Safety 1st Temp Guard, Frog

Safety 1st Temp Guard, Frog

Safety 1st 44742 Temp Guard Frog has a HOT indicator on the belly to make sure your child’s bath water isn’t “too hot”.

Main features

  • Temp guard lets you know when the water is too hot for baby
  • Popular frog design
  • Durable vinyl

Verified reviews


Very cute

So glad I found this, all you can find at other retailers is the rubber ducky, and I’m a frog fan, so I absolutely had to have this!

Tania Holland, MI

Cute but ineffective

I bought this because I had read in a book that it was great for bath time but when I went to use it, the temperature indicator always looked the same. It looks as though it always says “hot” even when it’s not in water. So I’ve resorted to using it as an expensive bath toy.

Elsie Santaquin, UT

Cute but doesn’t work

This adorable frog is my daughters favorite bath toy. But it doesn’t help with getting the water temperature right, the part that is supposed to change color is always the same. I still test her bathwater with my arm, but I don’t mind and she loves to chew on this guys eyes!

Jasmine Chaseburg, WI

Does What It Claims.

This little frog works great at telling us if the water is too hot. I feel much more comfortable about putting my daughter in the water now. She is only 8 weeks old and doesn’t “play” much yet, but I have a feeling it will make a great toy too.

Laurel Mims, FL

Easy and helpful!

I purchased this frog temp guard for an easy way to make sure the water isn’t too hot in our 4 month old daughters tubby. I always think the water is too hot and my husband always thinks it’s too cold so this is an easy way to know. It is nice and cheap but is simple and works. We just throw this into her tub while filling up the water and getting her ready. We pull it out for a second and look at the bottom. If it says “HOT” then we know it’s too hot. If it doesn’t then we know it’s good. We still test with our elbow too, but this makes it a lot more fool proof. It is also a little toy for her to look at and play with. Glad we bought it.

Queen Woodbridge, CT

Great chew toy in the tub – not sure about accuracy

Our son loves to chew on this frog while in the tub. Not too sure about the accuracy of the temperature. We tried it in very hot water as soon as you take the frog out of the water the HOT letters disappear so it is better I think to keep the frog submerged, flip it to expose the under side close to the surface to check the letters that way you can be sure it hasn’t cooled down yet.

Kate Washington Depot, CT

Cute and simple for testing bath water!

My husband and I were constantly arguing about the temperature of the bath water for our baby’s tub. I always think it’s too hot, but my husband always thinks it’s just right. We both test the water in the tub with our elbows, but since our elbows don’t agree, I looked to purchase a device that would help us out. I researched around and looked on and came upon Safety 1st Temp Guard – Frog. It looked cute, seemed simple, and relatively cheap at $4.99.When I received it in the mail, immediately I thought the frog is super cute! The material is a durable vinyl and is very soft and flexible. To test the bathwater with it, you just put the frog in the water, then take it out and turn it upside down. If the bath water is too hot, it will light up in hot pink letters as “HOT”. Very simple, we didn’t have to figure out temperature ranges or deal with calcuating between Fahrenheit/Celsius.The frog floats in the water so it is an extra bath toy for your infant. Our baby is only 2 months old now, so the frog doesn’t appeal to him yet. Hopefully, when he gets older, he’ll splash around with it in the tub!

Graciela Glen Gardner, NJ