Safety 1st Prograde Complete Family Thermometer

Safety 1st Prograde Complete Family Thermometer

Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer Safety 1st Complete Family Thermometer can be used orally, rectally or under-arm for versatility when fever is a concern. The auto sensors and large LCD screen are ideal for home usage. It also features an indicative Fever Flash bar which shows a fever in red. You can even store 10 previous temperatures with time and recall them later. Why You’ll Love It: This thermometer has three auto sensors which can detect temperature orally, rectally or and under arm. Features Large LCD screen Fever flash bar lights up red in case of a fever 10 memory recalls Clean me alert Turns off automatically Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.2 x 2.4 inches

Main features

  • 3 Auto sensor tips: rectal, underarm and oral
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Fever Flash Bar lights up red to indicate a fever
  • 10 memory recall – temp and time
  • Includes 2 “AAA” replaceable alkaline batteries

Verified reviews


The worst Thermometer ever made

This has got to be the worst thermometer I ever have seen. It is amazing slow. Trying to take the temperature of my kid (2.5 years old) with the under armpit adapter, starts at 94.0 and increments about .01 every 90 seconds, so even to get to normal temperature is > 10 minutes, let alone get to a high temperature. Forget it will never happen. Even using the normal mouth probe on myself, it took 10 minute to take temperature and wat about 4 degrees off. So really really slow and really inaccurate. Nice idea, horrible construction 🙁

Josefina Rohrersville, MD

Worst ever!

I got this as a baby shower gift. I didn’t use it till last night. My child woke up from his nap and was beat red, felt warm to touch and all the normal signs a kid having a fever. I used it and it came up with him being at 97.4! I got the one I trust for my husband and I and took his again and it came up at 101.9. Thanks a lot worthless thermometer. I wish I still had the package and I could return it for store credit.

Leticia West Clarksville, NY

What a rip off

I bought this item from another store, but saw it on here when trying to find the manual online. You can take a temperature in the same spot 10 seconds apart & it will give you a completely different number every time. This is the 3rd thermometer we have bought & the most expensive & still completely useless.

Cristina Farmington, IA

Love these chargers!

I had a thermometer like this for my first child and loved it! So we definitely had to get another for our second child and as far as thermometers go, I love it. I’ve never found it to be inaccurate personally.

Debora Potosi, MO


I’ve had this thermometer since my son was born 4 years ago….. it’s the only thing I’ve used and LOVE it. I am shocked there are so many negative reviews! I am buying another one for my 3rd baby due in a few weeks because the battery JUST died on this one (4 years later) and I changed the battery (which I had no issue getting a screwdriver in there) and then the kids played with it and I’m assuming broke it. I highly recommend.

Johnnie Fallsburg, NY

so far it’s only been accurate with a rectal reading

having issues with accuracy.realized this when my son came down with a 102 fever… this was reading 101.2 when after we tested rectally his true temp was 102.9a pretty big difference 🙁

Ginger Cayuga, TX

Unreliable and spotty performance

This thermometer consistently disappoints, and the last thing I want when my child is potentially running a fever is second guessing the results of a thermometer. I ended up buying a simple rectal thermometer, and have used that with great success. This one would say no probe was attached (when one was on), wouldn’t register a reading, or would register a reading that was clearly wrong. A huge disappointment for a relatively expensive thermometer.

Kari Kathleen, GA

Great thermometer and battery life

It could’ve been a malfunction for someone who made a comment on the battery life, because My battery has lasted over 3 years. It is very accurate and I love that you can put all the pieces away so they never get misplaced. Great size and weight for diaper bag. One of the products I have that I made great use of and still works like a charm.

Shauna Canyon Lake, TX

Worked fine for a while, then died

I thought this was a decent thermometer while it lasted. It did differ a bit each time you took a reading, but not by more than what you’d normally expect for something like this. The high temp indicator was nice but not really necessary. The listing on the back showing what temp is considered a fever using each of the probes was handy. However, a few days ago it stopped working. I thought the batteries were dead, so I replaced them, but that didn’t help — it’s completely dark. Threw it away in frustration and will be buying something else.

Chrystal Greeleyville, SC

Love, Love, Love this Thermometer… Most of the Time!

After reading some of the reviews I was very skeptical of this thermometer but figured it couldn’t be worse than the broken one I had and most of the complaints in the reviews were negative once the battery died bc they were unable to open the battery compartment to replace. Well, since my husband is in the automotive industry and has small screwdrivers I figured that wouldn’t be an issue. Anyway, The armpit one is horribly off no matter how many times I attempt to take it it is still in low 90s, rectal (I don’t need so I cannot comment here), and the oral has been pretty spot on! When I first tried it I thought it wasn’t accurate but it has never steered me wrong since then and when it counts. My daughter is currently pretty sick and has been running 101-103.7 fever and it has done a fantastic job at giving me an accurate reading. I love the red, light-up feature when a fever is present also. All the different attatchments are stored together within the back compartment which makes it very handy (not sure I’d want the oral next to the rectal if I used both though, lol). It also reads substantially quicker than your normal digital thermometer which is wonderful when you have a sick and uncooperative/squirmy child. The trick is to quickly attatch end when you remove the corded end from unit and place in mouth before it starts counting otherwise it takes longer to read. If done quickly dashed lines will blink approx 4-5 times and then give you a reading. Otherwise, it shows your numbers climbing like a regular thermometer. I would definitely recommend this thermometer at least for oral use though it is a bit bulky to store. Hope this review helps! Oh, and I recommend The Wholesale Club which is whom we purchased from. They were superfast w/ shipping and boxed nice with an added note for that personalized touch. One of the best businesses I’ve ordered from through Amazon to date!

Trina Mexico, MO