Safety 1st ProGrade 2 Latches No Drill Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Latches

Safety 1st ProGrade 2 Latches No Drill Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Latches

As the leading expert in infant health since 1984, Safety 1st has created the ProGrade line of infant health products to help bring your family’s health to the next level.

Main features

  • Operates with a magnetic release key
  • Securetech locking indicator
  • Includes 2 locks, a key and docking station with storage for key, and an emergency contact card
  • Optional screws for drilling included

Verified reviews


“No Drill” label is false

I was unable to use the adhesive part of the lock because it wouldn’t stick to my cabinet. I needed a lock that required no drilling and was sad when these didn’t work.I returned the product this morning.

Sheri South Fallsburg, NY

Wonderful lock

I purchased several different types of locks to find the one that worked best for us and this was it! I love this. The magnet is strong, it’s easy (VERY EASY) to install, and can be installed with a sticker or screws. After buying an initial two pack I bought enough to lock all cabinets in the house.One of the features I like is the installed and unlock feature. This means that if you have these installed they don’t have to be locked if they are in a drawer you are going to be using frequently and the kid is not around.One of the down sides is that finding the correct placement for the magnet to engage the lock so the drawer can be opened, can be difficult. I used a little masking tape to mark the location. This is especially helpful for when the in-laws babysit which they do for a couple hours each week.Some reviews have mentioned that when pulled with a little force the locks slip past the latch. This is true, but only if the latch is installed backwards. The latch has two sides one side is straight and the other side has a slight curve (this is to make closing easy as it will push the lock down). If you notice the cabinet opens even though the lock and latch are in place…look at the latch to make sure it is installed facing the correct way with the straight edge facing IN and the curved edge facing OUT.This is a great product, VERY easy to install, and VERY easy to use!

Lakeisha Ross, TX


Easy to install (sticker sides, no nails required) and use. Make sure to keep the key part nearby (it also comes with a holder for the magnetic key). Our child has no idea how to use it (age 3). We use it for the bathroom cabinets.

Patrica Pittstown, NJ

Couldn’t use

It says no drill, but there were screws with it… You still have to screw something in your cabinet to install this. Which I can’t do because our rent house has some kind of plastic cabinets. The sticker things are not meant to permanently hold it in place, just to hold it while you screw it in.

Angeline Pelican Lake, WI

My favorite locks.

Too bad these are discontinued. They work just as well as the other Safety 1st magnetic locks but much easier to install. Despite what some say, the adhesive is strong and there are optional screws if you really need them.

Claire Hampden, MA


I’m so happy I ordered these for my house. My 10 month old daughter has been getting into everything in the kitchen. And since we’re renting, it’s nice that I have the opinion to use the adhesive or the screws. I highly recommend this for anyone who has adventurous toddlers and children.

Michael Lemmon, SD

Best locks and easy to install

I did not want to mess up my cabinets with nails so I got these and they stick on and stay on. You just stick the one part on and the align the lock and stick to inside. It took me less than 2 minutes to install. Gives a clean look and you can leave them unlock or locked.

Carlene Mora, MN