Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail

The Safety 1st Simple Step Diaper Pail is an easy to use, hands free disposal, diapering disposal system. It is small and lightweight, making it a great option for on the go and allowing it to be easily moved when needed in your home. The Simple Step hands free foot pedal opens the lid which can then be snapped back into place after disposal. The Simple Step is especially convenient and unique because unlike other diaper pails, it does not require a special bag, any standard plastic bag will do. The Simple Step diaper pail also has a convenient built in deodorizer to keep the nursery and pail fresh and clean. The pail fits all nursery decor and measures 16″ high x 13.5″ wide x 10.5″ deep.

Main features

  • Helps keep unpleasant diaper odors from leaving the pail
  • Built in deodorizer compartment
  • Locks in a closed position so children won’t open the pail
  • Uses standard plastic bags
  • Easy one hand use

Verified reviews


Does nothing for odors

I bought this diaper because of the good reviews however I found that it does nothing to keep out odors. I am going to purchase the odor disks I just saw on amazon. Hopefully this will help. My son’s room is very small and once I open the diaper pail his whole room begins to smell and its not like the pail is filled with dirty diapers when this occurs. I would only have 2-3 diapers in there when it begins to smell. I wish I had gone with a more expensive diaper pail because I can’t take the odor. I hope this helps.

Ruthie West Decatur, PA

small okay diaper pail

This is a very small diaper pail and while I haven’t used it yet (bought it for the arrival of my 2nd child and didn’t want to end up with 2 giant diaper pails – figured this could be converted into a cat litter trash can afterward), it seems like there are no mechanisms for keeping the “scent” in. We’ll see though…It does not have a blue lid as others have described and is all a white/grey monotone color. Have the diaper champ for my older son which I have found to be a very functional diaper pail – large, keeps smell down as much as possible, etc.

Pamela Moberly, MO

good for first year, now is stinky

This worked great for the first year and was well worth the price. However, we only ever threw pee diapers in it and took poop diapers outside. Now after a year, it’s starting to get stinky with only pee diapers. It’s also been hot here, which seems to contribute. I’ve had friends say that they’re fancier, more expensive diaper pails also get stinky after a year or so.

Lauren Pennsboro, WV

Functional and inexpensive

I have three of these diaper pails, one for my house and I leave one at each Grandma & Grandpa’s. They are inexpensive, and work great. It’s a simple design with a step that opens the lid, and it uses regular garbage bags. The lid has a compartment for a deodorizer.I use medium Force Flex bags in this pail, with an Arm & Hammer Nursery Freshener in the lid. It’s emptied every night, sprayed down with Lysol and left it to air-dry overnight before putting in a new bag. I don’t find it smelly, but it gets daily maintenance so it doesn’t become a problem.

Katherine Turtle Lake, ND

Perfect For Cat Litter!

I purchased this after reading reviews that recommended it for disposing of cat litter. My hubby scoops the litter twice a day and usually just puts it in a plastic bag that he leaves in the closet, but it was really stinky and so he ended up having to throw out the litter every single day. This is not only aggravating, but uses up a lot of plastic bags, which we are not too happy about since we are trying to be environmentally friendly.This pail is ideal for the litter. I do agree with others that when you step on the foot pedal it does not open completely. I am also not sure if there is a specific deodorizing product to be used in the built in deodorizer compartment, but it appears that others are just using anything that works well for them.I use the diaper pail bags from Babies ‘R Us (their brand) in this pail and they work/fit great. I also HIGHLY recommend these deodorizers:Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners, 5 Pack

Billie Avoca, MI

Would buy again

As other reviewers noted, this pail is a little large for a standard plastic grocery bag. However, with some care one can be fitted to the opening.I have observed the issue mentioned in other reviews regarding incomplete opening of the pail lid. I was able to resolve this by repositioning the bag so that the bag does not rest on top of the lever arm. Also, if the pail comes into contact with something behind it (eg a wall) the lid will not open completely. Since the pail is light, it tends to slide backwards until it does come into contact with something. The solution to this problem is to make sure it isn’t shoved up against anything.This pail successfully contains the dirty diaper odors even without an air freshener tablet.I would recommend this item to someone looking for a small and inexpensive diaper pail. Its few operational quirks can be readily avoided as described above, and for me they certainly don’t obviate its usefulness.

