Safety 1st Soothing Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Safety 1st Soothing Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

The ultrasonic 360 degree humidifier by Safety 1st brings moisture rich air to the nursery or any room of the house you choose. With variable mist control and 2 fully rotating outlets, it’s easy to adjust the moisture to the level you prefer.

Main features

  • Gently soothes baby with moisture rich air
  • Quiet operation
  • Two 360 degree mist outlets
  • Easy-fill tank for 12 hours of nursery coverage
  • Auto shut-off

Verified reviews


Breathe Easy

I have been looking for a filterless humidifier for the past couple years. I had a humidifier that I liked but it used these strange accordion paper filters. It only took a couple of months for the filter to get moldy or have lots of water deposits. It was pretty disgusting and I kept having to buy refills. That added up quickly. A friend at work brought her humidifier in and said she loved it. So I decided to invest in this one. I am really impressed. I took it out of the box and filled up the reservoir very quickly and had it on the machine running in less than 2 minutes. The other bonus is that the unit is ultra quiet.It makes a little bit of noise which is nice for the white noise but it isn’t obnoxious or distracting. I love that you have a lot of options for the mist output. It isn’t just 2 or 3 levels. There is a lot of variation. My favorite unique feature is that it has two mist outlets so you can have the air go in two directions (I am not really sure how important this is but it is a nifty feature). When you open the box the two misters are stacked but you can move them whatever direction you want. Finally, and most importantly I like that it is filterless. This saves a lot of money for me and I am just tired of gross filters. I am a big fan of this humidifier and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good humidifier. It is marketed as a baby room humidifier but I would just buy it the blue one and use it in every room of your house.Update: For some reason the motor has started being loud when I turn it on. If it tap it, the noise goes down. I will keep you updated. 2/24 the noise is no longer an issue. Still working great. Love how quiet it is and the quality of the mist. My little girl is sick right now and it is helping a LOT. We must have got a faulty one. Motor stopped working BUT they are sending me a new base out in 10 days. Make sure to keep your receipt in case of a faulty product. Very impressed with the company.

Lacy Carthage, NC

Hard to clean, plastic broke

I bought this to replace a larger whole-house style humidifier and ultimately it was disappointing.Pros:- Quiet enough not to disturb baby- Ability to aim mist from top (it turns to direct mist)- Tank is not heavy and could be filled in bathroom sink- Bottom base, easy to clean (not easy to clean water tank)- Tight seal on bottom of tank- No filters to replace (though does require those useless protect cartridges)Cons:- If you don’t leave some water in the base (walk it carefully back to your room), when you load the water tank onto the clean, empty base about 1/3 of the water in the tank is immediately “lost” so you have to refill the tank again to make it through the night- Impossible to clean water tank (despite soaking with bleach and vinegar) – we had nasty pink stuff growing and it couldn’t be reached – soaking in vinegar didn’t work, neither did the bleach- Plastic was flimsy – tank cracked in the middle of the second winter (though I was washing this thing every single day and did my best to be gentle and not bang it on the sink while attempting to reach the mold inside)For the $25 I paid, it got me through a winter and I learned a valuable lesson about “cool mist” humidifiers – AVOID. I actually ended up writing a review today because I was researching safety of these types of units and as it turns out, cool mist humidifiers have the potential to cause some real harm by spreading microbes and minerals from the water into the air. My next purchase will be a “warm mist” humidifier, with a UV light.

Doris Courtland, CA

Humidifier doesn’t work properly.

It puts mist into the air but it does so much that it soaks the entire room and comes out way to heavy. I want it to moisten the air not soak my floor and anything it is sitting on.

Concepcion Bear Branch, KY

Humidifies instantly! But doesn’t last the entire night.

