Safety 1st ProGrade Soft Solution Roller Shade

Safety 1st ProGrade Soft Solution Roller Shade

Use the ProGrade soft solution roller shade by Safety 1st in your car to help shield your baby from direct sunlight while on the road. The shade provides full window coverage and features an easy-to-use retract button so that you can roll up the shade when it’s not in use.

Main features

  • Provides full window coverage
  • Easy-to-use retract button
  • Soft, cushioned material 
  • Crash tested

Verified reviews


no longer rolls

Initially I thought this product was OK… could be a little wider, as sun gets in through the sides.. but it worked good enough. Then, six months later, it stopped rolling back up. For some reason the red button on the right stopped responding, and now it won’t roll up again. My daughter pulled on it after that, and now the shade was too long, and I could no longer fix it into the window as it hung over the car door. So, now it no longer works, cause its too long and it won’t roll back up.Really, my impression, is its not worth it…Plus, since its a roller, the top part is wide and stiff. So it cant fit will in car windows (not SUV’s) since these don’t have a perfect square window. And as my daughter is still facing back, there is a lot of sun that can get through and right into her face.Don’t do it… there are better products in the market.

Heather Wild Horse, CO

Great screen and easy to take on/off

I am really happy with my purchase of this screen. It works perfectly and my baby is much happier in the backseat. The only downside with it is that it is kind of big and clunky…and looks much better in the Subaru Outback than it does in the Lexus. That being said, I think it was still worth purchasing and the quality is good.

Brandi Pilgrim, KY

Try something else

This was not meant for a car window. Maybe would work better in a truck or SUV. I had to angle this and it really didn’t work all that well anyway. I just didn’t have time to return it so I had to make due. It finally fell apart the other day and I gave it and tossed it in the trash. I’ll try again soon.

Arlene Salt Flat, TX

Too Narrow

This product is just too small. It does not block much of the window, so unless you have a very small window, I would not recommend this shade.

Rebecca Morse Bluff, NE

Suction cup does not stick

We have a mini SUV and it does not cover the windows entirely, maybe half.Also the bottom suction cup does not stick well. But it does the job for now.

Marsha Lyme, NH

too small

It’s just too small for any window. I used two on one back seat window of a small Honda Civic, otherwise the sun gets into baby’s eyes frequently. i had a hard time to get the two to fit onto the window because the top rubber strip is much longer than the width of the shade. Plus there are four giant suction cup behind it. They are taking a lot of space, but the shade itself is too narrow. The quality is good, but the design is not so good.

Leslie Derby Line, VT


easy to put on, works nice, for wider windows i would recommend two of these, worked great untill got stuck in the door ( i pressed the window down button:( torn but still works:) i guess if it were made out something more durable then "cling wrap like plastic it wont torn

Eloise Poughkeepsie, AR

Don’t buy these!

For a little while, these worked great in my car to block the sun. But pretty quickly the suction cups were not sticking properly and then the shade would just hang there awkwardly and wouldn’t roll up. Poor quality product. I would NOT recommend this!

Rachael Cornwall, NY

Well made and provides adequate coverage

This product is very well made and provides adequate coverage for your little one. We have had it on our car for over a month and have opened/closed it many times and the suction has remained strong.

April Hindsboro, IL

It has suction cups (groan)

I thought this had the option to stick shade up by rolling it in window but it doesn’t. I hate suction cups because they usually do not work. They didn’t work on this the first time I put it up. Second time it has stayed up so far for a couple of weeks. No complaints. Only reason I gave it three stars is because either I can’t read or it wasn’t clear about if it had suction cups and I terribly dislike suction cups. 🙂 It’s on the window opposite of the youngin’ so I can’t tell you about durability.

Jacklyn San Ygnacio, TX

Finally, one that sticks!

Finally, a window shade that stays suctioned to the window! Easy to install & reposition. Could be a little wider to fill window space better.

Heather Cambridge, ID

Works great

I really like this product. It helps keep the sun out of my daughters face. However, my husband forgets that they are there and rolls down the windows of the back seat and they fall off. Otherwise they work great

Ladonna Morrow, LA

As good as it gets I guess

The roll-up design with the suction cup is nice and convenient especially to roll up and down the window as needed but the shade coverage is limitted.

Sandy Versailles, MO

Good Purchase

This fits on both my wife’s van and my Subaru windows. They have both been up for about a month now without falling off at all. I check it often and I have not seen any reason that it will fall off on its own anytime soon. The only thing I don’t like about it is its size. It is a bit bulkier than I imagined. I guess I should have read the dimensions prior to purchase.

Lorena Castleford, ID

roll up mechanism broke a month in and it keeps popping off the window

It’s just made very cheaply and wasn’t worth the hassle. It also never seemed to block out the sun, which always seemed to be coming from another direction than the two back windows.

Isabel Stephens, AR

It works!

Easy to install, larger & better quality than another roller shade that we were gifted, hasn’t came unstuck since putting in vehicle one month ago (even though I know they all will eventually fall because that is to be expected with a suction cup being hit with sunlight every day).

Sylvia South Sterling, PA

Good so far!

Easy to install and so far shade pulls down well and blocks out the sun. It has a bit of a mesh quality to it though so there is still some filtered light which is good. Not sure my daughter would like it if there was a thick shade blocking her entire view/light.

Terra Haddock, GA