Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper

Safety 1st sleepy baby nail clipper, our sleep baby nail clippers illuminate tiny nails for tear-free clipping so you can confidently and accurately clip without waking your baby. Emery board slot for steady filing. Non-replaceable battery included. Built-in LED light. Curved cutting edges.

Main features

  • Curved cutting edges
  • Built-in light at tip of nail clippers
  • Long lasting battery
  • Large ergonomic soft touch handle
  • Includes emery board slot and emery board

Verified reviews


Seem useable

I haven’t used it yet as we are still waiting for baby’s arrival. But it looks easy to use and arrived quickly.

Lucile Liberal, MO

Hard to use!!

Thesr clippers stink! The plastic on both sided of the clippers gets in the way! Light or not, you cant see what your clipping! Worst baby product we purchased!

Juliana Mount Ulla, NC

In theory you would think these were good but…

I have nipped the tips of my daughters fingers so many times with these clippers – they’re awful!!You simply can’t see what you’re clipping on their tiny finger tips because of the rubber edge guards and the light.I do not recommend – just use a gentle nail file and save you and your infant some grief.

Barbara Lyons, WI

Not bad nail clipper

I bought a Safety 1st grooming kit from Baby’s r Us. This nail clipper is different and it took a couple of uses before we could get used to it. The one from the grooming kit was orange. This one was is green.

Bobby Randolph, VA


So I have 4 boys and never thought I would use this but boy they make it so much easier to see what I’m doing when I’m trying to clip my 2 yr. old and my 8 month olds finger nails while they wont stay still haha. But yes they are great clippers!!!!

Bernadine North San Juan, CA

prefered Babyrus brand

I purchased the baby manicure set of babyrus brand from toysrus for 2.99. I am highly satisfied after using that and was happy to see the set had one nail clipper,one nail scissor and 4 nail filer.

Doreen Casco, MI

Seems like a good idea….

I was so excited to buy these clippers because of the light. Well the light caused all the problems. I can’t use these clippers because I’m afraid I’m going to cut my baby’s finger off! I can’t see anything I’m clipping because of the light. The light casing blocks all views of those tiny fingernails and fingers.

Helga Napa, CA

Don’t bother with any other! Get the ones with the light!!!

I got the one with the magnifier as a shower gift….oh man…. Never used the magnifying part and there was never enough light when I had the opportunity to clip some sleepy baby nails.Now? I can clip away. And the light acts as a distraction! Bonus!!! I clip much more confidently! Wish I had them from the start!

Leanna Hemet, CA

Even with the light it is easy to cut babies

This isn’t our first trip around the baby block, and we’ve been cutting baby finger nails for a while. We bought these for our most recent baby. While trying to be really careful, my wife still cut our baby’s skin with these clippers. I recommend the scissor type for babies until their nails harden from crawling.

Frankie Seabeck, WA

The nail file was just like, whatever

The light on the nail cutter is key! I never nicked a little baby finger with these. The nail file was just like, whatever, but at a year we still use these.

Lorrie Marceline, MO

Gets the job done

These clippers work well. The light is handy; my son loves it and wants to eat it all the time. There are times the cut doesn’t seem sharp enough, and we have knicked him once each (mom and dad) so it’s obviously not perfect, but overall it gets the job done and we can’t complain.

Lacey Dunnville, KY

same as regular clipper

The light didn’t make a big change for me. I still need day light to cut baby’s nails properly .

Elba Magnolia, MS

Easy to use

Despite not quite understanding why you’d need an LED on the end of the nail-clipper if you were cutting your babies nails during the day time, I still bought it.This does a lot more than clearly illuminate the nail. It illuminates the the blade and the skin right through with almost a transparent effect making it absolutely impossible to mistakenly make a wrong clip…It’s actually also quite useful if you prefer waiting until your baby is asleep at night to cut their nails.This was one of those products I bought before my son was born and I had little concept on how you could possibly make a mistake cutting their nails… don’t be mistaken, it can happen. My sister’s husband has made this mistake once and it wasn’t a pretty sight from what I hear. I’ve of course since sent them this product, but her husband still isn’t allowed to do the cutting anymore.

Lynn Elba, NY


I always used this clipper with my 1st child. It is amazing how helpful the light is. The first one last about 3 years and that’s because I dropped it several times, a looot of times! I bought this one again because I really love it!

