Safety 1st Prograde Gentle Vibes Nail Filer

Safety 1st Prograde Gentle Vibes Nail Filer

Safety 1st ProGrade Gentle Vibes Nail Filer

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Battery powered nail filer
  • Files in an up and down motion
  • Easy grip handle
  • File head never needs replacing
  • Includes 2 “AA” replaceable alkaline batteries

Verified reviews



What a great idea! My Grandson is very tempermental and as most newborns, won’t hold still so it was very scary for any of us to try cutting his nails. This battery run file does the job painlessly and the baby doesn’t mind it at all – a real find!!!!

Justine Lukeville, AZ

Waste of time & money

The concept is great– but the execution is very poor. I was hoping that a safe, gentle nail file would make baby manicures less anxiety-provoking and more simple. Unfortunately, this file doesn’t actually DO what it is supposed to do. It vibrates and shakes and makes a loud noise, but the actual file is ineffective. You could use this for a long time and still need to trim your baby’s nails. Plus, the vibrations are startling and may make baby jolt, which will just train her to be scared of nail filing.Save money– but a standard nail file from the drugstore. That will be FAR more gentle, quiet, and effective.

Shelia Marrowbone, KY


the vibration is really strong and I worried about “overfiling” my baby’s nails. I also purchased this for my sister in law who agreed that the vibrations were too strong. The file is metal, as well, so I don’t see how metal can be gentle on the baby’s nails. I would not recommend.

Leanna Loysburg, PA

Surprised about all of the bad reviews

I am surprised about all of the bad reviews. I bought in 2010 for my daughter, and plan to use with my soon to be born son. I found it worked great, and I could use when in a hurry. I kept getting notes from my daughter’s daycare about her nails being too long, so I left in the car for when I had forgotten to cut them. I’d just quickly run over her nails before taking her out of the car seat. I used it more as a back-up, and still used an american red cross clipper (the one with the magnifying glass) for more serious trimming sessions. It’s definitely loud, but I didn’t use it while she was sleeping. Also, as someone else mentioned, just press the on button all the way down and it stays on.

Dollie Dry Branch, GA


Thought it would be a nice gift for his baby shower! Thought it would be better than clippers , so you won’t cut there finger ! Thank you

Tracy Oakford, IN

I Don’t Get It!!

I guess other people found this helpful, which is why I registered for it. But when I tried filing my newborn’s nails, nothing happened. I think it would’ve taken ages to file her nails down with this. On the flip side, it is very safe since accidentally filing my baby’s finger won’t hurt her. This is one of those baby items I have never and will never use.

Rowena Stevenson, CT

It’s very gentle for trimming nails

I purchased this for my 9 month old daughter who fights me every time I try to clip or file her nails. So I thought this will help. It turns out that it takes too long for his to file her nails down. (That’s why I took off a star). So I still clip them and then use this to make it smoother.I definitely like using this electric nail filer than a regular emery file from Babies R Us because I always file too much and end up messing up her nails. I can’t seem to go wrong with this one.I’m sure this would have been an awesome nail filer if she was just an infant when her nails were still very soft and flexible. Too bad they didn’t have this 9 months ago!

Jeanie Truro, IA