Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper, Colors May Vary

Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Clipper, Colors May Vary

Safety 1st steady grip infant clipper, safely and effectively trim your baby’s nails with the steady grip nail clipper. Extra-large, soft touch handle provides an easier, more comfortable grip.

Main features

  • Effectively trim your baby’s nails
  • Soft touch handle
  • Curved cutting edges

Verified reviews


These are not sharp enough to cut well; I hate them

I like that these are chunky enough so my fingers don’t slip, but they aren’t sharp enough to clip my baby’s fingernails cleanly. The edges wouldn’t cut at all. These are junk; I threw them away.

Sonya Rion, SC

easy to use

Works well, easy to use, larger hand held portion is nice to provide good grip. It is hard enough to clip little nails on wiggley fingers, these help out a lot.

Madge Porcupine, SD

Prefer our 3 ($5) ones from Boots UK

I bought our original nail clippers in the UK when our son was born. They ‘mysteriously vanished’ courtesy of my nephew so I had to find a replacement in a hurry in the US where we now live.Bought these as they were highly reviewed and found them to work ok but nothing special.I much prefered our old ones that were a lot cheaper and more like a mini version of normal adult clippers. I have seen something similar advertised on Amazon but they didn’t get a good review (blunt). However I’ve found these Saftey 1st clippers to be quite blunt too.Thankfully our original clippers re-appeared during some home renovations… they’d magicked themseleves to hide behind a radiator. So now my clippers of choice are the cheap simple ones from the UK, not these ‘top rated’ ones.

Hallie Watertown, WI

Good – lasts about a year before it gets dull

I like this one. It’s much better than a couple of others I’ve tried (including mostly ones that came in various kits). It’s easy to hold which is nice. It did not go dull on me for about a year, which was good – of course when it did, I did not notice right away it happened so gradually. Now that I have my second one the contrast is clear and I will keep a better eye out for dullness in 10 months or so when I expect the next replacement will be due.

Ruthie Moorpark, CA

My favorite clippers (and we went tried many kinds b/c of eczema!)

I’ve tried at least 6 clippers and these ones are by far the best. I’m on our 3rd pair already and now give a pair away with every baby shower gift. All the other clippers would leave a rigid & sharp edge to the nail.Our son had horrible eczema and would scratch his face until he would bleed. So I had to keep his nails very short and as smooth as possible (and cut his nails every 2 or 3 days). These clippers definitely made a big difference. I never snipped accidentally snipped his skin either. And the cut was always so clean and I no longer had to file afterwards.We’re on our third pair because they do dull a little after a while. Not a whole lot…. but enough that the cut was no longer as smooth and as clean as I needed it to be. However, I suspect that had we been in a normal situation, I would still be using our original pair after two years. But then again, had we not had skin issues, I wouldn’t have had to buy every nail clipper I ever came across… and wouldn’t have had a reason to try this little miracle product either.

Tori Wilton, CT

Easy to use

These clippers fit nicely in my hand which allows me to move quickly from finger to finger. Due to the shape of the clipper it is very easy to see the infant’s nail which allows for easy and safe clipping. It is very sharp which allows for quick clipping without having to reclip the nail.

Louise Saint Gabriel, LA

Love these clippers

I bought a few different brands to try because we were down to our last pair for my 1 year old. These were my favorite…They cut nice & clean. That’s important when you have a baby doing everything in their power to get away =)The ergonomic grip sits in your hand perfectly. The piece you push down on is extended with a silicone grip. Very easy to manage, even with a squirmy baby!Definitely recommend them! At this price, buy a few… That way you won’t be upset when they magically disappear =)

Jami Provo, KY

Super easy

These are very easy to use and get the job done quickly. I have a pair of clippers for my toddler and I purchased a second pair for my newborn. They cut through both nails with ease. The second pair did not come the color shown but arrived green. I was actually happy about this as I wanted to keep them separate. I’ve had the first pair for going on three years with no issue. Great little tool! They get ALOT of use as my guys nails grow at record speed!

Ollie Inverness, FL

Tiny scissors are better

These are ok but for my infant the tiny scissors (piyo piyo) are better. I got those as a gift and find them easier to use.

Ursula Whitney, PA

Wouldn’t use anything else!

This is definitely my favorite nail clipper for little ones, but I wish it would stay sharp just a little longer.

Renae Oak Hill, AL

Nice clippers

These nail clippers are very suitable for an infant. They are small but easy to grip. I would have liked for these clippers to have rubber around the blades.

Lana Hatfield, AR

Makes cutting baby’s nails much easier

The large handle definitely makes it steadier to cut your baby’s nails. However, even though you have a steadier hand you still have to be very careful you don’t clip skin. I wish there was some kind of guard that would prevent you from cutting too deep. But overall this is probably still the easiest way to cut your baby’s nails.

Tammie Blanch, NC

solid and easy to operate

These clippers are large and heavy enough to be easy to hold. The cutting edges are sharp and easily cut through baby nail. Alas, it is still difficult to hold my baby still enough to use the clippers without nipping off some finger skin on occasion..

