All the accessories are cloth and plastic and very light.The playpen is well made and stands up to a lot of use and frequent moving from room to room.We used the bassinette attachment for a few months and it really helped our backs not having to reach down so low to pick up the girls. Our daughter can now climb out of it so we’ve moved her to the floor.We sometimes use the accessory shelf but generally don’t need it. It’s a bit small and a box next to the crib works just as well.We never used the changing table and quickly took it down as a hindrance.So it’s a great product but you might also want to look at a simpler model without these unneeded extras.

Jocelyn Cascade, WI


This is the best baby item I own. It packs up in a jiffy, takes up less space then your average playpen, and is soooo cute !! It has the change pad, the storage, and the bassionette option (all of which were a necissity for me). You cannot go wrong with this item.

Janette Brownsville, OH