Safety 1st Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock

Safety 1st Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock

Keeps child from opening a deadbolt lock and escaping the home, no adhesives or drilling required – simply install, behind the existing deadbolt hardware, non marring design is easily removed when no, longer needed – no permanent damage to the door, dual action design is simple and intuitive for adults yet deters children, clear plastic panel allows consumer to know at a glance if deadbolt is engaged or not, high impact plastic construction for a long lasting, durable product.

Main features

  • Fits deadbolts less than 2-1/6″ wide that protrude less than 1″ from the door
  • Keeps child from opening a deadbolt lock
  • No adhesives or drilling required
  • No permanent damage to the door

Verified reviews


best one on the market!

We are so happy with these, they are super easy for the adults to use and the toddler can’t twist it. Best childproofing item we have purchased (and we have purchased everything). It was easy to install and even guests (who are not child saftey items literate) can figure it out. We feel SO much safer with these on the doors!

Carly Fort Davis, TX

Finally a good solution for lever door handles with deadbolts

I LOVE that there is no drilling or sticky tape required to secure doors with this option. After going through many lever handle child locks, I gave up and decided to try something else. That is when I founded this. Now, mind you we’ve only used it for about a week, so I can’t speak to its longevity yet, but I don’t care if it means no drilling and tape into my nice doors. The pinching to open and close the deadbolts is not the easiest or most fluid but that is probably for the best so my 2 year old cant do it. Easy to install! Love these, just wish they weren’t so pricey.

Antoinette Cardale, PA


We have a koi pond and a lake that borders our back yard so we wanted to make sure our toddler couldn’t open any of the 4 doors that lead to outside. I am so happy we found these! They fit perfectly on all of our doors (3 of which have some type of window in them) and our toddler can’t even reach them yet, let alone try to open them. I also love that I don’t have to get up and re-set anything when my husband leaves for work, since it is automatically sets itself when he locks the door from the outside. Yes, at times they can be annoying to operate, but they are totally worth the peace of mind.

Tabatha Whiteside, MO


First off, this universal product can’t be expected to fit every deadbolt out there. People giving it poor reviews just because it didn’t fit their particular deadbolt are missing the point of a product review. It should be reviewed based on it’s quality and operation. Slapping one or two stars on a review just because a universal product doesn’t fit your hardware is a little ridiculous.The product looks pretty good and the materials seem a little cheap but I haven’t had an breakage issues with Safety 1st products. One of our deadbolts is a little sticky in it’s operation which in turn makes the operation of this product a little funky because the tendency to put pressure on the door via the product. Our other door doesn’t have this problem and it’s operation is smooth.Make sure the tabs pop back out after you use it and that turn bar or your deadbolt has free motion inside of the unit. Otherwise you can get locked out and/or it will be frustrating to use.Lastly, this thing is VERY wide so it probably won’t work on any door that swings outward because there won’t be enough room between your deadbolt’s center and the door jam. We couldn’t install this on our third door because of that.

Christy Abingdon, IL


I’m not sure did we installed it wrong or this has a bad design, but defiantly not working for us. Is waste of many and time. Too bad we can’t return it.

Laurie Bailey, MI

Kid proof and sometimes adult proof.

Sometimes it gets stuck during a turn. I’ve had to wiggle it a little bit to get the buttons loose.

Lillie Fort Sumner, NM

Easy to install, secure option

This was very easy to install, one female with one screwdriver. The only disappointment we have is that the overall size is too large to be used on our second door — that door has a window & molding too wide that prohibits the device to fit in the space.

Latonya Urbandale, IA

Does the job

My toddler figured out how to operate the deadbolt, so it was time to "proof" it. This thing’s rather bulky, and can be finicky, but it does the job without having to drill holes in the door. If you don’t want to damage the door, this thing can’t be beat for the price.

Jeannine Murrells Inlet, SC

Keeps the toddler in

My toddler learned how to unlock the apartment door- so I needed something fast that I could easily install and uninstall and something that would keep her in.This is perfect for my needs- she can’t figure it out (she is 2) and I feel much better knowing that she can’t sneak out without my knowledge. It was a great price too!

Alfreda Commerce, MO

Finally—a baby-proofing solution for my exterior French doors!

I had new French doors installed in my home, which go from the second floor dining area to the deck. It was very important for me to find a baby-proofing product that would hold up to my two-year-old son. Adhesive products never stood up to the test, and I was hoping to find a way to install something without drilling holes in the new door, if possible.The Safety 1st Secure Mount Deadbolt Lock fit both bills. Not only is it too hard for my toddler to figure out, but it also did not require drilling into the door! The way this is installed is by loosening the existing collar of the deadbolt lock, and a plate slips behind it. You then re-tighten the collar, which holds the baby-proofing lock in place. The Safety 1st lock then attaches securely to the plate. At this point, the deadbolt lock is fully encased. It’s nothing short of genius.If you need a deadbolt lock baby-proofing solution, THIS IS IT!

Susie Roosevelt, NY

Not for us…

Liked the idea…but it didn’t work for our door. 🙁

Mallory Preston, OK

Probably Good

This item looks nice but needs screws that go through your door. It was way too small for my deadbolt, though, so I had to send it back. I don’t know if it would have worked well on a metal door anyway.

Emma Wayside, WV

Did not fit my deadbolt

I like the concept, but this product did not fit over my standard deadbolt. I was bummed and I’m still on the hunt for something to keep my child from unlocking the front door.

Deborah Rollingbay, WA