This is my third humidifier. We bought the highly rated Crane one and the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier and this one is just as good as the others. Once you fill it up, plug it in and click on, it instantly shoots mist up the tunnel. You can aim the mist in any direction with two different spouts. It’s easy to fill and can be set on a range of mist settings. The nice thing about this is the tank is small and light so it’s easy to fill and carry around, but that means it doesn’t last very long. On high, it will probably last 8 hours. It’s usually empty by the time I wake up.TheCrane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier, Whitedied on me after a year and a half. I don’t clean it regularly so I’m sure that’s what went wrong. Their warranty is only a year long so too bad for me. This one worked very well while it was working and offered about 14 hours of continuous misting on high. The tank is very heavy when full and is not easy to carry around.TheVicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut-Offreleases warm mist so we use that in our baby room. I like that it offers a small compartment for an aroma/oil to be used. We used eucalyptus whenever our baby was congested. This one died on us after a year of use but we never cleaned it. Once I did it had a mountain (that looked like a sand castle) of mineral build up. It took two days of vinegar soaking to break that down but once we did, it started working just fine. The Vicks one has a three year warranty too. This tank is easy to fill and carry around because it has a handle, and it lasts about 9 hours on the high setting.If you want more information on the best baby products you might want in your baby nursery, visit the website Under Baby Gear or Preparing For Baby, you’ll find a ton of down to earth information based on research and experience.

Jeri Danvers, MA

Great Product

The unit is very quiet and lots of cold mist coming out. I can feel the change in the air immediately. I bought this for my baby son. His room is very dry becuase the heat in on in winter. He has dry mounth and nose. This help to solve the problem. Easy to fill the water in and it is so quiet that I hardly notice it is on. Great product.

Mina Harper, WV

Works much better than ones we’ve tried previously.

This can add as much or as little humidity to a room as you desire. It’s been perfect for our little ones with colds or coughs. We’ve been using it for about 2 1/2 years with no issues. Love that it’s filterless.

Myra Hardwick, VT


This humidifier is very quiet. The spout at the top turns so you can control where the mist is directed. There is a wide range of levels for the mist. We loved this so much for our baby’s room we bought one for ours too!

Erika Andover, MA

Good humidifier

So far I am really liking this humidifier. The humidifier we were using in our son’s room before just put out way too much moisture even on its lowest setting. This humidifier is perfect for our son’s room. It puts out an adequate amount of humidity for the room. I found the setting about halfway between the two extremes seems to work best for the room, and only uses a half tank of water per night (this is about 12-13 hours of use). The humidifier is mostly quiet…the normal bubbles and gurgles of any humidifier, and the noise of the machine itself running blends in fine with the white noise machine we use in our son’s room.I had read some previous reviews on this humidifier saying that it doesn’t have a handle to carry the tank. I don’t know if this was a feature that was added after those reviews or what, but there is definitely a handle at the top back of the tank, although, a handle really isn’t necessary for me since I just take the jug of distilled water into the room and fill the tank right there. I don’t have to carry it back and forth from room to room.We haven’t had any sort of problems with leaking water.

Esmeralda Morton, IL

Helped my newborn immensely

My newborn has had a stuffy nose since birth. It was so bothersome that the NICU department at the hospital insisted to keep him for an extra 2 days for observation. Seeing that there is a family history of nasal allergies, he was sent home finally when his nose cleared up. But the stuffy nose returned within a week! I was freaking out and using nasal drops and hospital-provided nasal aspirator constantly. Both seemed to do little help.After using this humidifier for 2 days, his stuffy nose disappeared. The humidifier is also easy to set up. No filter needed. Quick, straightforward instructions on how to keep it clean. Make sure to use filtered water, because the deposits of tap water will make it harder to keep the humidifier clean. But its worth it if you live in a dry environment.

Silvia Republican Grove, VA

It works

Its a great humidifier, you can see and feel the difference it makes to a room. I wish it was a little quitter. You can hear the water bubbles every couple minutes. Water does last a long time on lower settings. Adjustableness of direction is a nice feature.

