Safety 1st Space Saver Fold-Up Bath Tub

Safety 1st Space Saver Fold-Up Bath Tub

When space is at a premium, opt for this cleverly designed infant bathtub from Safety 1st. The full-size tub fits easily in single or double sinks, with a contoured foam pad that makes a soft, comfortable resting spot for Baby. Features include a built-in storage basin and flip-open plug for quick and easy drainage. When bath time’s over, this convenient tub folds in half for storage. Plastic with mildew-resistant foam pad. Designed for ages 0-6 mos. No. 164. Made in USA. 30Lx14Wx10D”

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Sorry to say but the bad reviews are right.

I never wanted a tub because I was not impressed with anything I found but my sister got me this as a shower gift. I just don’t think baby is comfortable in it. His leg was all scrunched up, his head fell to one side (unpadded, by the way), and it was hard to fit it over my bathroom sink because it’s a small round thing. Anyway, before I had the baby, I bought my husband a bath head cushion (the kind you blow up) from Target which he never used (too girly I guess). Turns out it is the perfect cushion (it has suction cups) to attach inside our sink and put baby in for baths. It has grooves so baby’s head doesn’t flop everywhere. I bath baby in no time and I have the water running because he loves the feel of water streaming down onto his body. The cushion also allows me to flip baby over so I can wash his back. He just lies on the soft terry cloth. It’s perfect.

Pam Amherst, SD

Great for Grandma’s house

My Grandmother got this tub for my 3 month old son to use while visiting. It isn’t as spacious as the tub we use at home, which is a little smaller than most tubs, but it folds up nicely, and it feels very safe and sturdy-not flimsy at all. I use both tubs in the big bathtub, so leaking isn’t a problem for me. My son seems comfortable, but he prefers to have more water to splash in than this one holds. This tub is great for grandma’s house, or if space is tight.

Madelyn Cassandra, PA

Uncomfortable tub!

I am sorry I bought this tub. It is very uncomfortable for my daughter. Used it since she was about 3 weeks old. I have to place a towel behind her head b/c the hard plastic is at such a sharp angle it’s uncomfortable. Also, there is a part where she got her foot stuck and she screamed with pain! It’s way too small. She’s now 4.5 mos and I’m throwing it away b/c she is practically flipping out of it. And the plug is waaaaay too hard to plug – it’s an enormous effort to plug it each time.I’ve switched to the First Years infant to toddler tub and it is way bigger, nicer, more comfortable, and it has no areas to pinch fingers or toes.

Karen Rincon, PR

Nice compact tub

This tub has proven very handy. My son got his first bath in it at only 3 days old. I admit, that was a little tricky. However, in no time we had it down and I was able to bathe him easily anywhere. Usually we take the bath on his bedroom floor. I like the portability and the fact that it can fold up and fit under the bathroom counter, since his bathroom is also the guest bathroom. I also like the little section in the front. That’s where I put the soapy water. It’s easy to rinse him off with a little watering can. The tub has been great, but now that my son is 17 lbs. it’s getting small. I will be looking for another bath aid soon, but I’ll miss this handy tub.

Melva Colona, IL

It’s ok, but you get what you $ for

This is OK for the short time that I am actually going to use it because it does get the job done. However:-it does not hold a lot of water, so the water gets cool fast-the cusion is not that soft so I still have to put my hand under my babies headThe good news is:-it folds for easy storage-it has a little area for you to put the bathing items that you use such as some soap, wash cloth, or toys

Brittany Kaleva, MI


I bought this tub before my son was born, thinking it looked great and I could use it in the kitchen sink. I do like that I can use it in the sink, but he’s not a super long baby and his little feet always get stuck in the grooves where the tub folds! It doesn’t hold much water, either. I wish I had read reviews before I bought it, because now, after only 2 months, I’m just going to replace it and throw it away. What a waste!

Beverley Deer Park, NY

a great tub

I like this tub, it fits in my sink well, it folds up nicely. My daughter is 4 months old and still fits in it.

Beverley Shelley, ID

We Love This Tub

We first saw this fold-up infant tub in the NICU unit where our baby stayed for her first 4 weeks. Its ability to be easily stored was a big plus in the hospital, as well as at home. The NICU nurse recommended that we line any infant tub with one of those baby bath sponges (ours is yellow and in the shape of a bear). We use our tub in the kitchen sink. Leaks, pinches and mildew have never been a problem. Oddly enough, we have found that our baby likes to sit in the tub backwards (once she could hold up her head). This positon is more upright and also makes it easier to wash her hair. We use the kitchen sprayer on low and place a washcloth over our baby’s torso which we frequently re-wet with warm water to keep her from getting cold. Our baby is still a bit small for 4 months, but we anticipate that this tub will work for several more months. Our baby loves bath time!- Our baby is now 8 months old and about 16 pounds. We have used this infant tub up until this point and are just now graduating to the big tub. This fold-up tub was a great purchase for us!

Charlene Mcdaniel, MD

Watch Baby’s Head with Those Corners!

