Safety 1st Screen Door Saver, White

Safety 1st Screen Door Saver, White

The Safety 1st Screen Door Saver can work on both narrower and wider screen doors by rotating the saver by 90 degrees. Check your screen door’s width against the gate dimensions listed to ensure proper fit. Screen doors pose a problem for parents with toddlers and dogs as the screen can be pushed out resulting in a fall. The safety 1st screen door saver reinforces a wide variety of standard screen doors.

Main features

  • Hardware mounts to door frame
  • Sturdy easy to install
  • Check your door width against the gate dimensions listed to ensure proper fit
  • White
  • Durable materials

Verified reviews


Cheap piece of plastic that won’t protect your screen

I have a dog and a toddler that love to play through our sliding screen door. I was hoping that this item would provide some much needed protection from their rough housing. I was disappointed on several levels:- The packaging. Seriously, if I had sent something like this through the mail, I would have been embarrassed. It was shoved into a giant cardboard box that was still too small (width wise) for the item. The door saver was bent and the box was barely held together with tape. Luckily, because of the flexible plastic the item wasn’t damaged, but now that I am having to send it back, I had to struggle to get it back in the box. And yes, I will be embarrassed when I drop it off at the UPS store.- The cheap material of this screen door “saver” won’t save anything. I needed something more rigid that would resist all of the pushing the screen door receives from my daughter and dog. This is so cheap and flexible, it just adds weight against the screen door. As my husband said, this item would do more damage to the screen door than anything our dog or daughter could dish out.- Attaching it will destroy your screen door. It requires screws and while I cannot attest to how easy it is to install since we never got that far, it’s pretty obvious that it will be ugly as sin with a big plastic screen and screws in the screen door frame.Bottom line – if you are concerned about protecting your screen door, save your money and invest in a new screen door with a built in screen protector. We’re just going to let the dog and baby play with ours until it needs to be replaced and then will invest in a tougher screen.

Katina Scott, MS

Inexpensive and does the job really well!

It works well enough for me. I like it much better than the metal alternatives available from hardware stores. It keeps my son from running or pushing his way through the screen door. The description is kind of lacking so I’ll explain a little: this is a plastic barrier that you screw onto the frame of your screen door to keep your kid (or pet) from running through it or destroying it. My cats can’t claw through it either so that’s an added bonus. It fits 32 and 36 inch doors because it is rectangular. If you have a 36 inch door you put the widest part length wise across the door. Likewise you would put the skinny part length wise across the door if you have a 32 inch door.The only problem I encountered was that it doesn’t fit my door particularly well. I have a 36 inch door. Each corner of the screen saver has a place for 2 screws. On my door I can only use the outer most screws on the top two corners because the inner screws are over the screen itself (not over the screen frame like it they are designed to be). Still, with only the outer 2 screws on the top (one on each corner) and the bottom 4 screws (I can use all the bottom screws because they attach to bottom of the door frame) it is sturdy enough to hold my very active, very pushy toddler.I installed it onto a metal frame with no problems. Just make sure you have metal screws as wood screws may not be able to penetrate the metal. It’s tall enough to keep my son from escaping through the screen even though he can easily reach above it 🙂 You really can’t even see it if you’re outside looking in at the screen door. I’m quite pleased with the end result!

Myrna Adairsville, GA

had to return as it did not fit as described.

We might have a weird screen door though we are in a newer home. Amazon customer service was wonderful during the return process. We measured inside of screen to edge, and outside of screen to outer edge and both measurements were within 32-36" as described though no matter what angle we used it even the wider, the outer holes would not line up with metal part of screen. So had to return …Was a bummer as seemed like a solid product.

Cecile Montville, CT


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not order this product if you have a 36" door. You WILL be disappointed. It is approx 1/4" – 1/2" too narrow. I am returning to Amazon as we speak. Read the other reviews, you will see others have had the same issue.

Dianne Knotts Island, NC


Perfect to protect the screen from the kids and pets! I recommend installing on the exterior so the animals can’t scratch and the kids can’t push out the screen.

Virginia Hartland, ME