Terry Summer Lake, OR

Prefect- silent humidifier

we have tried many humidifiers earlier but this one was the best one. It doesn’t make noise and works perfectly.

Tracey Coyle, OK

very nice product

i waited for a few months to review this product after reading a few reviews where after a month or 2 people experienced leaking and things. i have not experienced anything like this and very much enjoy this product.

Amber Mandan, ND

Glad I got this!

Before purchasing this humidifier, I had already gone through 3 other humidifiers with filters. This humidifier is great! It was easy to setup, does the job, easy to refill, and is almost silent! I plan on buying another one for my room!

Stacie Cleburne, TX

Better for a smaller room

Doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the bigger bedrooms in our house, but it’s super quiet and hasn’t broken!

Leticia Joinerville, TX

Great humidifier

This is a great humidifier!! It has the dual directional spout on the top so I can direct the mist anywhere I want. A high output, and super quiet! You can hear the tank trickling with water, and gurgling like a water cooler when it lets the air back in. It did a great job increasing the humidity in our room from 16% to 35% in one night. It has really helped my baby sleep. The tank is a little tall, so I have a hard time filling it in my sink, but I use the tub without a problem.

Sherrie Talmage, UT

Quality low cost humidifier

We purchased this humidifier for a baby’s room to help humidify the dry air in the room. It works well and very quietly. The slight bubbling noise is actually very comforting and acts as a satisfying white noise like a gentle babbling brook. We always had a stuffed animal which made this white noise or played a CD with relaxing white noise music playing previously, so this replaced this, while also adding the benefit of humidifying the room.The tank works simply. You refill the basin and then place it on top of the base. It will start to fill up the lower chamber and slowly draw the water out of the tank and changing it into a humid mist which it sends through the central tunnel and out through the top. You have two directional pointers at the top to shift the humid air in a certain direction, such as the baby crib. It sits about 1 foot tall and we would normally either set this on a dresser or TV table and plug the unit in. I never had any issues such as powdery deposits mentioned in other reviews however this may be due to differences in water (hard water, soft water, etc.).We would occasionally use this ourselves when the cold dry winter air set in and we needed some humidity in the room. Overall, I highly recommend this for both the effectiveness of the unit and also the price as compared to other humidifiers.

Flossie Bottineau, ND


I’ve been using this humidifier for about 4 months now. There have been a few times where the area around the humidifier was damp, which I thought was normal because of the water. However, this morning we woke up to a full puddle. This humidifier leaks!

Jerri Skyforest, CA

A compact, quiet, well-designed ultrasonic cool mist humidifier with variable mist

