Safety 1st Side By Side Cabinet Lock, 2-Count

Safety 1st Side By Side Cabinet Lock, 2-Count

The side by side cabinet lock helps keep cabinets off limits to little ones. Securetech locking indicator lets you know that it’s securely locked. Stays on door knobs/handles when open.

Main features

  • Securetech locking indicator lets you know that it’s securely locked
  • Stays on door knobs/handles when open
  • The side by side cabinet lock helps keep cabinets off limits to little ones

Verified reviews


I Couldn’t Open

I feel horrible writing bad reviews but I couldn’t refrain on this one. These are very, very diffult to unlock. The concept is great but I needed additional tools to stick in the green lock area to open up. It took me so long and made me feel like an idiot. There is no way we can put these on any cabinets that we actually need to get into every once in awhile. Love the concept, hate the execution.

Carolyn Redwood, NY

Work great!

These are great. They do exactly what they need to and they are easy to work with. No problems here.

Marlene Lake Butler, FL

Poor Design

These locks are extremely hard to open. That aside, you need to have cabinets with handles way far apart. If the handles are less than 5 inches apart, you can’t even get this thing on the cabinet. I am really disappointed with this purchase. I still have not found great locks for my cabinets…

Karyn Spencerville, IN

works well for keeping her out of the cabinets

theyre simple to use and very sturdy, not the most attractive but theres nothing posh about babyproofing no matter how you do it. My only minor complaint is that when i first got them i thought they went on and you had to cut them off when you were done apparently there is a little lever inside that you can press to loosen it up so be sure to look for it before making the mistake i almost did.

Melinda Walling, TN

Easy to install and use

These work well on our closet door and some cabinets that we preferred not to drill a lock into. It is definitely easier to use for me with my small hand than it is for my husband, but we can both open it without much struggle and my 14-month old hasn’t cracked it yet.

Elizabeth Ione, OR

Stumped a toddler and his dad

The amount of safety product for infants/toddlers I have tried is mind boggling. I use this on my closets that have double doors with regular door knobs and on an armoire. Having to depress a button than use two hands to open definitely has stumped my husband AND TODDLER(20mth). Definitely check the fit, if the straps are too tight it might not close properly making it possible for the child to open, too lose and the loops can be pulled over door knobs or if used on a cabinet the doors can be open enough that a slim arm can reach in. Cheaper on amazon than in stores!

Elnora Washington Mills, NY

Do there job

I am glad I purchased these. Sometimes its a little difficult to open if I have them to tight but other than that they are great

Hester Medway, MA

Best for under the sink!

So fast to open and you get use to it. My toddler can’t open but she knows when it’s open they need to closed. Very sturdy and nice "snap" close!

Jamie Rock River, WY

Great Lock

Bought this to secure a kitchen cabinet and could not be happier. Easy to use and I am sure that by the time our son is strong enough to open the lock we will no longer need to have the cabinet secure. As noted before there is enough play in the lock to allow a small gap but that just became a great thing for our son to bang on in the kitchen. I would caution anyone with a weak grip against purchasing this product.

Wendy Patchogue, NY


These serve the purpose and my three year old grandson cannot release them. He can reach in behind them and grab small items so we have had to reorganize the cupboards somewhat. When you tighten the straps as much as possible they stick out a couple inches from the cabinets and he can still reach in.

Dale Swayzee, IN

Great solution for side by sides

So much nicer than having to drill holes into the inside of your cabinet, and easy to access. Not so easy that your kiddo can figure out, which is perfection.

Betty Deltaville, VA

Annoyingly good

It takes a bit of pressing hard to get these open. Yes, I’m a bit annoyed when I have to do it, but I know it keeps the baby safe.

Helena Palo Verde, AZ

Nice try but not a winner

horrible design. it doesn’t work well. my child can stick his little fingers through the crack and they get pinched. it is not a match for the cabinets we have.

Alana Sedona, AZ

These locks do the job but are hard to operate with one hand

I appreciate how well the Safety 1st side by side cabinet locks work to keep my son out of the cabinets. But, it is very difficult, really nearly impossible for me to open it with one hand, which is often all I have to use.

Joyce Andover, MA

Definitely child proof

I have four of these…some work better than others. Basically you have to push two things simultaneously and they’re both kind of small. It’s surprisingly challenging. I think if you had long fingernails it would be impossible.

Susan Petrey, AL

Breaks easily, frustrating to use.

I was looking for the type of cabinet lock which would protect babies and toddlers from danger but be reasonably easy for adults to open. Not only does this product fail to do either but the plastic straps ( integral for tightening and loosening the locks) crack, stretch, and eventually stop working.Not only that, but putting these on cabinets is time-consuming and when they are opened ( when adults want to get into a cabinet) they don’t lock into place easily. Fail.

