Safety 1st Prograde Toilet Lock, White and Silver – 1 Pack

Safety 1st Prograde Toilet Lock, White and Silver – 1 Pack

The Prograde Push Button Toilet Lock by Safety 1st helps keep your children from opening the toilet lid.

Main features

  • Fits most standard toilet hardware- bolts must be 5.5″ apart center to center
  • Fits over existing hardware with a max bolt size of 7/16″
  • Push button for 1 hand opening / Convenient, sleek design for adult use
  • SecureTech locking indicator
  • Attaches to existing toilet hardware

Verified reviews



Item does not lock properly nor does it allow to prop the toilet seat cover up for when men need to pee. I had to return item.

Alba Arthurdale, WV

Excellent for our toilet (regular toilet lid)

I avoided putting a toilet lock on for a while because I thought it would be a pain to open every time you had to use the facilities. I chose this particular lock just because it looked easier to open than other models which were half the price.I guess that we were one of the lucky ones because it fits on our toilet lid fine. (We have a dual flush Caroma toilet with the original cheapie plastic lid.) However, at first my husband thought that it would not work, but he just had to work at it a little longer. (By the way, it says on the lock itself that it is not to be used on padded toilet lids.)As it is, it is super easy for us to use. We have had it on a couple of days and I have made several middle of the night visits and have not had a single problem. My husband did not even have to tell me how to unlock it, I easily figured it out myself. (The real test will be when we have guests over – the same ones that couldn’t figure out why there are two buttons on our toilet.) It is not too bad looking although it might look a little nicer in white so that it would blend in better.I am happy I spent the extra money on this model – it even has an indicator to let you know that the lock is in place and you won’t have to worry about discovering your dearest child splashing around in the toilet!

Tamra Glendo, WY

Pretty good but not perfect.

We purchased this almost 4 years ago for our now oldest and are buying a new one for our youngest. For us, this product worked really well on our standard toilet. All in all, the positives outweigh the negatives. Hopefully our oldest (4.5 years old) can figure out how to open it without too much of a struggle…Positives: The lock prevents the toilet lid from opening thus ensuring the safety of not only our plumbing system but also our child’s hands, head, toys, etc. It was relatively easy to take off (if needed) and clean. It was easy for us to figure out and use, and was not too difficult for an older child to use.Negatives: Prevents the lid and seat from opening ALL the way (the seat will stay upright on its own without needing held) and will cause the seat to fall down if the toilet is heavily bumped. Over the past 4 years, the paint on the base part of this has chipped off leaving the metal underneath to severely rust (which is why we are purchasing a new one).

Earnestine Latham, OH

Your child will NOT be able to open this one

That’s the primary goal, and goal accomplished. However, 3 stars only because even though it fit just fine on the toilet, the lid could only be opened about 90 degrees, which is not enough to hold it back and it would always fall back down. Be careful with a bare back. Unaccustomed visitors will be surprised for sure.

Helen Cayucos, CA

doesnt fit

i have an elongated toilet and it looks pretty standard to me, unfortunately after screwing it on the lid wouldnt open all the way so ill have to buy another lid in order to use this. not the best design :/

Judi Bath, SD

LOVE it!

My daughter was always splashing in toilet water, but not anymore (thanks to this product). Now, half a year later, she makes sure the locking hand is down securely on the toilet after everyone uses the toilet…lol. I would highly recommend this to all families with small children!

Carol Russell, MN

Work great and don’t get gross

These locks went in fairly easily, don’t look too terrible on the toilet and are not in close contact with anything too gross so I don’t feel like they are disgusting as I think I might have from some of the lid locks. There is enough space to fit a hand in the lid when it is locked, but not enough to allow a child to drown so they work for me.

Keisha Lynn, IN

Doesn’t fit… But looks sharp

I was hoping this would fit our toilet but it doesn’t allow the lid to be completely opened. We don’t appear to have a fancy toilet or lid so I thought this would work. It does look good though. Use the previous posts to get measurements before you buy. I’m giving it 3 stars because the manufacturer should make something that’s a little more compatible withMore toilets. It seems many people have this problem

Patty Beardstown, IL

Doesn’t Work!

I bought two for my two bathrooms. Waste of money! Anyone who just tries to pick up the lid with no effort or strength at all can do it – including the kids.

Caroline Park, KS

Safest but hard to clean around

It isn’t a home run but this is the safest of the toilet locks. We have tried the two other clamp styles but my toddlers just ripped them off because they used two-sided tape. This lock stays in place using the toilet seat bolts, but the bulkiness of it makes it very difficult to clean around it. Also, on smaller toilets, it just barely fits so do measure for the clearance before you buy.

Myrtle Iselin, NJ

Worked on 1 toilet, not the other 2

This mechanism looks sleek and stylish (as far as toilet locks go, anyway), so I was excited to install three of them on my main floor, where my toddler has access. The first installation went smoothly, and it seems to work very well with an older-model Kohler toilet that’s in my powder room. Unfortunately, the lock didn’t work at all for the 2 (newer Kohler) toilets in the master bedroom and nursery. Both have soft-close lids, and I’m not sure if that was the issue, but on toilets that have a rubber gasket under the screw holding the seat to the body of the toilet, the lock simply does not work. Either the seat slides off its hinges entirely when the toilet is opened, or the toilet lock blocks the lid from opening enough to use the toilet. In any case, I was disappointed in this product. I wound up putting a Safety 1st Custom Fit All Purpose Strap on each of the newer toilets instead, and that seems to be working fine to keep the lid down (and little hands out of the bowl).