Lela Four Oaks, NC

it does the job! recommended

I used this clipper on my baby while asleep and it works find. The side lights are ok, they do get a little in the way when you’re cutting corners

Glenna Iron Mountain, MI

Great little item for baby clipping

I had read that as parents we aren’t supposed to clip baby nails until they are one year old or something. We are just supposed to file them. Well, filing my little girl’s nails took way too long so I searched for a safe, easy nail clipper. This is what I hit upon and it has definitely worked for us. I use this sucker all the time with my baby and she’s now 8 months old. I’ve been using this since she was about three weeks old. With the light on it, you can also clip when the baby is asleep–although that never really worked for me since it would immediately awaken her. I do like the light anyway because it gives me a great view of the nail area before I clip it. I recommend.

Nell Wyalusing, PA

Easier to use

This product is easier to use than a lot of smaller size baby nail clippers because it is made to fit an adult hand! The bright color make it easier to find inside diaper bag too.Item was delivered on time from shipperAs most expert mothers know, the easiest time to clip baby nails is when baby is asleep. This item makes baby nail clipping struggle freeI recommend this product and merchant

Claudine Waterville, NY

The light is so helpful! Who would have thought?

We love this clipper. It gives me confidence that I’m not going to cut the nails too close, and the light is incredibly helpful. Even during the daytime it’s hard to see his fingernails. (I do it while he’s awake.) It’s a bit harder to use on his toenails, but that might not be true for every baby.

Beryl Sulphur Bluff, TX

not as good as the simpler version

Safety First used to make a simpler clipper without the LED lights. This has only one advantage over the earlier model: if you’re trying to clip babies nails in very low light, then it’s great for illuminating your work. Otherwise, this is greatly inferior. The clipper part is both too wide and too thick, which makes it hard to use on even toddler nails let alone tiny baby nails.The only other upside(?) is that the lights fascinate my toddler and he’s constantly trying to get it away from me to turn the LEDs on and off.ETA: After a year, I have to give the Safety First people a little more credit. While this model is harder to use because of the large sides, those sides have an invaluable feature: they block those little nail clippings from flying out left and right and potentially going into either baby or parent eyeballs! Plus the LED light is very useful when clipping baby’s nails while she’s asleep and therefore compliant.

Marquita Mexia, TX

Baby Nail Clipper

In my opinion the best thing that was done to the nail-clippers when it comes to baby nails. This one applies direct LED light to the nail. It makes it very easy to see those fine little nails and the opening on the clipper is just wide enough, so there’s less chance of injury (unlike using adult clippers for babies). We love this nail clipper very much

Angela Pioche, NV


The stupid light comes on and off! And this thing cut my babies thumb! So hard to use and I threw the stupid thing away.

Jerry Phoenix, NY

Stable grip!

I received a set of these clippers (and several others) at my baby shower. These are by far the best and easiest to use (though mine doesn’t have nor need a light).The clippers are sized to be easy to hold steady. The orange stripe in the photo is ridged for a better grip. Baby clippers are narrower than adult clippers, naturally, so having a good grip is critical.

Susan Eagle Lake, TX

Easiest Clippers to Use

I tried a few different clippers before I landed on these. This is my second pair because we misplaced our first pair, but I would not have bought a different pair. The light is very convenient

Jasmine Pleasant Hope, MO


These are great – whether baby is asleep or awake! I tried another pair of baby nail scissors/clippers first and they wouldn’t even cut baby’s nails! These are definitely sharp, so be careful when you cut, but the light is great and the size is just right for tiny fingers!

Henrietta Clinton, KY

must have

Great tool for squirmy hands. The light is exactly where it should be, I feel more comfortable trimmingmy baby’s finger and toe nails, works well on my fingers too.

Annmarie Belford, NJ


I thought this clipper was kind of gimmick-y, but honestly it’s been pretty useful. Glad I ended up buying it.

Krista Cocolamus, PA

Great product.

I totally recomend to any one hands down a great product. It was perfect to use for my baby. Great.

Miranda Teton, ID

Too big and bulky; LED light does not make up for clippers blocking other, ambient light

Sigh. Why did I waste my money?These are too big and bulky – you can’t easily see or "feel" what you’re clipping, so you better just hope that they’re going into baby’s fingernail and not his flesh. The LED light is not bright enough to make up for the bulk of the clipper obscuring the other ambient light. Better to have something small that doesn’t block what you’re doing and sit by the window or under a reading lamp.Somebody gave us a cheap little manicure set containing a cheap little pair of clippers. Those suckers are awesome and are worth ten of these at what was probably a tenth of the price.

Stacie Brandon, SD

The most terrible amazon nuying experience

The light is too strong that you cannot reach the nail effectively. It is very clumsy and difficult to handle. Go ahead and buy without light. Regular nail clippers are much better than this piece of crap..

Casey Bethel, MN

Can’t really see the baby’s nails

Eh. I could live without this. I use regular nail clippers. The light is cool on this, but you can’t see what you’re doing because there is too much plastic stuff happening around the actual clipper.

Christy Hawkeye, IA