Thelma Nordheim, TX

Hard to open

I find that these are hard to open, so most of the time I end up just taking the loop off the knob since we have round knobs and not handles.

Allyson Buckhannon, WV

These work great

These locks work great so far. My daughter is almost 15 months and tries to get it open all the time and still is nowhere close to figuring it out. They do take a few seconds to get open, so I wouldn’t recommend these locks for cabinets that you open many times a day. We put them on our china cabinet only since we don’t get in there often.

Bobbi East Lynne, MO

Works very well

Easy to put them on and easy to remove….Works on two diff types of handles and knobs….better than expected…nice!Nice!

Erika Granada Hills, CA

Very easy to use and does not cause damage to cabinets or furniture.

We bought these cabinet locks when our daughter was 10 months old and started exploring the bathrooms and kitchen. My husband and I really like these child proof locks because they are very easy to install on the cabinets (you just loop over the cabinet knobs) and do not require any screws/holes to attach. We have bought several sets of these child safety locks and have them all over the house including on a few pieces of furniture (entertainment stand, china cabinet, etc) to keep the breakable and dangerous items away from our daughter. We endnig up liking these so much the grandparents bought them to safety proof their houses as well. Great item!!

Tamra Buena, WA

works …. BUT

I received a simliar product (Safety First Cabinet Flex-Lock 2-Pack) from someone…. older version of this I suppose? Went to store to get more and only saw these new ones? And I thought the old ones were hard to open… boy! You really have to press the green button HARD to open. Have to agree w/ other review. Keeps everyone out! If you have long nails, it really challenges you when trying to open. I suppose I don’t want my child defeating the lock, but disappointed that it’s so hard to open. But not much alternative if you don’t want to drill or are worried about misplacing those magnetic keys.

Elinor Bonita, LA

Great product.

Great product and great price. My daughter is 15 month old and she’s been going through the kitchen cabinets ever since she learned how to walk. These locks are very strong and keep all cabinets close. I think my daughter finds the locks more interesting than what’s behind the cabinets now. She plays with them and doesn’t even want to open the doors anymore! Believe it or not, she learned how to lock them but of course, she can’t open them 😉

Tami Bethel, AK

Does the job.

Fulfills its purpose but the mechanism is cumbersome even for an adult to open and close. That is the whole point but still the mechanism is very hard to open.

Caitlin East Andover, ME

Our kids can’t open them so we’re happy

These do the job and while they do make it tougher for us as well, they keep that kids out.

Gail Lynch, KY

Easy to use, right price

I got these to replace a similar cabinet lock that was too difficult to open. These are simpler to operate and keep the cats and my 4 year old out of the sunroom.

Liza Winfield, WV

secures, but almost adult proof too

A very awkward mechanism to unlock. Need to use the cabinet opening as leverage to actually open as there is not enough lee-way to just open freely

Dianna Marvin, SD

Hard to use. Takes lots of strength, and two hands.

I put this on a cabinet with cleaning supplies in it so that my little one can’t access it. It does work. However, my husband and I can’t access it either. It’s very tough to get off, and you have to set down whatever you’re carrying because it requires 2 hands to open. I would definitely recommend a different kind.

Lila Avoca, WI

Great if you have 3 hands

Some friends recommended these and we decided to give it a try to avoid locks that require drilling into cabinets. I like that they are adjustable and can go on a variety of knobs. Unfortunately they don’t operate one handed and it often seems like a third hand is needed to push and pull all of the required ways. Anyone with a small child knows that spare hands are at a premium, making this too tough to use. We are back to the spring loaded locks, which require drilling but can be opened with one hand.

Selina Vida, MT

Locks. Cabinets.

Works as designed. It keeps our 15 month old giant out of our cabinets. At first, it also kept adults out of our cabinets, with its clever locking / unlocking system. Once you get pass the child-proofing, these locks are perfect.I would highly recommend this.

Lena Alanson, MI

These work great for us

We didn’t want to drill anything onto our kitchen cabinets, so we tried a few different types that latch onto the handles. These worked best for us, and we love them. The kids ages 5 and 2 have never managed to get into the cabinets, but they aren’t too hard for an adult that knows how to open them. People who don’t live here can never figure it out, but these aren’t supposed to be too intuitive less an inquisitive child figure it out. The only thing I don’t love is that you really can’t open them with one hand, but for a safety item that is a small price to pay. We’ve had these for 2 years with no problems.

Blanche Prides Crossing, MA