Abby Hazel Green, AL

Perfect for cloth or disposable diapers.

I have two of these, one for disposable and one for cloth. They are great and the airfresh tablets that fit in the lid really do work. But, the reason they are so great is that they are not too large. Especially useful for cloth since you are only supposed to wash around 12 at a time and if I wait too long, I run out of clean cloth diaper. When the pail is full, it only holds 15 at the most, I end up washing the recommended number of diapers and I also don’t run out of clean ones!

Mollie Bakers Summit, PA

I hate this diaper pail.

I use pocket diapers (FuzziBunz brand). I needed a diaper pail with a foot lever and a place to put deodorizing disks. I bought this one because of the brand. Six months later, I still hate it as much as I did the first week.It’s too small. With two days’ worth of diapers in it, the lid won’t close.Which is ironic, really, as the foot lever mechanism is so ineffective, the lid barely opens when I want it to. This means every time I have a dirty diaper, I step on that lever, the lid opens about 2-3 inches, and I then try to maneuver the dirty diaper into the pail without hitting any of the dirty diaper surfaces against the outside of the pail. Which is nearly impossible to do. So a long time ago, I just started lifting the lid up with my fingers, which creates a couple of other issues: that I then either have only one hand to remove the pocket insert from the diaper, or I have to first do that and then lift up the lid with a hand that’s just touched the dirty diaper – which defeats the purpose of manually lifting the lid, to avoid getting the outside of the pail dirty.A diaper pail is really a pretty simple concept: it needs to be big enough to hold 2 or 3 days’ worth of diapers; it needs to open up without the use of hands; and it needs to accommodate some form of deodorizing system. This can does hold scented disks (sold separately) in the lid, so it gets two stars for that. Otherwise — this is the worse flippin’ diaper pail on the market, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why a brand as reputable as Safety First would even bother producing it.

Aurora Mountain Dale, NY

Perfect for us!

I’m not a fan of diaper genies, I just wanted a simple step can that I could use a deodorizer in. I didn’t want anything too huge or complicated. It’s perfect for our nursery and I use it with munchkin arm & hammer deodorizers. I can also use almost any size bag I want, even Target and grocery bags fit. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Eula South Gate, CA


Does what it’s supposed to! Seven years ago i bought a Diaper Genie (or something like that) and i could still smell the diapers when i walked by it. So when i had my second (and third:TWINS!) i didn’t want to waste the money. I wasn’t convinced they had improved their technology yet. So i bought this cheap thing. and it works GREAT! I have it in my room near my bed (babies sleep with me) and i NEVER have smelled anything!This worked better than expected. Very Pleased!

Erin Pineville, WV

Using it for cloth diapering because they STINK

I bought this months ago, and never rated it. 5*’s all the way.It holds in the smell which is why I love it. Even the nasty nose-hair-singe-ing ammonia smell of baby boy urine. blech. When laundry day rolls around I just take the entire top off and upend it straight into the washing machine. And yes, I DO hold my breath. Because baby poo smells about as bad as normal human-sized poo. It’ll hold about 15 each of prefolds and covers loosely before you have to start stuffing them in. Sooo about 2-3 days worth, depending. I’ve gotten away with 5 before.Wouldn’t recommend for anything else really. Bags don’t really fit in it because of the shape. It’s barely too big for a target grocery bag, and just too small for those ‘bathroom’ sized trash bags on a roll. But it works great for me!!

Eunice Absarokee, MT

Not good for cloth diapers

I purchased this pail for cloth diaper storage, but I found out after two days of usage that it is not good for it because this pail can hold only 4-5 wet cloth diapers, which not even one day’s worth of diaper supply. I think it would hardly hold one day worth of disposable diaper supply for disposable diaper user, which is only good if you want to dispose diapers everyday. Overall, I think this diaper pail is too small and only good as a secondary pail to use somewhere else in the house other than nursery.

Hester Cascilla, MS

Lid broke after 8 months of use, too small for cloth diapers

This diaper pail is too small for parents who cloth diaper. Also, putting it over a reusable liner is hard because it is very difficult to get the lid to snap shut. I feel like I’m constantly finagling with it to get it to close. Also, the place where you snap in the air fresheners are difficult to use. We eventually just gave up. All of that was fine, but now, after just 8 months of use, the lid broke. The two little nubs that lock it in place just gave out. One snapped off completely, and the other is about to give. All in all, it’s just not worth the money. We weren’t particularly rough on the pail, and it should last at least the diapering life of one child.

