Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Safety 1st Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker, Dino

Safety 1st Sound ‘n Lights Discovery Walker – Dino2 swing-open “activity trays”Length 28.1Height 22.5Width 24

Main features

  • 5 dinosaur-themed toys
  • Machine-washable padded seat
  • 3-position height adjustment
  • Folds quickly and compactly for storage and travel
  • 2 swing-open activity trays

Verified reviews


Never buy from this Seller!

I can’t really comment on the product itself as I never got to use it, but I do highly recommend not to buy from Dorel Juvenile Group. After waiting for over two weeks for the delivery, I gave up and went to a nearby store and bought another walker. It never occured to me that Dorel Juvenile Group may not accept returns (I did not see anything indicating this at the time of the purchase). We had sort of a fight over email, and they finally agreed to accept the return, but guess what? It’s been three months now since I sent the item back to them, and they never returned the money. When I contacted them, they claimed they never received it…

Rena Conetoe, NC

Love the Walker

My baby loves the walker and I am very glad I bought it. The toys on it are very entertaining and made very good.

Shelia Fairview, KS

Was okay… ended up throwing it out

I was initially disappointed in the apparent cheap quality of some of the features on the activity tray, but, the baby seemed to enjoy them. I like that it slides open to reveal a tray beneath for other things, although, I did pinch baby’s finger in it once, which he did NOT like. But, the frame and seat were made well enough that I felt good letting my little one explore around in it while I did some housework on the same floor… unfortunately, he threw up a whole bottle of milk onto it, and there was NO way to clean out all the nooks and crannies. We couldn’t figure out how to just remove the toy tray area without breaking it, so, the whole thing went into the recycle bin. We’re currently shopping for a new walker, but, won’t be re-buying this one.

Deidra Danville, ME



Patti Doyle, CA

Great walker!

My son loves this walker. It took him a day or so to get the idea and start moving his feet, but now he is zipping around our house.I like that the toys can swing out, which leaves you with a fairly good sized tray for snacks. The tray is also deep enough that my son can move his cereal around without knocking it out of the tray. The toys are ok. They don’t seem to be super high quality, but they provide a little bit of extra stimulation. Most of the appeal, though, seems to be in the freedom that it provides for my son.The safety grips on the bottom of the walker seem to work well. For example, the walker won’t go over our flooring thresholds because they are too high. However, I would note that we only have hard surface flooring in our home, and we don’t have any stairs.*Update 12/14/10* My son is 11 months now, and he still enjoys his walker. However, there is no seatbelt in the walker, and he has figured out that if he grabs onto things, then he can pull himself up to stand in (or on) the walker. This has become a big safety issue, so I wanted to note the lack of a seatbelt for other parents with climbers (or future climbers).

Rachael New Germantown, PA

cute but not as good as…

We got two of these walkers (we have twins) and they are good walkers don’t get me wrong, but theydon’t adjust enough for the baby as it grows, we stopped using it around 7 months, and borrowed one from my friend.(the one we are still using at 15 months) is by jeep and it looks like a little jeep too, is about the best one we have used, and will grow with your child too! Only one of my twins are walking so the jeep stroller is still in use and my son is 36 inches tall so it can handle a larger baby easily!

Alexandria Medical Lake, WA

Love it! Does what it needs to do…

Love it! Does what it needs to do and great thing is that it has 3 height adjustments that have been great.

Susie Wiergate, TX

It’s working me do far.

I looked at dozens of walkers, people had a lot of complaints for many of them mostly the same complaints. I came across this one I was not sure if it would be enough toys on it to keep him entertained but it fine. The only thing is it is hard to lift up and down you have to really squeeze two red buttons underneath if you’re not careful it will pinch your fingers. My son likes it especially when he presses the dinosaur and it lights up and plays music but it does not last long but other than that it’s fine.

Evangelina Menlo, WA

Great walker

We have had our baby girl in this since she was 4 months old. She’s bigger for her size and so fit straight on. she still loves her walker. It’s been our saving grace when we need her to entertain herself! Never felt it would tip or be unsafe. Moves on a dime, too.EDIT: She is 11 months old and outgrown the walker – she wants to WALK now. We are sad because she loved it so so much – we will miss having it around.

Shelly Sharps Chapel, TN

Very good walker

I liked this walker; it’s color is neutral and lovely. It’s sturdy. The only thing I didn’t like cause my boy was only 9 months when he outgrew it so, we used it for a very short time. I wish I purchased one from Craigslist.

Janell High Point, NC

Great for shorter infants

I bought this for my 7-month old who was learning to walk with assistance. He is now 9-months and it continues to work well. My son is on the shorter side (25-28 inches) from when we first bought this until now and he has always been able to reach the floor. We love the fact that you can hide the food tray and open it up during snack time. Our son has started resisting eating in his high chair and placing him in this walker where he has other things to keep him occupied has helped us with the transition. The toys on the trays are easily wipeable and seems to keep a 9-month old decently occupied for short periods of time.

Tracy Morrison, OK


My son LOVES this walker! It makes sounds and the toys move and exposes a tray underneath. We go camping a lot and we take this with us to use not only as a toy but also to feed him in. Great product for a great price!

Janis Boyceville, WI


My son really enjoys sitting in the walker and, once he can walk, will really enjoy scooting around. He is only 6mo now.

Suzanne Rochester, IL

Light and practical

I like this walker, its easy to clean, folds easly and its verry light weight, so my babay can walk easily.We have another walker, but its to bulky and heavy….

Ina Evansville, WI

Nothing Wrong with It but Not Loving It

My daughter’s feet don’t come anywhere near the floor on this walker, but that’s okay. We thought it would make a great activity center. Unfortunately, after a few minutes she gets bored with the toys and starts to fuss and cry. Sometimes her older sister can get her interested in the toys by playing with them herself. I am disappointed, because I thought the lights and noises would really attract her attention. Maybe when she is a little older. (She is currently 7 months.) Anyway, it’s not the toy itself — it seems sturdy and interesting and cute. It’s just that my child doesn’t care for the product yet.

Doretha Foley, MN

awesome walker

this is a really cool walker, it seems to be well made and quality material. I bought this at Baby Depot (part of Burlington Coat Factory) for $39.99, I was happy to find it cheaper but I would have paid the amazon price for it!!!Some reviews said this walker is too tall for their kid, my daughter is 6 months and can touch the floor while in it… but my daughter is also in the 85 percentile for height too.

Karla Saint Bethlehem, TN

Budget Friendly

My son walked around in this outside and inside until he could start walking. The price is perfect. You don’t need anything super fancy or expensive because they aren’t going to be in it long!!! The tray was perfect to put some snacks.

Elisabeth Tontogany, OH