Safety 1st Soft Spout Cover

Safety 1st Soft Spout Cover

Playsafe Softest Faucet Spout Cover, Themed Design, Inflatable, Adjustable, Drain Holes, Removable & Reusable,

Main features

  • Inflatable
  • Adjustable
  • Drain hooldes
  • Removable and reusable
  • Adorable themed design

Verified reviews


Pointless, baby can pull off themselves

Really easy to pull this off because if you inflate it too much before putting it on the tap you won’t get it on. Baby pulls it off so makes it pointless.

Felecia Kenedy, TX

Cute, did the job, but didn’t last

Pros:InexpensiveEasy to inflateEasy to installWorks with a shower diverter knob on the end of the spoutCuteCons:Didn’t last. Ours deflated after a few months and will not stay inflated longer than a day now.UPDATE:If I could, I’d probably raise this to 3, maybe even 4, stars.Why? As I state in the title, it’s cute and does the job. It’s also inexpensive. When ours died, I looked around for something different. Something that fit the spout well (like this one does), that stays clean inside (like this one), that works with a shower diverter knob (like this one does)… I didn’t find anything decent under $16 and even that one was a gamble about fit. In the end, I bought another one of these. At the price, I can buy another if this one pops too. In the meantime, it has everything I am looking for.

Abbie Bamberg, SC

It works

I didnt want something that my baby would want to grab at, I thought this would be pretty plain and work and it does.

Katy Pinecrest, CA

Does its job and looks cute in the process

This is very cute, it fits our faucet snugly, is not difficult to blow up at all, and so overall I’m very pleased. I don’t know how it compares to the non-blow-up types of covers because I have never used those, but because this is air-filled, it is very soft and protects my son’s head well. I would recommend it!

Marietta Sturgis, SD

soft. cheap. does the job.

soft. cheap. does the job. exactly what I expected. has a perforated area in case you have one of things that lift up on top of your faucet.

Shelly Sayre, AL

Good item

Good little item. My daughter first played around with it as a toy and it does protect her from bumping her head in the tub. For a few bucks I can’t complain. I has held all the air so far too, so I would really give it a 4.5 if that option was available.

Delores Audubon, IA

Great Spout Cover

I bought this spout cover when my daughter was born, it just got a hole in it and would not keep the air, please note, my daughter is 4! For the price, this item lasted a long time. It fit my bathtub spout (which has a knob to pull up for the shower) perfectly and never grew mold. It is very soft and cushy and my daughter has bumped herself on it before and was perfectly fine. It is a great item, just note that the picture is of a froggy design, but I got an ocean design instead. It doesn’t match my bathroom motif, but makes the spout safe.

Eliza Clackamas, OR

Perfect for traveling!

I can’t speak to this product based on daily usage, but we have been using it for when we travel to grandparents houses or go on vacation. It packs easily and is quite small. Because it inflates, it has been able to accommodate any spout we’ve encountered.

Tracey Stantonsburg, NC

Serves its purpose

This cover fits well over our spout and provides added protection against your child from having a dangerous encounter with the metal spout in the event of a slip or fall.

John Orient, ME