I chose this tub because it folds up. However, since we use it every night, I haven’t folded it up since Week 1. I do like the tub but find it cumbersome to use. It does leak through one of the fold-up hinge/gaps if there’s too much water in the tub. Also, Baby is now nearly 8 weeks old, and already, her feet spill over the end of the seat area. She’s very nearly too big for it and measured 22″ at her 6-wk checkup. I can’t see her fitting in the tub much longer. Her feet do get stuck in the gaps between the seat and the side of the tub. More importantly, for some reason, there are hard plastic corners along either side of the pad where her head is. She’s knocked her head on them several times, and any other time, we spend the whole bath on guard, hoping she doesn’t knock it. I’m also bothered when draining the tub. The plug has a little rim around it that sits up. I’m sure this helps prevent leaks, but it also prevents all water from adequately draining out. I have to turn the tub completely upside-down to ensure that all water has drained. The more I think about it, the more I think I’d like to try a different tub. I’d recommend this tub only to those who are seriously crunched for space or who travel often and need a fold-up tub.

Ashleigh Castella, CA

Can’t live without this

I bought another tub initially – a friend told me about this one. I will stick with this until my daughter outgrows it. A must have.

Emily Columbia Falls, MT

Great Tub!

I have been using this tub since my sons very first bath. At first he hated to take a bath and now he loves it. I love the fact that it folds up very easily and will fit into a closet when folded. I have never had a problem with it growing mold or smelling musty. After the bath I wipe it dry with a towel fold it up and put it in the closet. I also have a newborn to toddler tub, which is very large and I have nowhere to store it.I have never had a problem with it leaking. As long as you don’t overfill it, it works just fine. I find this tub to be better than the more expensive ones. The only problem I have is that my six month old son is too big for this tub, but at $12.99, is that really such a big deal? I feel I got my moneys worth out of it. If you are looking for a tub that is safe and easy to store I recommend this one.

Lavonne Centerville, IN



Melva Waskom, TX

Great newborn tub!

This tub is incredible for a newborn. It’s non-skid surface really helps hold baby in place, and it’s size makes it very easy to bathe your baby. It folds up nicely & we stored it under the bathroom sink. However, after a couple of months, we moved our daughter into a bigger tub so that she could kick her feet & move around more. I will definitely use this tub again for our next newborn!

Rocio Twin Branch, WV

Not much of a TUB

If you are really, really, REALLY hard pressed for space, then maybe this tub is for you… except that you’ll only use it for 3 months because it is so small and then it will sit in storage wasting that valuable space. As with most tubs, this holds maybe a quart of water, which means, only babies bum is wet, how fun is that. And as soon as baby can sit, that is if she hasn’t outgrown this small tub by then, she will not want to lay down at the angle this tub puts her at. Save space by getting a little bigger tub that will spend more time holding your splashing baby than sitting under your sink: I have the Newborn to Toddler Tub by The First Years–my baby is a year old and I still use it (she is petite, but I’m sure anyone can get at least 6-9 months out of it.)

Marisa Spring Creek, TN

Tub is decent, but tends to be leaky

I used this tub after borrowing from a friend because our Four Stage Bath System was so bad it was cutting up my baby’s legs. This was okay – soft all over, no problems like we had with the four stage, however because it folds the hinges tend to leak. Also, you can’t fill it to the level you would want because of the way its reclined. The back is still very slippery despite the nonslip matt. We only used for a few weeks before just bringing her in the tub with Mom and washing her that way.

Suzanne Colgate, WI

Best for limited storage!

We have limited storage so this works great & fits in the sink perfectly. Never have a problem with leaking either.

Nannie Somerville, VA

Great tub

My mom got this tub for my daughter right after she was born. We have used it since she was able to take a bath, and she’s 4 months old. I liked that it could be folded, but I never actually put it away unless we have company since I use it daily. It does leak at the hinges. My daughter is very comfortable in it. Since she was born in the winter, I gave her a bath in the bathroom so that I could get it really warm. It does fit in the kitchen sink though. I still give her her bath in the bathroom, and just sit her tub in the big tub. It uses less water, her head is elevated, and she’s a little higher. She hasn’t outgrown it yet, and has plenty of room. It is a great tub, and a great price!

Wilda Solon, IA

Great tub!

I used this tub with my son and boy do I miss it! We have the newborn-to-toddler tub with daughter and it’s bulky, takes up tons of room and is no different than this one other than it doesn’t fold up. I would much rather have the fold-up than the one we have now. They both work and get the job done but for space reasons being able to fold it and put out of the way is much nicer IMO…

Jenna Centerville, PA

Better options out there

I got this as a shower gift. The first time I used the tub my baby kept slipping around in the tub. She wound up sideways in it during the entire bath and I never used it again. I would just as soon put her into the bathtub and put a couple of inches of water into the tub and bathe my baby that way rather than put her into this contraption. I am a RN and quite used to giving baths in different settings so it is not inexperience talking here. I currently put her on the safer bather (read my review) or put her in the tub alone. Baby loves bathtime and is 6 months old.Lets just say that this tub is downstairs with the rest of the lawnsale stuff for this year…..

Jaime Youngsville, NY

Great tub for small space

I used this tub with my 1st son almost 4 years ago and now I bought a new one for my 2nd son born this year. Living in an apartment, this tub is great for small spaces. I use it in the big tub and when I am done, I just rinse it and leave it to dry. When dried, I fold it and put it in the cabinet. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I had to buy a sponge to use on top of this in order to keep my son from slipping. But considering it folds for storage, that was not a big issue. It’s a great tub otherwise.

Lidia Guysville, OH