Safety 1st Secure Close Handle Lock

Safety 1st Secure Close Handle Lock

Safety 1st secure close handle lock helps keep children out of cabinets. Adjustable fit. Simple tension release for parents.

Main features

  • Tested for safety and durability
  • Made using high quality materials
  • The most innovative designs and manufacturing processes
  • Adjustable fit
  • Simple tension release for parents
  • Helps keep children out of cabinets

Verified reviews


Five Stars

I have a few different kinds, and these are our favorites.

Brandie De Soto, IL


I gave this product two stars because it does work to keep my daughter out of our cabinet but it is a pain to get the cabinet open when you want to get into it. You have to take the entire contraption off the cabinet to get inside it.

Autumn Luray, TN

another suboptimal solution

The other locks (also Safety 1st) we have open when our 19 mo old employs sufficient force. This one does not, but is more cumbersome to open, as one has to push the button up while pulling the plastic strap to loosen it. I still wonder if it is not possible to construct better products which combine both secure closing and quick access for adults (without installing a lock).

Mellisa Deer Park, WI

They break

These were better than the first kind that I bought, much easier to open and close again and more secure in that the other kind broke right away and my daughter could get in just by pulling hard. However, the "strings" wear down where they rub against the cabinet knobs and over time they eventually snap. These are more baby proof than the cord ones I ended up buying, but I think the other ones will last much longer and I got tired of buying them over and over again as they kept breaking.

Tiffany Sublimity, OR

it’s good BUT

Great but I wish the cords were a little bit longer. It’s not quite long enough for what I needed it for.

Jenna Cornish, ME

The only thing that worked

I have tried every product out there to keep my (very smart) toddler out of the cabinets. This is the only thing that worked. Yes, it is a pain in the behind for me everytime I have to open the cabinet, because it’s definitely not a one-hand operation, but it is worth the extra effort for the safety it provides.

Melissa Ellis, KS