Safety 1st Safe-Glow Nursery Monitor 2 Receiver Set

Safety 1st Safe-Glow Nursery Monitor 2 Receiver Set

A baby monitor with flexibility for parents and comfort for baby.

Main features

  • Two channels
  • Operates on battery power or household electricity
  • 49MGz technology
  • Power on LED Indicator
  • Birth and up

Verified reviews


Bad for Apartments, lots of static

I bought this and set it up days before our daugther was born. I am glad I did because we instantly picked up the neighbor’s baby who lives in the townhouse 3 doors down from us- imagine the confusion! Even changing stations didn’t help- we still picked up the sounds from their monitor AND even more static! I followed all the directions to avoid other interferrances but none helped. When you turn up the volumne, even if the monitor and hand units are in separate rooms, they will make a horrible sound as though they are still “too close”, so you have to turn down the volumne thus making it nearly impossible to hear the sounds of your baby- especially over all the static!I read lots of reviews on all the monitors and thought this one would be the best for our money but this one is going back to the store ASAP!

Deirdre Bonsall, CA

Didn’t like the light!

I personally didn’t like the glowing light, but I guess I could have gotten used to it. This monitor worked well on its own, but I had problems with interference when my monitor for my other child was on.

Brandie Carrollton, MS

Must Have!

I have this nice monitor and still using it (got it from baby shower). My daughter is almost […] and I love it the very first time I used it because the sound is very clear, durable and dependable. Highly recommended!

Mina Chillicothe, OH

Very Pleased!

Though this monitor is very sensitive and can pick up other sounds from outside, you can hear the smallest peep from your baby which I think for myself as a new parent, in the beginning particularly, reassuring. The product is very lightweight which some folks may find frustrating as it can topple over easily, however I have had no need to move the receivers around unless I want to wear them on a belt as I’m doing things around the house and being lightweight is a good thing in that case. I am highly recommending this monitor as it is not only inexpensive, but at least for us…it remains static free. I’ve never had any problem with it.

Ester Gering, NE

Works in our house…

There is a bit of static, but it’s really not that bad. The monitor picks up every little sound. It is very comforting to know that I will hear any and everything going on around my daughter. For the price, this product is definitely worth it. I was actually surprised I got such a quality product with the small price tag.

Joanne Wolf, WY

Good range but sometimes get interference

Overall, I am quite pleased with this monitor especially given the price compared to other higher priced monitors. The range is very good – we can take it to our back yard and know we can hear her. Once in a while, we will get interference (static) and not sure if it’s from our cell phones or what but it gets loud and I can’t get it to stop.I also wish there were numbers on the volume so I could put it on the same volume every time. Sometimes I have it too low and can’t hear her and others it’s too loud and you get blasted.

Staci Ratcliff, AR

Poor reception

We tried this one out since all the reviews I read were so good but unfortunately, we were not pleased with it. When you plug it into the wall it seems to have a lot of static and it doesn’t seem to matter where in the house you try it. Don’t waste your money…

Catalina Pocatello, ID

Pretty Good

This monitor overall works great. We can hear every little russel that he makes. However, it sometimes gets a bit staticy when next to other electrical items (alarm clock, lamp etc.) but if you just reposition it or move it alittle it stops. We often do yard work when our son is napping and it has a little belt clip that works great and it gets good reception in the yard!!!

Coleen Goltry, OK


I use this monitor in addition to the Baby’s Quiet Sounds Video Monitor by Summer. This monitor picks up the slightest baby sounds so that you as sure to hear them if they need you, but you can also keep the volume low so that you are not disturbed by every movement while you are sleeping. I love the two handsets to use throughout the house or outside. I now take it with me when visiting friends so that I am sure to hear him in a large apartment. I haven’t used the glow light to change the baby, but the light times out by itself if you do choose to use it.We also couldn’t live without the video monitor. It has been an essential tool in looking after our son. He’s 3.5 months now and sleeps on his tummy. This is the only position he sleeps in and as a consequence, it was necessary to watch him very closely when he was younger and couldn’t roll over. I keep it on my desk and watch him sleeping. Getting to know your baby’s personality and behavior by observing him while sleeping is very helpful in anticipating his needs. This is well worth the money. I also use the safety first monitor with two handsets to carry outside to the back yard. It’s an inexpensive monitor and very efficient at picking up the slightest sound your little one makes.

Adele Hector, NY

You can hear everything!

This is such a good monitor that I had my mother buy one for her house as well. It is so clear and sensitive that we can hear a car driving by before we can hear it from our windows. There is no way to miss any sound with this product. Also, we live in a town house with 4 floors total, and we have been able to clearly hear the baby regardless of where the receivers are placed. I recommend this monitor because of the clarity and also because it has 2 receivers which is very handy as you walk around your house during naptimes.

Claire West Boothbay Harbor, ME

Lots of background noise.