Rochelle Fort Lauderdale, FL

decent trash can

This is basically a regular mini trash can with a pop up lid. My advice is to put poopy diapers in those scented bags and then in the trash can to avoid smells. Just picture diapers in a can with a pop up lid – that’s how well the smealls stay out. There is no real ‘seal’ on the lid other than the rubber-type top that goes up and down. The pedal is very tiny and I’m not too sure a man’t foot can push it down easily, especially if he is wearing a shoe. I like my trash can but wish I got a larger one because this gets filled pretty quick. You can put standard trash bags in this.

Adrian Toledo, OH

A little small but works great!

Well I originally purchased this on a military base. We had used disposables at first and it held a lot of disposables. Disposables we would put the wipe inside and fold up the diaper as small as it would go. It ended up saving a lot of space. Now we have been doing cloth diapers once my daughter was able to fit. I really love the foot pedal making it much easier at diaper changes. The lid has a spot for a deodorant disc but it does NOT come with one or charcoal filters. I put a Scentsy pac in it and it works fine when I open the lid. But before I had there was no smell, the lid sealed tight enough to contain the odor within. I wish the hole in the lid was slightly larger for the cloth diapers. Also it doesn’t nearly hold as much as it would for disposables. It will only hold about 15 cloth pocket diapers max. Even less for the bulkier kinds. I am finding myself having to wash everyday and lately that has been becoming harder to do. I am now looking for a bigger pail with a foot pedal. I did love this little pail but it’s just not meeting my needs anymore.

Rosemarie Malden, MO

Works good!

I already had one I used a few years back for my first child but now use in my laundry room as a trash can. I use this one for cloth diapering. My pail liner fits in it just fine. Serves it’s’ purpose.

Kimberly Kipnuk, AK

simple and easy

We bought this two years ago after we had my son, and have enjoyed using it. It’s small enough to fit out-of-sight in the baby’s room but big enough to hold quite a few diapers (so you’re not taking the trash out constantly). I like that I can use standard garbage bags. The area in the lid is the perfect size for a Munchkin Arm and Hammer Freshener. No smell leaks out when it’s closed and I like the foot pedal so I never have to touch it and I can throw diapers away while carrying a baby/blankets, etc. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Jaclyn Galien, MI

Good pail, but…

We purchased this diaper pail simply because we didn’t want to spend the money for the fancy Diaper Genies/Champs out there. The size is perfect for disposable diapers where we take the bag out every day or every other day. Target shopping bags fit perfectly in this pail. The lid keeps odors in check, but I will review again once my son starts eating solid foods.They lose a star because there I can’t find an air freshener on the market that will fit into that little compartment in the lid. The only thing that fit was a small sachet of lavender that I made. It’s annoying, but doesn’t make me regret buying the pail.

Terry Brooklet, GA

Ok product

The lid is a little fussy once you get the liner in. You have to dink around with it to get it lined up just right. Otherwise, it does it’s job.

Casandra Still River, MA

Good pail for the price

Glad we got this! We put a water proof reusable bag inside and carry diapers to the laundry room every night. (We use it for cloth diapers).

Gussie Livingston, LA

Just the right size

We have two in cloth diapers at the moment. One is wearing mediums, the other smalls, both Bummis. Because of the layout of our bathroom space is not something we have the luxury of. We have one diaper pail, this one. It is enough space for a days worth of diapers, which is all we need.Even before we had our daughter, I washed my son’s diapers daily. One load a day takes care of both babies needs, and I don’t have a ton of diapers hanging out.For the way that we use this pail it works out very well. I do not even need to use the scent basket at all. Plus we use an Army Issue Laundry Bag, so once I dump the diapers into the washer it goes in also. Less waste/garbage and no stink.

Amalia Winona, OH

Lid doesn’t open very far

This pail would have 5 stars if the lid would open a full 90 degrees when stepping on the foot pedal. It holds odors in great, in part to the seal we get using the Planet Wise Liner, the top is very tight on the can. Be aware though, that if you are using a reusable liner, the mechanism for the foot pedal/opening the lid does not operate that great. I had to jimmy-rig the liner (with tape) out of the way of the metal bar that pushes the lid open so that it can still function properly. Eventually, I will sew a button hole in the liner for the metal rod to come through. This pail was (obviously) not intended to be used with such a heavy-duty liner.