Staci Whippany, NJ

These baby clippers are great, 10 months and going strong!

It’s been 10 months and we still use the same pair of clippers for our little guy, They are still sharp, nice and easy to use, cut cleanly and concisely, and we’ve never had any boo boos!

Kaitlyn Weyers Cave, VA

Best one out there.

I started out filing my newborn’s nails, but that took FOREVER and I never felt like I took enough time to get them really short enough. I moved on to using a regular baby nail clipper, but it was so hard to maneuver and I ended up clipping skin along with nails! My hands were also in the way of the light and it was hard to see. I used this clipper at my sister’s house and it was really good. I hopped online and ordered myself one. I keep it in the pocket of “My Brest Friend” so its always on hand, since you have to clip baby’s nails every other day or so!UPDATE:My baby is now 9 months old and I use this clipper every other day. (His nails grow fast) One time the pin did pop out and I used a wrench to hold it together to slip the pin back in. This held for about 2 months before the pin is started to slip again. I think the design needs an update. This will not keep me from giving this clipper as a gift at baby showers.

Joann Rydal, GA

Much better than American Red Cross!

We originally used the clippers in the American Red Cross first aid kit. After an incident with cutting our baby’s finger, we bought these at a recommendation of a friend. They work great and no injuries so far!

Deanne Phoenicia, NY

Best clippers

These are my favorite clippers. I have another pair with the guard on them and they drive me insane. I have never cut too deep with these and they are super easy to push down on. I am able to clip my girls nails in a few seconds which is necessary when you she is trying to jerk her hand back the whole time. I haven’t had any trouble with them being dull and not cutting well and I have three different pairs (misplaced them is the only reason for multiple pairs)

Gena Kings Park, NY

Work great, no issues with sharpness

I see reviews stating that these aren’t sharp enough, but I haven’t experienced that problem. I love them and think they work great and have actually ordered another for diaper bag/ traveling.

Paige Whiteriver, AZ

Ok for 1 year old nails

I use this for my 1-year-old’s nails and it’s just OK. I got an infant kit with a clear/white-ish plastic pair (with just the thumb hole) when my son was born and they were better.

Maryanne Whately, MA

Cheap and works everytime!

This is such a great and amazing buy for mommies to cut their little one’s nails. I have been using this for 6 month now and NOT once did I hurt my baby. This nail clipper works wonderfully and the filing on the other end makes it so convenient. I would highly recommend this item for all mommies. Especially first time mommies that doesn’t know how to cut their baby’s nails.

Katrina Lewisport, KY


looooove this thing! i had a regular one for my daughter at first, and then i discovered this one. so much better!!!

Amy Golden, TX

does the job

does the job for us; good grip so it doesnt slip out of hands. sharp enough to cut them thin flimsy baby nails.

Stacey Covington, LA

Best nail clippers

I really like these and bought as a second one to have. The color is great. It is easy to use.

Lorraine Chicago Park, CA

Perfect for a toddler

My daughter hates getting her nails clipped, but this always does a quick job and I never worry about clipping too much. Excellent product!

Mable Sapphire, NC

sharp, feel nice in hands, but can cut little one if not careful

These work really well for our little one – I love that the body has some substance to it, and it feels great in your hands. The blades are quite sharp, and cut really well. The only thing I would say is that it is possible to cut your little one’s skin with these clippers. That probably goes without saying for most clippers, but we have managed to draw a tiny bit of blood a couple of times with these. Overall, a happy customer, though.

Ingrid Valley Village, CA

best infant nail clippers

These are the best clippers I’ve ever used on my baby. He hates having his nails clipped, but these are the easiest and most effective. The cut is clean, the grip is just right, and it folds away securely. I would recommend these to anyone!

Flora Wellfleet, NE

Throw into a diaper bag

It is Good enough for the diaper bag. It’s small and convenient. I would recommend getting a baby nail file with this as well.

Benita Braddock, PA

Best baby nail clipper

I tried to use the rigid plastic nail clipper that came with a first aid kit i registered for. I ended up cutting my baby’s skin and felt terrible! My sister has two sons and offered to clip my baby’s nails for me as I was too terrified to try again (I had resorted to biting her fingernails every few days). My sister grabbed her Safety 1st Steady Grip clippers and went to work. Within minutes, my daughter had short nails and no tears! The best part about these clippers is the length of the trimmer. It allows you to easily see where you’re placing the clippers on the nail and then when you’re ready push down on the soft rubbery grip. The best. Now it’s just a matter of getting your child to sit still long enough.

Melissa Roslyn, WA

Wouldn’t clip the kiddos nails with anything else!

Nice and sharp. Very easy to get precise and clean cuts. The handle is what makes this so great! A must-have for every parent of an infant.

Minerva Montara, CA

The Best!!!

Love these clippers… Easy to hold and use to cut newborns nails. I purchased several to keep all over the house.

Jaime Falcon, NC