Safety 1st Summit Deluxe Booster Car Seat, Entwine

Safety 1st Summit Deluxe Booster Car Seat, Entwine

Use forward facing with the harness from 22 40 pounds, converts to a belt positioning booster 30 100 pounds, 57, side impact protection, quickfit harness system: easily adjust the harness, heights without re threading the harness, 5 position adjustable shoulder belt guides for use in, belt positioning booster mode, 1 handed recline, comfy, pivoting armrests, slide out cup holder, 5 point harness with up front harness adjustment.

Main features

  • Use forward facing with the harness from 22 40 pounds
  • Side impact protection
  • Converts to a belt positioning booster 30 100 pounds, 57″
  • Comfy, pivoting armrests
  • Slide out cup holder

Verified reviews


Simply want to throw it away

We have had this stupid car seat for over a year now and I amd one with it ready to throw. Starps suck!!!!! Really Really suck, keep twisting not easy to increase their length to adjust to growing child. The lower buckle is really tucked in and leaves very little space for the kiddo.The only reason we continued this is padding is good, our son never complained abt that. Not anymore I am done working with those strapsDont buy!!

Heidi Coeymans Hollow, NY

Ideal for one to five year olds

This is an attractive, sturdy, flexible and well-made car seat/booster seat for children ages 1 or older.From the picture, I thought the seat base was optional. It isn’t, and although it is possible to remove the seat from the base by sliding out a metal bar, it isn’t usable that way. The base provides extra height and a sturdier base, protecting the car’s seats – some of our other car seat models have left permanent grooves in our car’s seats. The base also adds width – the total width including cup holder is about 19.5″; the cup holder needs to slide out for use and adds another 2″ in width on the child’s left side.This seat can fit a child one year old or older weighing from 22 lbs up 100 lbs. It cannot be used rear-facing, but we prefer smaller infant car seats for babies. This car seat is very adjustable; the shoulder belts adjust vertically by pulling on a metal bar in the back and sliding the whole headrest up or down to one of 4 different heights. The bottom belt connector is a little harder to adjust but can be moved to any of 3 positions by tilting the seat back and sliding out the metal brace underneath the slots.The tilt feature allows the seat to be used very slightly reclined or slightly reclined, but only with the built-in seat belts. I think the car’s seat back would also have to be reclined for the seat to fit correctly, but we don’t use it this way because sleeping children can lean on the sides of the car seat.The car seat is nicely padded and comfortable. My 2 year old can buckle herself, but the round release button is too hard for her to unbuckle (which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it!). There are also a couple small slots in the base on each side for storing small items, though they are hard for a child to reach. The fixed height arm rests pivot up and down for easy entry and have a soft but firm rubber grip feel.As with all new car seats, you can use the car’s seat belts or a LATCH system to attach the car seat in the vehicle. The car seat comes with all necessary belts for a LATCH system including the top strap. It doesn’t come with a metal clip for very old cars without locking seat belts, but these can easily be obtained online (or from friends with older car seats). This seat does have a holder on the back for storing a metal clip if you get one.With the built-in belts it could just fit my 5-year old 48″ tall child; any taller and you must use the car belt around the child and seat. At 40lbs (about 4 years old) you are supposed to switch to the belt-positioning booster mode instead of using the car seat’s belts. This is a heavier car seat, so I am not completely comfortable doing that because the seat adds weight to the child pressing against the belt in an accident. I am not sure why, but the manual says not to use the LATCH system to hold the seat in place separately while using the belt-positioning booster. In booster mode, the car seat can fit a very large child up to 100 lbs (though we never use car seats that long). Besides the adjustable seat back height, the shoulder guides slide up and down for even more flexibility.This seat does not have a detachable back, so for our larger children we use a lighter booster with a detachable back; the back is helpful for sleeping children or to guide the shoulder belt, but for larger children it is easier to just have the booster without the back.So while this is a flexible seat and can be used for larger children, for us this is an excellent, attractive car seat ideal for our 1 to 4 year olds.

Ruthie Sandown, NH

Works great!

Our daughter loves her carseat, falls asleep in it regularly, and it’s easy to clean. Overall I’d say it’s a great seat. The only thing we don’t like is the strange placement of the cupholder. We love the recline feature, the arm rests, and how easy it is to adjust the belts and the head rest as she grows.

Maxine Shelby, NC

Love this seat!

We got this car seat to replace a larger (up to 65 pound) car seat after a car accident. This seat is SO MUCH SMALLER than our old one that we are LOVING it! It takes up less space (and thus is easier to squeeze past when getting to the back seat of the van), buckles easily, and the bonus is that it will convert to a booster when we need it. Have never tried to take the cover off to wash it, but it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to do, if needed.Cons: (very minor in my opinion)The straps "fold" a little easier than the straps on our old seat, and I am a stickler for straps to lay flat.The recline option sounds nice, but in practice we never use it because of the way the seat fits into the car’s chair.

Maryanne Huntington, NY


This is good for the price. There are times (often) when the straps get twisted, but it’s easy enough to fix. I like the recline option, great for longer rides. I just wish it was easier to adjust the tightness of the harness.

Celeste Avoca, MN