Safety 1st Sound ‘n Lights Activity Walker

Safety 1st Sound ‘n Lights Activity Walker

Sounds n Lights Activity Walker Keep your baby entertained with the Sound ‘n Lights Activity Walker from Safety 1st. This features a removable activity tray, five playful toys entertain your baby with music, including 12 songs, sounds, and lights and the seat easily adjusts to three heights. The folding frame holds a machine-washable padded seat. The grip strips reduce movement on uneven surfaces. For ages 4 months to walking.

Main features

  • Removable activity tray
  • 5 toys with 12 songs and lights
  • 3 level height adjustment
  • Folding frame
  • 4 Months until child begins to walk

Verified reviews


too big STILL

My son is 6 months old and can barely reach the floor. He is normal height and weight, but has a longer upper body (like me!) I bought this thinking that since you can adjust the height, it would work. The lowest setting is still slightly too high. Not impressed. Kinda boring. Maybe we can start using it in a few weeks, but for now, I wish I had bought something else.

Ofelia Cross Anchor, SC

cute, but…

First of all, I thought the steering wheel was cute. It was advertised as having flashing lights & music, and it looked cute from the box. BUT, no one can get to let alone change the battery, the seat has tiny plastic pieces that slide into place to hold it in, and they don’t really want to stay that way. The flashing lights didn’t work, then did, and now they don’t, and we just bought this yesterday. For the brief what, 3 minutes the lights started working. The music was loud and painful. The lights feature is 2 small red flashing lights on the steering wheel. *so disappointed.It isn’t designed well, and it doesn’t function properly. It can actually be used as a walker, and it is cute, but we are certainly taking this back.

Geraldine Interlaken, NY

My daugher likes it …

We purchased this walker a few months before my daughter was born thinking that it was a good price so why pass it up. Well, when it finally came time to open up the box, the music didn’t work. In the instructions it says that there is no way to replace the batteries … well, if you happen to be married to a very determined “handy man”, it can be done. It’s some type of watch battery that costs about $15. When the music does play it is extremely loud so we don’t even use it after going through all of that trouble. We don’t want to hurt our little one’s ears. She does like banging on the steering wheel and playing with the little gadgets on the sides though. She isn’t quite big enough to make it go all by herself so she just sits and plays in it while I’m cooking in the kitchen with a little stool underneath her feet. I also purchased a stand alone jumper and feel that it was a little more appropriate and money better spent. Just my opinion though. 🙂

Jan Caneyville, KY

Batteries CAN be removed

Safety 1st does not make this easy – but it is do-able. You will need a Philips head offset screwdriver (ratcheting is best), a fairly small Philips head screwdriver, and four button cell batteries (1.5V G13-A, which are the same batteries found in cheap cat-entertaining laser pointers and some led flashlights). It’s pretty easy once you gather your tools: Without removing the steering wheel from the base, locate the three screws holding the top and bottom sections of the wheel together; unscrew the three screws with your ratcheting screwdriver and separate – you will see a circuit board with two led lights and one speaker (this may be mistaken for a big watch battery) coming off of it; unscrew the two screws holding the circuit board down – the batteries are on the underside of this piece; pop out the four old batteries; pop in fresh batteries (make sure that they read 1.5V in the multimeter; test to make sure it works; screw the circuit board back on, then the top.I found it very annoying that I couldn’t find any information as to the type of batteries that I needed, or how many – so here it is: four (4) G13-A button cell batteries. They are 1.5V. These are, incidentally, the same batteries that are in those laser pointers that they make for entertaining cats.

