Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer

Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer

As the leading expert in infant health since 1984, Safety 1st has created the ProGrade line of infant health products to help bring your family’s health to the next level.

Main features

  • Polyfoam
  • Fits on both the hinge side and the knob side of the door
  • Prevents finger pinches in both locations
  • Max-gap indicator for proper installation
  • Fits at any height on the door frame
  • Hangs on doorknob for periods of non-use

Verified reviews



I put this in it’s a toy/ chew toy. Don’t waste your $ just watch your kids and their precious fingers, a good eye/watching your baby is better than this product.

Angela Mondovi, WI

Saved Many Little Fingers

Once my toddlers discovered the fun of opening and closing doors I knew we were in trouble. I purchased an initial set of these to try them out and they were so helpful in preventing so many finger injuries (more than I can count) that I ended up purchasing multiple packs for many other doors. The night thing about this design is that when you do want to shut the door you can just hang it on the doorknob, then when you want to use it just put it on the top of the door or somewhere out of reach of your kids. Definitely a ‘must have’ for anyone with little ones.

Leta Watkins, CO


All I can say is, these are awesome to have in the house with a 1 year old who thinks he needs to “slam” all doors to close them. When he began doing the door slamming, all I could think of was his fingers accidentally getting slammed by the door. No one told me that kids do this; hey it’s my first kid! So when searching for a safety contraption, this was the first thing I got and I am so glad that I did. I’ve tried them in all different positions and they all work just fine. The door “bounces” away from closing about a foot, so ensure that it won’t close AT ALL. You just need to remember to put them on.

Autumn Lincoln’s New Salem, IL

good you would think

The only problem is that if your toddler pushes on the door when it is in place in the door jam then it will pull the screws out of the door where the hinge is!

Dianne Port Jefferson, OH


These are great. Instead of using them on the side of the door, we put them on the top of our daughter’s door, close to the hinge side. This prevents her from closing the door, and also prevents her from pinching her fingers. I love these! Such a cheap way to keep little fingers safe.

Karin Round Mountain, TX

Works well

I wasn’t quite sure if these would work or not… I was worried about my child pinching their fingers in the door since door’s became something to pull themselves up with. These so far have done the trick. And have helped in them also not slamming a door shut if you have any toddlers who think it’s fun to slam doors.

Melba Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

These are the best pinch preventers

These are the best ones you can get. Here is what I like:1) They have multiple ways you can use them, depending on your door type. So, i don’t have to have a bunch of different ones – these work across all of my doors.2) You can hang them on the door knob when they are not in use.3) They are clear and inconspicuous. You can have them in use or on the door knob and you barely notice them4) They work!

Margery Tarawa Terrace, NC

Handy little helpers

These really come in handy around my son who loves to slam doors closed. I use them over the hinges so he can’t get his fingers pinched on the hinge side. Bought enough for every door in our house after receiving the first set and putting them to good use.

Jodie Diamond, MO

They do what they are suppose to do

We got these since our toddler loves shutting our doors and locking himself in rooms. They work great and we have bought many of them. We use them not only for our toddler, but also for our cats when we are out of town. Nothing like finding a cat locked in the bathroom for days….

Leann Bryants Store, KY

Works well, but be careful.

These work just as well as any other similar finger pinch guard, but be careful using them on the hinge side of the door. We placed it just above the top hinge so my daughter (2 years old) couldn’t reach it. She leaned against the door, and the hinge got bent out of alignment. The pulling on the hinge pulled the screws a tiny bit, and the wood is now stripped. It works just fine on the other side of the door.

Sonja Hancock, WI

Excellent product.

Excellent product. Simple to use, does what it says, and you can put it on the door handle when not using it.

Marla Woolrich, PA

We use these at the hinges

We use these at the hinges instead of on top of the door. Our daughter likes to slam doors and now she can’t since we ordered these. Easy to use and durable. When you are not using them, they can sit on the door handle.

Gussie Cerulean, KY

Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer

when i put it in the door way it isnt that sturdy to me and allows the door to close and almost shut

Malinda Christiana, PA

Very Handy!

These were very thoughfully designed, and I so appreciate that! I love that you can just hang it on the doorknob when not in use. They are made of a soft rubber, so it absorbs some of the shock, if you have little ones who like to slam doors. I also love that you can put it on either side of the door (hinge or knob side).And as far as preventing finger pinches, they certainly do their job (as long as you remember to put in in place!)

Maura Grenloch, NJ

Great grippy little guard that keeps its shape

I’ve had a pair of these for about 2 months and they’re very nice. The material is grippy and flexible, not styrofoam. The grippiness does take some paint off, but I think it depends on the kind of paint. I just place it above eye level and in the same place every time to avoid obvious patches of missing paint. I also recommend the door monkey if you’re looking for something to stop pinced fingers and keep doors closed.

