Safety 1st Prograde No Drill Top Of Door Lock

Safety 1st Prograde No Drill Top Of Door Lock


Main features

  • Restricts children’s access to out-of-bound areas
  • Clamps easily to door, no drilling required; Allows parental access from both sides
  • Safety guard to prevent pinched fingers;This item is universal and will only fit standard door sizes
  • Disengages for periods of non-use ; Great for basement or garage doors
  • This item is universal and will fit any door frame except a sloped door frame

Verified reviews


Door lock, not to be confused with a finger jam prevention device… though it offers that protection as well

We bought this device because we wanted to prevent our daughter from jamming her fingers as she is learning how to close doors on us… turns out this product is really a door lock that allows a gap (not fully closed and still unable to open the door fully). My fault for not reading correctly, but i will review the product for others to benefit.From the one stock photo it was hard to tell how this functioned, refer to the additional pictures I posted for more info.First of all, this thing is big. I actually want to say huge.It is unsightly, and though it “folds” away to be non-operational it is still an ugly sight IMO.The construction seems sufficient for a child prevention device, but this is by no means a security device and is not made of such kinds of materials.Now on to describing how it works…The latch actually clamps onto the door and is held in place by using the allen wrench provided to tighten the clamp.With the arm moved into position to function as intended, attempting to close the door results in a latch resting on the door jam preventing closure on precious little fingers – perfect.However, attempting to then pull the door back open results in the other side of the device resting on the door jam preventing you from opening the door – not perfect.What you are left with is a door that can’t open past 3 inches, and wont close. It is locked in this manner until an adult is summoned by the helpless cries of their child locked in/out of a room. This is not really what we wanted.If it were an ideal solution it would prevent full closure, but allow the door to be fully opened.The configuration of this device will not allow such functionality.Of note, another reviewer discussed the type of door jam you need for this to work, it worked with mine, refer to the pics posted to see if yours resembles my door jam.Also, the gap between the closed door and the door frame should be at least 1/8’th inch, as the device takes up that space and may cause the door to be harder to close completely shut (if at all), and may cause the actual door latch to not fully engage without a firm push on the door handle.As this does not fit our needs, i am returning it, but may work for your needs.Rated good for the intended functionality, ease of install, non-permanent nature, and finger jamming prevention.

Iva Spillville, IA

Didn’t fit

This didn’t fit on our door rendering it useless. I would imagine it would not fit on many doors since you can’t have any molding on the door jam if you want to use it.

Marisol Verbank, NY

Worked great for us!

Most of the doors in our home have lever style door handles, which took no time for my 2 yo twins to figure out. Not long after they also figured out how to unlock the door lock and deadbolts, and that is the day I bought this lock. This door lock has worked well on a door that opens outward from the house into the garage. We did not have to modify the door, the doorjamb or the lock to get it to work. It is easy for an adult to unlock from the outside if you are coming in from the garage and you are tall enough to reach it. Your doorway must have the proper door moulding for this lock to catch on. And of course you must be diligent about keeping it in the locked position to deter curious little roamers. Definitely recommend, and now trying to decide if it will work on our front door too; won’t be long before they figure out how to turn the lone round knob in our house.

Megan Peterman, AL

Didn’t fit a single door in our house…

I have to preface my review with the fact that I never got this to fit on a single door in our house – however, I gave it three stars because it wasn’t cheap-feeling or flimsy, and is obviously a quality product even though it’s definitely NOT for every house.We moved into a house designed by the previous owners, and they liked a LOT of ornate woodwork and casing/framing around oak doors. It’s beautiful, so I didn’t want to drill into it, which is why this door lock seemed to be the perfect product. However, this beautiful woodwork is the same reason that this product simply doesn’t work in my house. The lock is designed for doors with either no casing, or simple casing around standard-size doors. I’m sure that in 90% of homes, it would work just fine, but if you have the unique predicament I am in (a custom-built home), be prepared to save the box for a return. It’s for the exact reason you don’t want to drill that you may end up having to! Fortunately, Amazon has a great return policy and I received an immediate refund.

Monika Bradford, IA

Did not work on any of 5 doors

I still gave this 3 stars, just because I think it has great features. It can stop the little one from opening the door fully, then also stops them from pinching their fingers in the space it creates.The problem is it did not work on any of 5 doors we tried it on, including 3 that had what I would consider a significant gap. When you tighten the clamp, even if this fit in the gap before, allowing the door to close, after tightening the clamp shifts a little not allowing the door to close. One door would close, but not enough to click shut (the door couldn’t close all the way).I think they need to re-design the clamp area with thinner, stronger material then they would have a winner. As it is, I think you would need a pretty sloppy door in order to have the room for this to fit, we had a few doors I thought had way too much room (can clearly see light through the gap) yet this still wouldn’t work. Another problem is that you want to hang these up high out of reach of little ones, but due to gravity if a door is going to have a larger gap it will be at the bottom rather than the top.Anyway, 3 stars for a great idea, however it’s really 1 star for poor execution as it simply didn’t work in any of our doors. Thanks to Amazon for their simple return policy!