We had no idea which monitor to register for & picked this one b/c it had two receivers and was reasonably priced. It always has static and background noise (including our neigbors! but I’m told a lot of monitors do that), so the red light is always on. My son is still sleeping in our room so we hardley use it, but for my own piece of mind, we’ll probably buy another monitor when he goes into his room. One that doesn’t have so much background noise and static.

Jody Stearns, KY

I love this monitor!

I love this monitor – it conducts every sound from the nursery during all uses but my favorite use for it is when I’m in the shower. The red lights show me if my baby is starting to fuss even when I can’t hear him because of the water. It’s given me the peace of mind to be able to wander freely around the house, do things that are noisy, etc. without worrying that I won’t “hear” my baby because I’ll be able to see if he needs me. The base light has also been very helpful for middle of the night diaper changes. It’s soft glow gives us enough light to make sure we’ve done a good clean up but isn’t bright enough to make the baby think it’s time to really wake up and play.

Jodi Mc Cracken, KS

A must have!

This monitor Iis so simple and the features have been extremely useful. First, this monitor comes with 2 receivers – a must for a two-story home. We can hear EVERYTHING including noise from outdoors. The red lights that blink in accordance to volume are great for those who can’t see without glasses, esp when waking up in the middle of the night, and they are also great if say you have the tv on a bit too loud. The nightlight on the monitor with the 15-minute timer is a great feature b/c it doesn’t generate heat as does a conventional outlet nightlight bulb. Our baby also happens to be disturbed by her outlet nightlight when she wakes up at night and thus won’t fall back to sleep easily. Therefore, we’ve used the monitor light. We’ve had no problems nor complaints with this product.

Dolores East Providence, RI

very quiet

this monitor does not make any distortion noises or anything of that sort. It is so clear I can hear my husband talking from a few rooms away. Can say enough good things about this.

Glenda Frenchburg, KY

Great monitor for the money!

The monitor has offered very clear reception and we even have to keep the volume low because the reception is so good. The nightlight feature is great as you can turn it on, settle your baby and then leave the room – the nightlight will turn off automatically after about 10 minutes.

Carmen Corbin, KY

So sensitive! Love the light!

I love this monitor. I love that it has two receivers. We keep one in our bedroom and one in the living room. We keep them plugged in, but the one in the living room we also keep a battery in, so we can just unplug it and clip it to our pockets when we go outside or something. We have never had a problem with static, despite living in a typical suburban neighborhood and have cordless phones, cell phones, and live next to an electrical tower. It picks up every little sound beautifully — even when at the back of our half-acre property! I especially love that the transmitter is a light when you press it! I think it helps my daughter go to sleep so she’s not jolted into pitch black when we put her down. The light turns off by itself after about 15 minutes. I highly recommend this product!

Teresa Naples, FL

Static issues

We have a two story house and I thought it would be good to have the dual monitors so I could have one in the master bedroom and one downstairs in the living room. About 75% it works beautifully. It picks up everything and if I need to hear if I’m on the right channel, I can clap my hands loudly downstairs and it’ll light up downstairs indicating that I am on the right channel. However, the remaining 25% of the time it makes obnoxious static sounds. I hate it. We simply run our filtered water at the sink and it kicks it into static mode, at which point all the cussing and shaking of the device won’t get it back to normal. I don’t feel like I can rely on it because I never know when it’s going to act up or what exactly it is that triggers the static sounds.So, it has served its purpose, I’d rather have it than nothing at all, but I’d recommend it if you live off the grid and have a no-fly zone over your house because when it starts crackling, it doesn’t seem to stop, and as ridiculous as it may sound, we swear small planes flying over with their radios on send the thing buzzing.My last Fisher Price did a little buzzing thing too, but it was more manageable. I end up turning this current one down so low to tolerate sleeping with the loud “fuzz” sound coming from it, then I can’t hear my baby. And if the volume is down, I can look at the light display to see if a noise I hear is my daughter or soemthing else, but when it’s having a static attack, it lights up. I’ll be glad to be done with these things altogether.I’d be curious to know which ones out there are the most effective.Good Luck.

Jacklyn Center Point, LA

Excellent monitors…very sensitive!

I love these monitors. The only thing I don’t like is that the nightlight feature is a little too sensitive. It comes on if you barely touch it when turning the monitors on or off. Otherwise, I love the fact that it even has a nightlight. Also, these monitors are very sensitive so I can hear everything that is going on with my baby. Some people may not like this, but being a new mom, I love that they are so clear and sensitive. Great product!

Patti New Derry, PA

A good monitor…

This was the third monitor that I tried, and I think this one is great. The only concerns that I have are that the lights don’t really correspond with the noise. If a car goes by, the noise isn’t really that loud, but the lights go all the way up. If the base is too close to the receivers, you’ll get noises, but that’s the only problem I’ve had. Sometimes switching channels on it will cause me to hear my neighbor’s telephone conversation, but I switched it back and it was fine.I love that it has 2 receivers. I have one in my bedroom, and another in my den on the other side of the house, so I can always hear the baby, and I don’t have to move them around. I also like the fact that I can hear my son breathing…that’s how sensitive the monitor is. I love it.