Chandra Winslow, NE

Easy to install, easy to open (for an adult) and easy to keep clean

I’m so happy with this purchase and wish I had found it sooner. I love that it sits outside of the toilet bowl so you never have to worry about removing it to clean. My 20 month old has no interest in playing with it and I can’t imagine him ever figuring out how to open it. I can open with one hand which makes it a breeze to use.

Patty Fox, OK

It does a good job and it doesn’t look too bad

My toddler kept putting his head in the toilet as soon as he realized he could. We got this, and since then it’s been all good, he can’t open it, he doesn’t even try anymore. It’s simple for an adult to open it, but not for him. It doesn’t look too bad, of course it’s not the best to have some odd thing on your toilet, but it’s better looking than all the ones I saw at the store. It’s really sturdy and there is no way you can lift the lid even if you apply pressure.

April Tremont City, OH

Easy to Install. Worth the extra $.

We decided not to go cheap on toilet baby proofing for our baby’s sake but also for our own. Very easy to install and easy to manage once installed. Highly recommend.

Jayne Mc Intosh, AL

Works great for us!

This lock works great for us. It’s much sturdier (and less gross?) than the standard locks that attach to the inner rim of the toilet bowl. It took me 15 minutes and a screw driver to install, and thirty seconds for my kid to realize he couldn’t get to the toilet anymore. The lid stays up on its own, albeit a touch precariously. We live in an apartment with a standard, inexpensive toilet and there’s plenty of room between the hinge and the tank (which is not something I had ever looked at until installing this lock). If you have a few inches of space between your hinge and tank, give it a go!

Brittany Meeker, OK

Works great!

We have two of these (one on each of our toilets) and they work great! They attach to the outside of the toilet where the hinge is instead of along the rim (which I just think is disgusting, who needs more nooks and crannies to clean in a toilet?!). I see that some people mention that they can’t open the lid all the way and we have had abosolutely no problem with that at all and we have had them installed for well over a year. You can only lift the lid a very tiny amount when they are locked also so I’m not sure about what people are complaining about it still allowing the lid to be opened? I understand there are multiple toilet designs though so maybe it works better with some toilets than others. Worth it to try bc it really is a great product! We have also had multiple house guests and it is self explanatory enough that we have not had to give any one direction on how to operate it nor received any complaints. We love it!

Delia Gays Creek, KY

YES!!! It works!

It works, and it works well!! perfect! My 20 month old (3 foot 4 inch monster that he is) Can’t even rip it off… Easy to use for adults.. Just push button and lift.

Joan Point Reyes Station, CA

Installed easily, does a pretty good job

This lock installed easily on our toilet, and does a pretty good job of keeping our toddler out of the bowl. One quibble is that even though it is properly installed, the seat can be lifted up about 1 to 1.5 inches at the front, which is enough for little hands to push through, and for small toys to be dropped in. She can’t open it up, and there is no danger of her falling in, but it doesn’t completely lock her out of the bowl.Also note that the lock has to be manually pushed down after each use, separately from closing the lid. It gets to be a habit after a while, but it isn’t spring-loaded or in any way attached to the lid, so when you close the lid the lock stays in the fully unlocked position until you push it down and lock it.Overall this is a good, but not great, solution for keeping kids from playing in the bowl. From a safety perspective, it will keep them from falling in, but only if you remember to close and lock it separately after each use.

Alba La Fayette, KY

Looks Pretty but Doesn’t Fit Toilet Well

This looks great and was easy to install but we can’t get it to stabilize and, because of the way it connects, the toilet seat now slips from side to side – sometime unexpectedly…. The latch is easy to use and it is better than no toilet lock at all but I believe there are better ones out there (check out my other reviews).

Valarie Long Pine, NE

Great Product

I don’t know what kind of fancy toilets other people are using or if they’re got their kids working out at the Barry Bonds School For Toddlers, but we have a standard sized toilet and feed our children normal organic food. This product has worked great as a deterrent to prevent our kids 1-2 years old from opening up the toilet seat. The frame of the product is metal and not plastic, so it’s autmatically stronger than some of the other cheap products out there and it doesn’t mount IN the toilet bowl, which is a big plus for us. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one.

Kitty Marshall, IL

Pretty good…

I would like to give 3.5 stars, but it wasn’t an option. We purchased 3 of these toilet locks and here is the good and bad:Pros:Easily installedEasily unlocked by an adultLocks into place automatically when lid is closedCons:Had to change out 2 of our 3 toilet seats because the hinges were not compatible with this deviceOne of the seats (not lid, seat) cannot stay raised with this device installed, so the seat has to be held up or remain down when men use the restroomOnly comes in silver? I’d like to have seen a white or cream optionOverall, we will be keeping the locks and are not unhappy with the purchase.

Vanessa Parksville, KY

Fits only standard toilets.

It says on the box that it fits standard toilets. It should say ONLY standard toilets. So if you have updated model this won’t work, as the cover of the toilet is way to high from the base.Also this lock is huge, I assume it has to withstand toddlers breaking in to the toilet seat. I was just very surprised by size, it’s 11.5 inches long, just in case you forget to look at dimensions.I bought it because my friend recommended it and the lock prevented exploring toilet by his kid only for several months, until it became loose and tightening didn’t help anymore. But it will do until kid will understand not to dig in the toilet every time he enters bathroom (I deal with that!)

Deidra Lee Vining, CA