Safety 1st Prograde Cabinet Lock

Safety 1st Prograde Cabinet Lock

Keep curious children out of side by side cabinets with the ProGrade Cabinet Lock by Safety 1st.

Main features

  • Clamps onto side by side cabinet doors
  • Drill only on the inside of the doors
  • SecureTech locking indicator
  • Allows easy opening of either cabinet door
  • no need to attach knobs or handles

Verified reviews


I love it wife does not

I’m sick of the plastic mounts inside of our cabinets. They’re inconvenient and these work great. They’re so convenient that we’re wondering how long before our clever 2.5 year old figures them out. Wife is unhappy with it showing, but I know she’ll get used to them – they look fine. The only downside was that one scraped some of the laminate off the edge of one door. I don’t think anybody will ever know. By the time we take these off we’ll be renovating the kitchen anyway. Installation is a SNAP. Just slide them on, line them up, and screw in the back. Somebody said that they probably don’t even need the screws and I be they’re right. Over, I’m very happy with the smoothe operation and convenience of the lock.

Olga Spurger, TX

Great child lock for IKEA frameless cabinets (or any other cabinet)

I bought a bunch of those cheap little plastic latches that you have to put inside the cabinet door (the kind you push down to open)… but we have IKEA cabinets in the kitchen so they don’t have a face frame. The doors are the front of the cabinets…. so those didn’t work.After researching awhile I found this latch. It works GREAT.It locks the 2 doors together so they can’t be opened. To pop open the latch (I say “pop” because it’s spring-loaded… it literally pops open) you have to push a button on the front at the same time you push in the tab on the side. This seems fairly baby-proof.The styling is pretty nice, for a baby-proof item.One thing I really like is that this stays unlocked till you push the center piece back into position. We are using this on our sink cabinet to keep the trash and cleaners locked up. But there are times (like when you make dinner) that you want quick and easy access to the trash can. So I can leave this unlocked while I’m working in the kitchen.The only trick will be remembering to lock it before walking away. But its very obvious whether its locked so there won’t be any question if you look at the doors from across the kitchen.Notes on FIT:Like others have said – this only fits on “normal doors”… it was somewhat snug on the IKEA door. It fit freely over the door but there was not a whole lot of room. If your doors are thicker than 3/4″ you will probably have to get a different latch.You also need to make sure you have a gap between the doors – the metal brackets wrap around the edge of the door so they have to fit. Its probably about 1/16” so its not a big gap… chances are that your doors already have that gap to open and close. And if its tight – you can usually adjust the hinges. I had to adjust my IKEA hinges a bit to make the doors close freely (all it takes is a screwdriver).

Freda Bucoda, WA

Easy to use, convenient

These are easy to use with one hand and very secure. I love love love these. They fit our cabinets very well (didn’t even have to use the hardware) but I could also see how they wouldn’t fit all cabinets.

Cecile Fort Knox, KY

So far so good

The other day my husband went downstairs to discover that our toddler son had finally developed the finger strength to open our entertainment unit and the pile of opened DVD cases on the floor meant we needed a lock fast. He nixed the pull cord one I had as a hand me down as being too difficult to open so I found and ordered this one. The lock was extremely easy to install and as some of the other reviewers have said it did not require the included screws. My son has poked at it a bit but we’re being careful to hide what we’re doing from him when we open the lock. My husband loves how easy it is to open. I’m only giving it 4 stars because of the price and because I think it would be pretty easy to make some minor modifications that would make it a lot harder for toddlers and not that much more difficult for adults.March 2013 Update:Our son is now almost four and although he’s defeated almost every other childproofing thing we’ve tried he still hasn’t worked this one out.

Alyson Village Mills, TX

These work great, but installation is a little tricky

These are nifty little locks. I installed 4 of these on some cabinets and quickly learned that they need a very fine hand to get them installed in some cases.My cabinets, I discovered, have doors that are not exactly lined up. When I mounted these, for example, I measured exactly 24" from the top of the doors. Well, one of my doors hung about 2cm – 3cm lower than the other door, so these locks would not work. They have to line up EXACTLY to be able to close. My solution was to adjust the doors (which was possible, fortunately) and that worked, but it took a while to get them perfect.If I could offer to improve on these, I’d like to see a version that had an actual key lock and was made of metal. While these will keep small children out of cabinets for a while, as soon as they learn to use a chair and figure out the locks these latches won’t help. While you *could* drill a small hole in the "tab" that sticks out to the right, and then run a small padlock through it, being plastic I suspect the tab would simply break off.

Susanna Grantville, KS

safety 1st prograde cabinet lock

only good for cabinets with double doors close together single door not good cause it doesnt bend to attach it to another part of the cabinet. my daughter is 3 years old and no matter how many times she watched us try to unlock she still can’t figure it out how to unlock it and good thing about it no key required so no worries about losing keys for it. easy to put on cabinets and pretty quick to put on the cabinet.

Bridgette Oakville, TX

Best lock i have purchased to date!

My 2 year old figures out every lock i buy for my home! She is unbelievable.. BUT NOT THIS ONE 🙂 now my bathroom items are safely locked under my sink. She tries daily to figure it out with no luck. This lock is vry well made with metal mounts that screw in on the back of the doors. Near Perfect design! i wish all child safety items where as well made as this one.It fits vry snug and is perfect for my vanity. (dlb doors with knobs in the center so a handle hook wouldn’t work) The lock doesn’t even allow enough room for my daughter to get her little fingers in to probe for my personal items and cleaning supplies. I have already recommended this product to everyone i know with children.

Elva Gulf, NC

Works great but problems when the cabinet is pulled when locked

we bought this for the cabinet under our sink – we have the crappiest kitchen cabinets possible (the previous owner apparently redid the cabinets when customizing her walk-in closet…so we basically have closetmaid cabinets in our kitchen…something we’ll be changing when time & money permits). Long story as to why we couldn’t use the magnetic locks on this cabinet – but basically – we couldn’t & obviously the most important cabinet to lock is the one where all the cleaning supplies are kept. So I bought this to keep that one shut.It works great – keeps it locked – but if you basically try to open the cabinet without unlocking it first it kinda shifts the entire unit a bit – creating problems when you try to close it (once you have opened it). And if you have a toddler I can guarantee that they will try to open every single cabinet they can get to. The cabinets that have the magnetic locks have no give – when he pulls on them basically nothing happens. But this one, given the way the lock works, it opens ever so slightly – and just that reaction is enough for my son to think that he might have a chance if he just keeps pulling….Thankfully it has proven to at least stay shut despite my sons attempts, but I find that i have to reposition it about once a week just to get the cabinet shut again. It’s not too difficult – you don’t have to unscrew it or anything – it comes with a super-tiny allen wrench that allows you to slide it around a bit once it’s screwed in – so just make sure you don’t misplace that!!Ultimately – it serves its purpose & keeps my determined child out of the cabinet.

Cynthia Hawkeye, IA

One of the few child safety locks that actually works

This is one of the few child safety devices I purchased that actually works well. Installs easily. Easy to open for an adult, impossible for baby. Keeps our bathroom and kitchen cabinets safe from your little ones. Highly recommended. Only works on double door front cabinets.

Carmen Outlook, MT