THE QUICK TAKE: The Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 Humidifier is well designed, quiet and compact, and one of the best choices if you want an ultrasonic humidifier for a small to medium sized room, particularly for a child’s room.COMPACT: This humidifier has a round base 7.5″ in diameter, with the water tank above the base. The total height is 13.5″, though you’d need some space above that to allow the mist to flow. It’s a far more space-efficient design than most other humidifiers, and won’t make you re-arrange your room to accomodate it like many other humidifiers do.This model is particularly good for a child’s room, where you want a small ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. (Warm mist is too dangerous, and evaporative cool mist models have noisy fans.) It’s hard to find a good option – most people want the Chevy Suburban of humidifiers, it seems, with the biggest tank and the most humidification possible, so that’s all that seems to be available.The tank is surprisingly large for the size of the humidifier – about 0.75 gallons. At the maximum flow setting, it lasts about 10.5 hours, so it should be able to handle about 1.7 gallons per 24 hours if you refill it. Of course, at a lower setting it would last longer. You want to change the water often anyway to reduce bacterial growth, so there’s no point in having a bigger tank than you need for one day.For big rooms, though, you might want to consider something like the slightly largerCrane Humidifier, which also comes in green and pink versions; or something even larger.WELL DESIGNED: As mentioned, the design doesn’t waste space. The controls seem easy to use. And the mist flows out through two spouts at the top which can be aimed in different directions or the same direction, to distribute the humidity or aim it where you’d like it to go. That also helps make it easier to find a location for this humidifier. (Though it would be nice if they could be pointed up a little more than they are.)QUIET: This model isn’t silent but it is quiet – especially if it’s several feet away.VARIABLE MIST: The variable mist feature lets you adjust the flow to allow for the room size and the weather conditions, so you don’t have a room that’s too damp or too dry. (Even a smallish humidifier can be too much if it has only one or two settings for the flow of humidity, as many do. You end up having to guess how much to fill it up so that it runs out of water before stuff starts to grow on the walls.) With this Safety 1st humidifier, after a little experimenting you can determine what setting will keep the room at a healthy humidity. You can also limit the flow to what will evaporate before it lands on the floor. (If you’re getting a wet spot on the floor nearby, you have the humidifier turned up too high – it’s more water than the air can absorb.) This humidifier puts out a pretty impressive stream of fog on the maximum setting.SAFETY 1ST: You might not be familiar with Safety 1st, but they are a well-known maker of products for babies and children.If you go to a Target store looking for this, you’ll need to look in the section of the store with the baby and toddler gear. It wasn’t stocked with the other humidifiers in the store I visited.A FEW SMALL ISSUES: There are a few minor issues, but they won’t be problems for most people:- The feet are hard plastic, so if it’s on a smooth surface you might want to add some non-skid feet of your own, or put it on a non-skid liner, to keep it from sliding.- While the flow of mist is variable, it seems not to go off completely at the lowest setting. There’s no real flow of water vapor when it’s turned to the minimum, but it’s still a little unusual that it doesn’t switch off – you need to use the switch in the back to turn it off.- Also odd is that there’s no marking on the knob to distinguish which side of the ridge on the knob is pointing at the level on the dial.- The trim along the base of the unit is a light hue of a slightly bright green. (See the photo gallery.) That works for us, but I have to wonder why they didn’t use a neutral color.This humidifier has no demineralization feature, so all the minerals in the water will go into the air, and often create a white dust – so it’s not a good choice in a hard-water area unless you’re willing to use distilled water. We don’t have hard water, but do use filtered water to fill the humidifiers – it cuts way down on the amount of brown gunk that builds up.By the way, the way the feet are arranged on the base, this could fit on a space as narrow as about 5.5″ x 6.5″ inches. (See the photo gallery for a photo I’ve uploaded.) But again, you might want to add something to keep it from sliding around if space is tight. Many stores sell self-adhesive rubber bumpers or feet, or you could place it on non-skid shelf liner.ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIERSThere are a few pros and cons common to all ultrasonic humidifiers, like this one. On the pro side, they are quiet, quick to put vapor into the air, and take very little energy to do that. On the con side, the process of the water evaporating into the air takes heat out of the air. That may be ideal in Arizona, but if you’re heating the room it does offset some of the efficiency. (That’s not a reason not to use them, just something that it helps to be aware of – it surprises some people.) Finally, and most importantly, whatever is in the tank will go into the air – that includes bacteria and minerals. So ultrasonic humidifiers need maintenance – you need to clean them regularly. There are models available that reduce bacteria, though they are several times the price of this one.If you don’t want to clean the humidifier regularly, and the humidifier won’t be somewhere that children might reach it or where it might be tipped over, then you may be better off with a warm mist humidifier (which boils the water, so that bacteria and minerals don’t go into the air).

Lynette Mc Intosh, AL

Baby loves it!

Very dry weather here in Arizona, This is fantastic for our baby girl. Keeps the air cool and keeps her lungs dry at night. Mist is fine and comes out strong or soft just turn the dial. Very easy to use. Just fill and turn it on adjust how much you want to come out and DONE! It will turn off automatically also. FANTASTIC MACHINE GREAT PRICE Exactly what I wanted!

Cara Peck, MI