Safety 1st Splash Infant Bath Cushion, Blue

Safety 1st Splash Infant Bath Cushion, Blue

Accommodates infants 0 6 months, non slip soft sponge support for a young infant’s head, neck and back comfort, features quick drying, mildew resistant foam, slideguard keeps baby steady while bathing, color change temperature gauge indicates if water is too hot, for use on countertop or in family tub.

Main features

  • Accommodates infants 0 6 months
  • Non slip soft sponge support for a young infants head, neck and back comfort
  • Features quick drying, mildew resistant foam
  • Slideguard keeps baby steady while bathing
  • Color change temperature gauge indicates if water is too hot

Verified reviews



This was good while our daughter still needed spounge baths, but it makes it so the baby is totally out of the water, and therefore very cold! We did really like it for while her umbilial stub was still attached.

Rene Redmond, UT


put in my first years tub fits perfectly, baby loves it too i can tell she is waay more comfy and relaxedEDIT- I have been using this sponge with my first years tub everyday, sometimes twice a day for 4 months now!! I wash it and ring the crap out of it when im done with it. It hasnt ripped stretched fallen apart or gotten moldy! My daughter is now 13 months, and its still a comfy sponge in her tub ! Soooo glad I made the purchase, I highly recommend it!

Maritza Hatillo, PR

Perfect fit, reasonable price, looking forward to use with Boon Naked Collapsible Tub

The comfort sponge pad with temperature reading was a great suggestion by Amazon to fit into the Boon Naked Collapsible Tub. I am confident it will make for a much more comfortable padding while bathing for my soon to arrive newborn. Smiles…

Gayle Jacksons Gap, AL

Good product

I purchased this to lay our newborn on in the infant bath tub. We used it for 5 months until he outgrew the tub and, therefore, stopped using this. Through that time, it never molded or mildewed. I like the temperature strip on the cushion and it was fairly accurate because we could gauge it against the actual floating toy thermometer we used as well. The only thing I didn’t like about the strip was that when I squeezed the sponge each night the strip started to get creases in it and then became hard to read. It still read the temperature though even though it was bent in several locations. You could be more careful to not squeeze this lower area like I did, or even roll it to prevent creasing the strip.

Trisha Saint Cloud, MN

works as it should

This has been a great bath mat for our baby who is bathed in the sink for now. It prevents her from sliding all over and softens the hard and cold surface of the sink. I really like the temperature feature as it helps me make her bath water exactly to the temperature she prefers (which is much warmer than everyone recommends). It’s starting to turn yellow-ish though and it’s only 4 months (or slightly less) old, which may or may not mean it’s harboring bacteria, but we wring it out well after each bath and hang dry it some more. It’s a really cheap-priced add-on item though, so I’d buy another one if it begins to look too dingy.

Eddie Carmichael, CA

Great with Boon Tub

We have a Boon tub that we got from baby shower and love it but it is slippery when we put our baby in. We couldn’t really hold him and bath at the same time, and it became a two people’s job to just wash our baby. So we were sad that the Boon tub was going to waste but we came across this cushion so we wanted to give it a try, and it was a perfect fit for the Boon tub. Our four month-old baby can lay down on the cushion placed in the tub and is supported. Now he really enjoys his bath!

Antonia Nesconset, NY

Longer than others and better quality foam

After checking out what was offered at the retail stores, I chose this and I’m really glad I did.The additional length is great and this foam is WAY better than the products I found at retail stores.She’s too big for the "sling" in her infant tub, but can’t sit up yet – took the sling out and this has worked great!

Lorrie Rice, WA

Easy and inexpensive!

This is a great alternative to a baby bathtub. I have 3 kids and have been using this or a similar cushion since my first. I didnt like the baby bathtubs, and so I started using these. They’re fantastic. You just fill the bath with about 2" of water, get in or next to the tub, place baby on it and baby is safe and warm. Plus, you can’t beat the price.

Cecilia Pine Bush, NY

Love it!

