Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock Decor, 2-Count

Safety 1st Side by Side Cabinet Lock Decor, 2-Count

Lock stays on door knobs/handles when cabinet is open, can be used on knobs or handles, securetech visual locking indicator, no drilling required, sleek modern design blends in with home decor.

Main features

  • Can be used on knobs or handles
  • No drilling required
  • Sleek modern design blends in with home decor

Verified reviews



keeps the kids out of important places. occasionally tricky to get it open even as a nimble adult, but i like that it stays attached to the cabinet- the type that is locked loosely around the two handles and then completely removed was too appealing to the toddler who thought it needed to be tossed in the garbage.

Ruthie Laquey, MO

Works great

We recently "babyproofed" our house including using a few of these. They work great, it was super simple to install. It even baffled my husband on how to open it at first. (You simultaneously push a button on the front of one side and a button on the bottom of the other side while pulling them apart.) My little guy (15 months) likes to walk over and pull on the bottom strings hanging down, he thinks it is funny. But there is no way he is getting this lock open, and that’s the whole point!

Kenya San Luis Rey, CA


It is easy to install, and works as intended. But does allow for the doors to open, and is hard to open, you need two hands.

Candy Zionsville, PA

Serves Purpose

The cabinet locks keep my daughter out of the cabinet. Sometimes the adults have a difficult time getting into them. Women with long finger nails have a hard time pressing in the green square on the front.

Effie Alexandria, AL

Great product!

I really like these better than the older ones. They are a little stiff, but once you get everything set they are great! They arrived on time and were packaged nice and easy to open. I would buy them again.

Harriet Kent City, MI

I see they have been recalled, but I’m keeping them

I couldn’t find much to lock cabinets that have the long modern type of handles. These are simple but they work! it takes 2 hands to open a cabinet and the buttons are far too hard for a child to open. My little girl is not the type to sit at the cabinet and try to figure out how to open it. She crawls by, pulls on the handle, the doors don’t open, she fidgets with the lock for a bit, looking at it, hitting it against the wood just checking them out then she moves on to something more fun. The biggest issue is that when the baby pulls on one of the cabinet door handles or both, it opens about an inch and she can get her little hands in the opening and the locks kind of force both doors closed so it can cause quite a big hand pinch. So far this has not happened, but it was our first thought after we put them on. This was why the rubber bands on the 2 handles did not work for us. Just doesn’t hold the doors closed tight enough. So far the kid pretty much ignores the cabinets with the locks on them so we are going to keep them. If she gets interested we might have to come up with something to stop the finger/hand pinching.

Rosalyn Bolingbroke, GA

Does the job.

It’s good and your kids will absolutely no be able to open it… neither will you until you figure it out… Easy to use once you do.

Shelley Jefferson, IA

Works as intended

Good quality and works with just knobs too. Easy for me to open hard for my 1 year and 6 year, pleased.

Claire Gordonville, MO

Works great, but only for pulls that are next to each other

This product only works with two pulls that are next to each other. Easy to install, but will not work on single pulls or knobs of any kind.

Shelia Amarillo, TX

Works the way it is intended

This product is good, it works the way it is intended and keeps our child from being able to get into the kitchen cabinets.

Lilly Evergreen, VA

They work

They are a little hard to open, but that’s why we like them. The doors can pull apart a little with these installed so there is still a little concern for smashed fingers, but it’s nice that we didn’t have to screw anything into the wood. She plays with them all the time, but can’t open them. The dark color looks WAY better on our dark cabinets than the white (we have some of both).

Paulette Naples, FL

Great Product

Keeps my 2 year old out of everything and that is a blessing all in itself < im a happy mommy !

Harriet Chamisal, NM

Great toy as well!

These are great!!! If we forget to close them, my toddler has fun clicking them back together. So it’s also a good distraction from opening the cabinet doors.

Leanna Charmco, WV

Love them so much I bought more!

I bought these to use on a couple pantry doors in our kitchen. They are easy to install and are difficult enough to open that our daughter hasn’t figured it out but we can get them open easy enough. I like them so much that when a different style lock broke I purchased another 2 pack of these to replace it. They work great for us!

Elinor Arnett, WV

A little breaking in required

I liked this drawer lock once it got opened a few times. It took about a week before the opening mechanism became smooth and easy (not easy for a baby to open it!).

Freida Tracy, IA

works great, bit hard to open, but that means my toddler cant

i bought these locks recently because i like that they stayon and dont get lost, they work well. i use them for all over, al kinds cabinets, very happy

Jannie Morganville, KS

good one

excellent child proof for my furniture and agains my curious child that like to open everything, so far so good. if I have more handle cabinets this kind i would probably buy more of this locks.

Eula Devol, OK


I was unable to unlock these – would have prevented everyone in our house from getting into cabinets! I sent them back.

Antionette Nettie, WV

Not great but better than other child proof products.

There are so few options for securing drawers and cabinets from toddlers. These straps are a pain because they are actually hard for me to get in and out of. They replaced a product that was absolutely worthless, which is why I must give them 3 stars.

Elizabeth East Spencer, NC