Sheree Compton, AR

Wanted to love it, but don’t

I have an older home built in the 1950’s. It is orginial, not remodeled. Finding child safety locks and other products that work on the kind of cabinet doors and other doors from this era has been a challenge. When I saw this online I had to get one! I want to love it, but don’t. We installed it on our interior garage door – a door that goes from the inside of the garage into the house. My daughter was opening the door and, if the garage was open, letting the dog out. I was also scared she would get out. This doesn’t really fit well with the molding around the door. It also looks like it is make from metal, but it is plastic and can’t take all the strain of the door. So, we have it installed, but don’t use it. It just didn’t work on our door the way I want it to. This is a product that could work really well on the right door and not well on the wrong door.

Augusta Carson, CA

Didn’t fit

Didnt work with our door frame as it is slightly rounded. Was able to make work by using 3m Velcro adhesive tabs. Quality is really good(a definite step up from the door monkey version which would fail after a couple days), but not convenient as I had to rig it to make it work for us.

Karyn Mount Royal, NJ

Doesn’t Fit My Doors

This does’t fit on my doors. There needs to be a large enough gap between the door and the frame.

Sydney Tahuya, WA

Just didn’t hold

This is a little high speed for this type of door lock. I was excited about it because of the versatility. Mainly that it did everything the Door Monkey did but allowed you to shut the door which was important for what we needed it for. It just does not hold the door shut. My 2 yr old is able to get it to slip with only a little effort. I did read that it was not effective on certain door jams so I was not going to ding it too hard just because it did not work for my particular situation except…the Door Monkey we got with this works perfectly on all the doors that this one does not. That, to me, implies a design flaw. It is obviously possible for it to work…but it does not, so 2 stars. I did want to give it credit for its versatility, options, and the fact that it probably works fine in very specific circumsatnces.

Deidre Enochs, TX

good locks

We bought 4 of these locks. They went on easily for 3 of our 4 doors and work pretty well. On the last door, we had to reposition and tinker with the lock a bit before we found a spot on the door where it would work. All in all, though, a great alternative to buying more gates or having to drill holes.

Goldie London, TX

It worked great for me until my son turned 3

I use this on my exterior side door. I have an 11 year old and her and her friends are constantly going in and out of the house, and they forget to lock the door behind them, so I had to find something that would remind them that the door needed to be locked as they exit. This works great. It worked so good that I decided to buy one for my daughters bedroom door. However, the gap was not large enough for her door to close. To fix this, I took off the door and the hinges attached to the door and recessed the cutouts for the hinges to increase the gap near the door jam. It sounds like a lot of work but it was very easy to do and well worth the time and effort.Update…..since my son has turned 3, the bedroom door locks no longer keep him out of rooms. He has learned that when he pushes on the doors with enough force that the latches do not work. Worked great up until he reached 3 however. The only one he can’t push his way through with is the one on the side door exiting the house. The latch works better on our exterior door because the door opens inward instead of outward like the bedroom doors.

Sandra Dogue, VA

Much more durable than any other door lock

This is pretty slick and much more durable than the $10 little hook door catches – that break as soon as you accidentally bump into them while carrying laundry out or something. The cats can just fit thru the gap to get to their food/water while the little kids cannot. And the catch prevents pinched fingers. Then when there is a lot of traffic needed you can temporarily lock the catch away.Once catch (no pun intended) is that depending on your door jamb the hook could catch the far end leaving virtually no gap. The obvious solution is simply to add a piece of (clear) tape for it to slide past the first jamb catch.

Therese Karnak, IL

Fit 2 out of 10 doors (1 of 2 needed alteration)

2 stars because it is a great idea that should prevent little ones from getting through doors and pinching fingers (if you can find a door it works on!) UPDATE: My son is under 2 years old and if he pulls hard enough on the 2 doors I got them to “work” on, he can still get them open. Now I only keep them in place as a backup since it does take him longer to open the doors.It did not work on most of our doors because, although it fit tightly it slid right off of the frame or “catch” when opening the door. Also, when you tighten it, the left piece of the clamp pushes forward, protruding past the door frame. I tried screwing it in with the door already closed, but it popped out and I could not close it again. I also tried hammering it down with no luck. I got it to work on one door despite this by placing rolled up piece of paper towel between the door and the left side of the angled clamp. Another door it worked perfectly on with no need for me to alter because of the larger gap between the door and frame as well as a frame that protruded enough to catch it.Great idea and very sturdy, but the product needs to be altered so that it screws on correctly, allowing you to be able to shut the door. It should also come with a piece to fit on the “catch” for thinner frames.There are many different specific spacing factors that need to be perfect for it to work.

Coleen Linneus, MO

It depends on the door – and ours stopped grabbing door frame after 3 months

My original review: It doesn’t work on most of our doors, but does on my toddler’s door (she started climbing out of her crib under 2yo and wreaking havoc in the house at night). We have to really wedge the door shut to close it – but that’s fine by me, we can fix the door jamb later, at least she is stuck. Some of the other ones like this hold the door open a few inches and the beauty of this one is that you can have the door totally closed, and when they do open it, it only opens a few inches.Editing to add: three months in, the rubber has lost it “stick” and slips off the door frame easily if my two year old bumps the door with her hip. She just gives it a shove and walks out :(. Not sure I want to pay to replace it every three months. The peace of mind was priceless, knowing she could not wander the house or worse, get out of the house – but now I’m not sure I’d trust a replacement item not knowing when it might stop working. Ugh, I slept so well with this on her door until it stopped working!!! I’m really glad it was nap time and not nighttime when she decided to sneak down the stairs after freeing herself.

Hope Garciasville, TX