Bertha Braselton, GA

**UPDATE**~*~*~*~Great for a “cheap” walker, my twins LOVE them~*~*~*~

*****UPDATE~1 year of use update is at the bottom******I don’t understand why so many people are giving these a negative review(I’ll address those in a minute) because my girls LOVE these & play in them EVERY single day, several times a day.We first got these when my girls were 7 months old(see my pics posted above) & both of them were small for their age, my smallest was about 25″ & she was able to push heself backward the very 1st time in these. I put tennis shoes on both girls since we were using them outside and that really helped them touch better & give good traction. At first they didn’t realize they could move themselves in these, that happened on accident and soon enough both girls realized they could push themselves backward. Learning to go forward took a couple of weeks but once they learned that they were even happier with these. My girls can “drive” super fast in these, they zoom all over in these laughing & squealing with delight. They love to run into things with these, including eachother…like a demolition derby but even when they are speeding & bump into eachother all they do is crack up laughing.Now to address some of the negative reviews that I have read.*there are a lot saying that this was too tall for their baby but I find that hard to believe considering my smallest was about 25″(5th%) when I 1st put her in this. And she is still less than 27″ but I’ve put it on the higest setting(just to test) and she is still able to touch and get around. I think most babies have to ‘learn’ to use a walker so that may be why people think it is too tall…give them a little time to figure out what this new device is that you’ve put them in and soon enough they’ll figure out what to do.*I’ve read it was cheaply made. Well my girls have played in these a LOT, they run into eachother, couches, etc. and nothing has broken, fallen off or worn out. These are really sturdy in my opinion. Plus, I don’t understand why people are buying one of the cheapest walkers available and then complaining it is cheaply made…Um, buy the much more expensive Chicco…it’s like buying a Cavalier & complaining because it isn’t as nice as a Volvo.*I’ve read you can’t change the batteries. There are several people on here who have explained exactly how you can change the batteries. My girls used their music/lights a lot in the beginning and 4 months later they are still going strong although they don’t turn it on a whole lot anymore, they like driving around more than anything.*I’ve read the toys aren’t that fun. My girls have liked the provided toys from the beginning. Plus I added more toys/teething toys for them which is a very simple solution if your child doesn’t enjoy the provided toys.*There is one nutty person who hates all walkers in general, thinks they are unsafe so they would give all walkers a bad review, they just happened to get this one as a gift…and to show a thank you to the person who got it for them they said they hope the person who gave it to them would never have kids…can you say Crazy!!All in all this walker is great for the money. I also love that the toy tray removes completely…if it were like one of the ones that stay attached and open for snacks they would be able to touch the toys and get food all over them. We also use these as seats when we visit people…since they’ve outgrown their bouncers, we can put them on carpet in these and they have a safe and lovely seat or if on hard surfaces and we don’t want them rolling about we just put something like a blanket under them so they can’t roll.If you have lots of extra money to spend then buy the Chicco, since it is almost double the cost of this one I’m sure it probably is much nicer, plus I think the colors of the Chiccos are better and to be quite honest, had I not been buying 2 walkers at once, I would have purchased the Chicco myself(I also think the Chicco wheels are probably better, the Chicco wheels look just like the wheels on my girls Wheeley Bugs & they flow over everything perfectly smoothly no matter what-the Safety First wheels don’t seem as nice or like they are as smooth but we’ve had no problems with them). BUT if you like to save money and still want something that works just fine then buy this Safety 1st.*******UPDATE*******So my girls have been using these seats basically everyday, normally several times a day(anywhere from 30 min to over an hour each time) for a year now so I thought I’d give an update.My girls still LOVE them!! The seats are still in perfect condition, well, the lights/sounds no longer work since the batteries are dead but they don’t care about that at all. Even if this had never had the lights/sounds they would not have minded. I’ve washed the seats in the washing machine many, many times and it still looks like new, no holes, no fading, nothing wrong at all, even the thick foam has held its shape perfectly. Nothing has broken, the toys are still in tact. Besides the lights/sounds they are just like they were when we bought them.These are one of the few things that my husband and I feel we definately got our moneys worth & then some. Not only do these seats give my girls independance, they give me & my husband some free time as well. We have a big/long living room and I put up gates so they have to stay in here. Everything is arranged so they can’t run into anything dangerous and they can’t grab anything they’re not supposed to. They LOVE watching cartoons so every morning after breakfast our routine is for them to get in their walkers, I put on their educational cartoons & I can do anything that I need to do: start laundry, computer stuff, etc. They normally relax and lay back with their head resting on the thick foam when they are watching cartoons and they always end up chasing eachother & cracking up laughing. Sometimes I put objects on the couch or chairs that are within their reach w/out them seeing me because they think they’ve really found some treasure ; )I think the weight limit on this is like 26lbs and I believe my girls will be using these till they reach the limit. They’ve been walking for months now but still enjoy these tremendously.

Concetta Sandy, UT

Very good for the price!!

We bought this because our daughter needed something besides the jumperoo to get her moving. She really likes the ability to be able to move around and explore.We liked the activies a lot better on this one because it has more that you can do.The others just don’t add up when it comes to play items that are included with the price.Very easy to put together and easy to adjust from one height to the other.Awesome find!

Rachel Sherman, CT

Seat is made for sitting not walking.

I bought this because the price was right and the colors were good. But I couldn’t tell from the pictures that the seat has the leg holes like a chair… The Holes are supposed to be straight down, not to the front with a flat piece for the child to sit… That makes it very difficult to stand in. My son is a big 6 month old and he gets quite aggitated when he tries to go forward and the seat gets in his way. He is very good at pushing backwards though. If we have him standing out of it and just hold his hands, he can walk just fine. Hope they change the pattern of the seat.

Kenya Flatwoods, WV

Good quality for cheap!

This walker was easy to set up (required no tools) which is very important to me. The stilts holding the seat up are trustworthy in my opinion, and they support very well while still being able to collapse for storage. The music is a little too loud for my liking, but there’s an “on” and “off” switch that makes it a non-issue. If your baby isn’t happy with how busy the front activity toys are, you can detach it and it becomes a tray (big plus for me). My baby really enjoys this, though her feet don’t touch the ground. She’s a small girl, though, so I imagine it’s only a problem for people who have had preemies. I would strongly suggest you wait until after your baby turns five months before introducing this because their legs might not be long enough. Other than that, very satisfied: Safe, fun, cheap!

Colleen Bentonville, AR

good deal

easy to put together. moves easily and is entertaining. its a great value. my baby was 7mo when we got it she was 28in we’ve had it almost 2mo now.

Mercedes Jackson, AL

You can buy more batteries!

This walker is fine…nothing special. It works. The battery issue is annoying, but they can be changed and you can buy them cheap! The worlds largest auction site has packs of 20 available for only $5 or so. The extras can be used to replace batteries in books that make sounds when you press buttons. Lots of kids toys use these batteries. Just search on that auction website for Maxell LR44. That battery is compatible.

Ramona Bliss, ID

Great price, recommended brand, little tike likes it

I got this for my 7 month nephew b/c he’s getting to a place where he can’t walk yet but wants to explore and has strong enough leg motions. My sister and brother in law already likes this brand, Safety 1st, a lot and owns other things by them. The price at Amazon was the best. Sound-making toys can be annoying but I love the music and variety on this walker… reminds me of an ice cream truck… whimsical and pleasant. The music player piece detaches from the walker for easier cleaning and for tabletop sort-of room when wanted. Nephew enjoys it; and I can’t wait until he fully grasps puttering around all over in it.****Update****So fast forward 3 years and with our own little one, this item has passed back to me from my sister and still great. The soundmaker is a little faulty now but our baby doesn’t care. He loves the spinning balls more anyways.My only caution is if you are putting it up often and bringing it back out (such as taking it to the in-laws), just make sure everything clicks back in place before each use.

Claudine Fleetville, PA