Marci Oaklyn, NJ

Definitely a must

We decided to buy these because our daughter has sticky fingers and is very curious. We keep it in the crack of the door and it has definitely prevented several accidents from happening. Its made out of rubber material which makes it very flexible. Definitely recommend.

Julia Pottsville, PA

works as described

this product does the job. What more can you ask for? It’s cheap and effective. i’m glad I don’t have to worry about my daughter playing around the door anymore.

Kimberley Purcell, MO

works as a teething ring too

lol. or so my son seems to think so. love that you can put on the door to prevent it from shutting or on the edge of the door where it hooks on to the wall, to prevent the door from closing at all, it just bounces back to open. great product. and it comes with two pieces.

Barbra Melbourne Beach, FL

Best couple of bucks you can spend!

My toddler loves to play with doors, and I hate it. But these little buggers really make a world of difference!! I can now watch her play, and I know that her fingers won’t get pinched or smashed.

Katheryn Acme, LA


These were exactly what I needed. They come 2 per package fyi – Didn’t know that and it wasn’t listed anywhere. They are very pliable and stay on the door well. Very good product and handy to have.

Carmela Barron, WI

They are okay…

I found these incredibly okay. Yes they work but unfortunately for me they also peeled the paint off of the doors. They do stop the door from closing.

Trudy Lowman, NY

Does it’s job.. and more!

It does what it is supposed to, keeps the door from closing on fingers. Also, can be used as a teether.

Ida Rosedale, VA

good idea

I like to put these into the door jam next to the hinges, it keeps the little ones from even being able to close the door at all 🙂 it’s like a door stopper out of reach LOVE!

Nannie Twilight, WV

Should be thicker

I have a bathroom door that is mounted on auto-close hinges. (Ask the previous home owner, not me…) I bought this to use on that door, but when it slams, the door closer far enough to still pinch fingers. It doesn’t hurt as much as without these, but it still isn’t quite enough.

Magdalena East Hebron, NH

Great product, multiple uses

These compact door stoppers are great because they can easily be stored on a door handle and when needed can keep the door from pinching little fingers. One thing I like is that you can use it on either side of the door. Ex. if you want to keep the door wide open put it on the side by the hinge but if you just want to be sure the door doesn’t slam shut put it on the side of the door by the handle. The one other thing I found useful is if you have the windows open and want to be sure the wind doesn’t slam the door slam shut and wake the baby this will help.

Mercedes Severna Park, MD

Works if your doors open fully

We used this on our bedroom door and it worked fine, the door is able to fully open and we were able to insert the pinch preventer. Our son likes to slam doors and we were worried he would get his little fingers stuck. However, the door needs to be able to open 100% to insert. We have another door that connects to the back portion of our house. There is a laundry sink behind the door so it doesn’t open all the way. We can’t use the finger pinch preventer on that door, which is where I really want it because he likes to try to stick his fingers in as leverage for stepping down a small step.I put it on the top of the door to prevent it from closing, but it’s not really wide enough and doesn’t do the job great. For the price, this is a pretty good product, I just wish I had realized the doors need to be able to open 100% for it to be effective.

Shelley Smoaks, SC

One of the best ones!!!

After trying almost every finger guard out there, we finally found one we love! Most finger guards fit only on the outside of the door (near the door handle vice where the door hinge is). But this one can be used on either side. We like this one because we like to put the finger guard where the door hinge is so that the door can’t slam shut and our kids fingers/hands can’t get pinched or slammed in the door on both sides of the door. If you find the finger guard that only fits on the side of the door where the door knob is, then your kids fingers can still get pinched on the side of the door where the door hinge is. We also really like the KidCo Finger Guard, since that one also can be used on the door hinge side of the door. But this one has the added benefit over the KidCo Finger Guard one though, in that when you’re not using this one, you can hook it on the door knob and then take off when you need to use again.

Adrienne Allerton, IA


yes, this one is must have items for us!We love this. and easy to use!we bought 3 packs

Dee Sonyea, NY

Exactly what we expected

Our toddler loves playing with doors so we keep one of these on each door knob and when he starts playing with the door we place it on the edge. You can also stick it on the hinge side of the door to prevent little fingers getting squashed on that side. Love how we can keep it on the door knob for safe keeping and immediately grab it to put it on the side of the door when needed. Money well spent!

Lottie New Rochelle, NY


Very easy to use in different ways. It is flexible, invisible and practical. You can use on the cabinets to, when you let baby play in it.

Lola Joplin, MT