Karen Enigma, GA


This is a perfect diaper pail. I didn’t want something that I had to buy refills or anything special for. This one is a great size for using old plastic shopping bags in. They are a little small, but that just gets me to empty it more frequently. I also did like another user suggested and put a couple dryer sheets in the top and that works really well to add a pleasent smell. This will be easy to use elsewhere in the house once the baby is out of diapers. Good for thrify moms who want flexibility in a diaper pail.

Queen Archer, IA

Got for grandson’s visits

For a visiting grandson this worked out okay and served the purpose. We found the peddle to work fine for lifting up the top. If you want something for all the time, perhaps you would want to invest in something a little more upscale. But if you don’t want to spend a lot, this will work fine, and I DID find that the plastic grocery bags do fit inside it pretty well as waterproof liners. I did not buy a deoderent and with the lid down no odor seemed detectable, but did smell the dirty diapers when lid was lifted.

Eve Bromide, OK

Okay for the job, but foot pedal is the issue here

I agree with another reviewer that the foot pedal doesn’t lift the lid up very well and if you don’t snap the lid back on correctly (or put it back on backwards) of course it won’t work. The foot pedal is also really tucked into the bin so you can’t step on it if you’re wearing chunky slippers like I do in the cold weather. It’s a very basic bin and I use a plastic trash liner I got in bulk […]. Right now I am using disposable diapers and I can’t smell anything around the bin unless I open it.

Rosemarie Graff, MO

Awesome product

I highly recommend this’s gets the job done…no can literally use the shopping bags as pail liners…

Nell Spring Glen, PA

No smells

I was a new mom when I purchased this. I did not want the hype or priceyness of the overrated diaper pails. So I tried this. Very good choice for such a cheap price. I buy a roll of pink dollar store 13 gallon trash bags (i think 50 come in a roll) and it fits just right in this pail. I have had this since my daughter was a newborn. 18 months later and I am still using it. It hold the smells inside the pail. You would never know a diaper pail was in the room and this is even the case on regular food poopy diapers. Save your money and get this. You won’t be disappointed.

Alyce Northern Cambria, PA

Still using at 2 yrs old

This pail is great bc you don’t have to buy expensive refills… I just save and re-use plastic bags. Now that my son is older we do have to empty it more often of course and when you open it to throw one away you do get a nasty whiff bc I feel the poo/pee smells are in the plastic now. BUT it does keep the smells contained as long as the lid is shut. I also put baking soda in the bottom to help absorb odors.

Joan Morganville, NJ

Good little trash can

Overall, this is nearly perfect for what I wanted it for – cat litter. It is small, which is perfectly fine for dirty litter from one cat. I wouldn’t have wanted it any bigger. I don’t smell anything coming from it, but then we finally found a litter that doesn’t smell either, so it’s hard to say. I have a two-year-old also, so we have another diaper pail that’s actually used for diapers. I don’t think I’d trade it for this for that purpose. This is pretty small, we can fit about a weeks worth of dirty disposables in our diaper pail, and I doubt this would fit more than a couple days worth. Nor does it have the extra flap that so many diaper pails do have to help with keeping smell in and kids out. On the other hand, for the price, it’s awesome. We paid a LOT more for our diaper pail than this.It does fit standard grocery store bags, but they have to be smashed between the pail and lid to stay put. Not a big deal. Although small hooks on the sides to hold the bag would be a nice convenience. I took off a star for two reasons. The pail is plastic, which slides very nicely on hard floors. Not exactly a feature. It’s an easy fix to buy little rubber stick-on feet for it, but it would have been nice if it came with them. Second, the space for the foot pedal is small. If I’m barefoot it’s fine, but if I have a pair of shoes on it’s hard to get my foot in there to step on it. That said, for the purpose and price, I’d buy it again.

Karina Mountain View, MO

Glorified trash bin.

This is ok if your child’s diapers don’t stink (yeah right!).We had high hopes for this after our Arm & Hammer/Munchkin diaper pail broke. It has a compartment in the lid for a deodorizer but it does absolutely nothing. We ended up putting the bin outside on the balcony and taking soiled diapers out there. When it was in our son’s bedroom the stench was horrendous.

Elsa Nocona, TX