We had a bath sponge with my first and loved it. I bought this one because I am expecting another baby any day now. Its great for people who do not have a lot of storage space in their home. I hate those huge bulky baby baths. You don’t need all of that. This one is great because you can run a little bath water in the tub and lay the sponge in the water. Then lay the baby down on the sponge. When you are finished squeeze out the access water and allow to dry. The only downfall is that the one we owned previously did start to get a little moldy (little black mold spots). This was after 6 months of use. By that time my daughter was old enough to sit up in the tub without the support of the sponge.

Candy Doyle, CA

Really helpful!

I really like this bath cushion. It makes bathing our 1 month old girl much more easy, we have been using it since birth and it is very easy to use. I recommend to any new mother to have one of this.The pros, I love that the cushion absorbs the water so it stays warm while you bath the baby. I also love the built-in thermometer, it works great! I like that it drains easily after the bath, however it takes a while to be completely dry.Some cons, if your baby is long (our baby is 57cm – 22,4in – now) the cushion is a little short, so we need two people to bath her anyway (one have to hold the cushion while the other one bath the baby, maybe it is ’cause we don’t have previous experience with babies and we have to get used to).In general, very good purchase at a really good price, I would buy it again.

Lacy Haynesville, VA

Perfect for newborn!

I love this sponge. It is very affordable, cute, and fits perfect in my safety first tub. I highly recommend this. With out last child, we used a sponge and it has made bath time with a newborn much happier.

Kristy Murtaugh, ID

Great for infants

This is great for infants because it prevents them from slipping and sliding in the bath tub. It’s also comfortable for the baby instead of laying on the hard plastic tub. I just wish it was a little larger so I’m not sure how long the baby will fit on it. The thermometer is confusing to read.

Nellie Stafford, NY


The product does what it is supposed to do. It is sturdy, does not tear and is not harsh to the baby’s soft skin. So, we are happy.

Edith Sidman, PA

Good for newborns

I used this to give my newborn a sponge bath. It worked great and then later I put it in the bigger baby tub to keep him from sliding around.

Faye Walnut Creek, CA

Built in Thermometer has sharp edges and corners

The thermometer that is stuck to the cushion is useful but the plastic is too sharp and pointy. It’s not completely flush with the cushion so when you lay your baby down on it, the thermometer will scratch your baby’s bottom. We have to use a wash cloth to cover the thermometer when we use it. I wish they would have put the thermometer somewhere else on the cushion- like the side- that doesn’t touch the baby. Either that or make it so the edges are not sharp. The cushion itself is nice and gives good support though.Update– I have since pulled off the thermometer completely. It’s glued on and when I pulled it off a bit of the cushion came with it. Not ideal but better than having a sharp edge scratching my baby’s bottom. We just use the thermometer separately to read the temp of the water.

Pansy Still River, MA

Fantastic soft surface for baby bath tubs.

Baby got used to baby-tub-baths with this sponge. The hard plastic tubs are no fun when baby is placed in there, but with the sponge, he stopped squirming and fighting at bath time. A side note – babies don’t like when the water is running, if you put warm water in the bath or a bucket on the side all ready to go, you can pour it in slowly as you bathe baby (I recommend Burt’s Bees bar soap – his skin stayed soft and didn’t get flaky like with Aveeno and he smells so sweet and clean) with the Skip Hop Dunks Stacking Bath Toy scoops.Machine wash the sponge once in awhile. The only thing I didn’t care for was squeezing out the water at the end – it’s good to have a place to lay it out or put it in an open window against the screen to air it out. The nub on the bottom doesn’t fit over the nub in the Safety 1st bath tub – it kind of just sits on there without form-fitting it. Just so ya know! Overall, a good way to introduce baths to baby without him feeling freaked out on a hard surface. At 2 months, I chucked the sponge and he was good to go with just a towel on the baby-tub floor.Another note: thermometers for the baby-bath water are a waste of money, the few I tried give the wrong temperature and I found that if I can put my whole underside of my arm under the running water for a few moments and feel comfortable, it’s fine. Always remember the true statement that "mama knows best". Trust your instincts is my best advice for new moms.

Terry Wrightwood, CA