Safety 1st Sit Booster Seat, Green

Safety 1st Sit Booster Seat, Green

Easy wipe, one piece design, dishwasher safe, including straps, 3 point harness, chair straps for non slip security.

Main features

  • Easy wipe, one piece design
  • Dishwasher safe, including straps
  • 3 point harness
  • Chair straps for non slip security

Verified reviews


Great seat, but it ruined our wood chair.

This seat is pretty much great overall. It’s cheap, it’s sturdy, and it is super easy to clean. I have to give it two stars, though, because it absolutely ruined the wooden dining chair we had it strapped to. The seat has no rubber guard on the bottom, so it has been scraping, scraping, scraping away at the chair since my son has been using it. Now we have a circle of raw, light brown wood on the chair seat. At such a cheap price, I thought this booster seat was too good to be true, and I guess it was.

Jewel Shinhopple, NY


I see peoples point about the sliding buckles, but for our 1.5yr old it is perfect. Sure, she has her moments where she’s quite a wiggle worm at the table…what child isn’t? But we haven’t had too much of a problem, we just make sure that she’s sitting still. It’s the right size, fits on our puffy leather kitchen chair (which no other booster has fit securely), and while it’s not a girly color it will work in the future for our other kids.

Stephanie Norway, ME

easy to install and to buckle (not easy enough for my 2yo to unbuckle)

It was very inexpensive when I bought it (around $15 on sale).It is only a plastic shell, read: no padding at all. I was looking for something like the bumbo material. The booster manufactured by Bumbo was not in the same price range.However, it is easy to buckle and unbuckle (the buckles kind of "jump" out when you press so it’s fast). The depth is very nice (I assume a way to cut the price could have been to make it smaller but Safety 1st did not do that). My tod rests well seated. She sometimes slides but I think it is rather due to her own doing than to the booster.I might sew a padded thing one day… But one day!

Tina Opal, SD

Simple design works great.

Got this for less than 15, which was convenient and comparable to the big-store prices.Easy to clean and use. We needed to use a worn out old wood chair, because this booster has no padding so it will leave scratches unless you put a towel under it.

Georgia Lake Mills, WI

Perfect little seat for my kids.

My toddlers are 3 and and 2 and they needed just a simple seat for the table to eat. This works perfect.

Elnora Loma, CO

Great Booster seat!

Bought for my son and it is so safe with the strap around the back and bottom of the chair. He climbs right into it and loves sitting at the dinner table like a big boy. It is very sturdy and you can put it in the dishwasher!! Not that I think I would have to because it wipes clean pretty easily. Very good especially for the price. Would definitely recommend this to other parents and will be buying another one for our other toddler.

Henrietta Pendleton, SC

Works for my toddler!

He just needed a boost to the table and this did the trick for half the cost of other booster seats. 🙂

Iva Centerport, NY

Great purchase

This was so reasonably priced and it’s all that’s really needed for a booster seat at the dining room table after a child is too old to be in their high chair. It easily strapped to the wooden chairs that we had at the table and it a great height for a 18+ month old.

Janie Summit, MS

Good product

Wipes off easily. Easy to hook and unhook, although my son could not figure it out. Easy assembly of straps. Fits my kitchen chair well.

Marcy Waccabuc, NY

Great Next Step From High Chair

Once your child is too big for high chairs, this is a great next step. It’s lightweight and portable, which is great for visiting relatives. The straps come out so you can wash them and the base wipes down easily. There’s rubber feet on the bottom of the base to keep it from sliding as well.

Brigitte Beaver Creek, MN


works great for my 2 year old son to keep him seated. Just the right height for the table and easy to clean

Adrian Greenville, SC

Good value booster

I saw a booster in buy buy baby for $50 – I have no clue why anyone would pay that when they can buy this one. My son had started standing up in his high chair when he was "all done" (a hand-me-down chair that had straps removed) so we needed a booster for him to get in and out as he pleases. Our straps stay put, it makes him the perfect height to sit at the table. We paired it with a couple plastic place mats and it works for him. He’s 18 months and tall for his age, but over all was just plain ready for a booster. I’m happy we made the switch. Best part, at this price I was able to buy two, one for our house and one for grandma and grandpa’s house!

Emilia North Waterboro, ME