Marina Silex, MO

Good reception

We like this monitor. The reception is good and our house is pretty big. I can’t figure out how to put batteries in the receivers but it’s probably “operator error.” I like the light in the main unit.

Emma Wahpeton, ND

very happy with it

This monitor is extremely sensitive. I can easily hear sounds as soft as my son breathing. I’m very happy with the product and highly recommend it.

Kathrine Keeling, VA

Very confused

I have mixed feelings about the monitor. I use it all around the house and have not had any problems. I dont’ get any static in the house around appliances, phones, TVs etc. But I do get some when I use my breast pump. I can still hear the baby through the static though. However, we have tried to use the monitor outside in our garage while we were in the hot tub. With the hot tub and TV on it was all static. All the red lights were lit up and you couldn’t hear a thing besides static. Therefore we may be looking for a new monitor to use outside.

Jewel Humboldt, AZ

Great monitor for an even better price…

I registered for this monitor based on the Amazon reviews, the reasonable price and the fact that it came with 2 receivers. I have been using it for the past 2 months and am very pleased with the quality. Having 2 receivers is wonderful for a 2-story house and I rarely have to move them… I just keep them plugged in where they are so I never need batteries. This monitor is extremely sensitive so we do have to keep the volume very low, but I’ve found that if I put the monitor on my daughter’s dresser (about 5 feet from her crib) and point it directly at her crib that the reception isn’t so amazingly loud. I would highly recommend this monitor!UPDATE NOVEMBER 2007: We still have this monitor and use it every day. We have been using it for the past 3 years without a glitch! Still highly recommended!

Roxanne State Center, IA


This product is horrible. When we first plugged it in it worked ok. Within hours we were getting horrible static. We tried all different places in our house to plug it in and it didn’t get any better. We finally found two places where the static isn’t THAT bad and we now leave the monitors there, plugged in and turned on ALL the time! One night, when the baby was fussing and my husband was trying to get some sleep, I turned of the monitor in the babies room and we found out that the recievers will then pick up a country radio station! Maybe that’s the cause of the static. Horrible product. Do not waste your money unless you like to be disappointed or if you like to return products to the stores!

Kimberly Oxford Junction, IA

Love this monitor!!!

I researched every monitor I could find and finally decided on this one for my daughter’s room. I guess I’m one of the few lucky ones who got a great monitor on the first try!! This one works great. It is so sensitive…you can hear a whisper. It is crystal clear, with no interference. I can hear every move and every sigh my daughter makes. I highly recommend this monitor to everyone!!

Allie Marion, KY

IT’s alright

This montior does work well. I can hear my son breathing, and dogs barking and all of that very clearly. It works outside, upstairs and down. The problem is that I am spending a small fortune in batteries. When you plug it in it gets all fuzzy and has this terrible buzzing sound. I have tried both monitors and all the plugs in the house. So I have to replace the battery every day to use it through the whole night and that gets pretty expensive.

Kelli Beaufort, NC

You could hear a pin drop!!!!

This monitor works so well… you can hear every sound the baby makes! I was getting some feedback for a few days until i realized I had my cordless phone too close to the reciever (the cordless phone also distorts my tv if it is too close!). I highly recommend this monitor!!!!!

Crystal Hebron, NH

Great Buy Great Price

I had trouble with my first monitor which was the Summer Video Monitor. The picture quality was poor and it was always staticy. I didn’t want to blow off another $100 bucks on monitor so I tried this one for $29.99. So far I haven’t had any problems with it. The sound quality is excellent. There’s no static at all and it’s so clear I could hear the clock in my babies room. We’re so use to hearing that static noise that my husband and I keep testing it to make sure it’s working since it’s so quiet and static free. I also love the fact that it works on batteries so I can roam around the house with it clipped to my belt or I can plug them in to save the batteries. Overall, this is a great monitor and a very great price. Remember, price doesn’t always equal quality… I learned the hard way.

Nikki Richards, TX

So far so good!

I have been using my monitor for the past 7 weeks and have not had any problems with it. It has clear reception and I like how I get 2 receiver monitors because we have an upstairs and downstairs. I think this is a good product that is reasonable priced.

Ann Acushnet, MA

Best Monitor i’ve found!

I got this monitor as a baby shower gift and I couldn’t be more happy with it. No matter where i am in the house, or outside, i can hear my baby girl crystal clear. I also love the built in night light, so when i go in to check on her i don’t have to turn on the lights. This product is great, and i’m so glad i didn’t have to spend a ton of money for the best!

Alissa Loma, CO