Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Booster Seat, Green

Safety 1st Recline and Grow 5 Stage Booster Seat, Green

Safety 1st Recline & Grow 5 Stage Booster (Apple 2)Chair strapsDishwasher-safe serving trayEasy 1-hand release trayjuice boxes and snacksSecure grip stripsLength 21Height 18.5Width 16.3

Main features

  • Five stages to accommodate infants to toddlers
  • Three position, easy recline for infants
  • Restaurant style booster mode for toddlers
  • One hand tray release
  • Recommended only for children that sit upright unassisted

Verified reviews


Wish I’d bought it months ago!

We bought this for our 18 month old daughter who had pretty much outgrown her highchair. I was specifically looking for a booster chair with a detachable tray so she can feed herself lunch with the tray, and also sit at the table with us for dinner without it. It was a little more expensive than we wanted to pay, but we really like it. It’s very easy to clean, and I really like the removeable tray insert. The straps are sturdy, and I don’t feel there is even the slightest chance that she will be able to tip the chair. The only thing I would have liked was for the tray to be larger – our daughter loves to play with play dough and draw while sitting in her highchair; there really isn’t a lot of room for this with the Safety 1st Seat. Oh well. I really wish I’d bought this instead of the high chair – it takes up way less room, and the wipe clean vinyl pad means I won’t have to be constantly throwing the cover in the washing machine. This is a perfect chair for babies just starting off on solids through to older children eating at the dinner table. Definitely recommend it!

Nicole Industry, IL

Saftey First Booster

I just bought this chair, mainly because I wanted the space saving option. I really really like it! It is very easy to put together and install. So far my lil girl loves sitting up higher and eating with the family. We had a handmedown, but it took way too much space up.After reading the one review about the pad for the seat, I can see where it might be torn off with a lot of force, I MEAN ALOT, but if you have your child buckled in, your child shouldn’t be able to turn around pulling it apart. Also it is easy to take the back apart to clean, even inbetween the seat and the chair part, they are made to come apart to step up through the 5 stages.I think if you like a nice space saving booster/highchair that is durable and easy to clean, then this is the one for you! AND it helps that almost everyone carrys it in the store for such a reasonabe price. Great space saving idea and price is a plus when buying these baby items, so this one deserves a HUGE thumbs up!

Caryn Oak City, UT

not durable

the lever that allows you to remove the tray gets stuck so you cannot remove the tray. i would not recommend since this seems to becheaply made.

Vickie Mannford, OK

Great for infants, but get something else if you want it to last toddlerhood

My twin boys are 14 months old and can now escape from these chairs. Yes, even buckled in. Yes, even with the tray on. The back pads were ripped off early on and we stopped using the dishwasher safe part of the tray because it was much more work to have that to clean as well as all the food that sinks down the sides of it. You have to clean the bare tray either way, so we just had them eat directly on it. I think if the straps were designed better – as in, not with all three straps coming out of only one hole/port/source – this may work for hyper toddlers. As is though, they can turn completely around and slither out the top even with the straps tightly secured. I don’t have girls, but maybe girls are generally calm enough as toddlers for this to work well? Just a thought.

Lana Livermore, CA

Fantastic feeding chair!

Love this chair! It’s quality material, reclines great, every surface is wipeable, easy to assemble, and cute colors. Love that it grows with child, and is a huge space saver. Travels well, we bring it into restaurants, to friends’ houses, wherever we feed our little one.Highly recommend!

Adele Macdoel, CA


I own one of these at home and also, I work at a child care center and they use these seats exclusively. In both settings, I love it! I use it mainly at home and it’s perfect if I want to sit on the floor with my baby or have her join me at the dinner table. The construction is solid, I feel like she’s safe and secure, and it seems that it will last for a few children if I wanted it to. Very easy to clean, assemble and use. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take up too much space and is easy to use, this is your seat!!! Hands down. I would not, however, recommend this for traveling simply because it would be a bit too bulky.

Beatriz Whippany, NJ