Safety 1st Tot-Lok Starter Set

Safety 1st Tot-Lok Starter Set

Children are born with a natural sense of curiosity–and kitchen and other cabinets are wonderful places to explore. So to keep children safe from the untold dangers lurking in kitchen cabinets and drawers Safety 1st has developed the Magnetic Tot Lok. The magnetic lock works like magic. Just install the magnetic locks to the inside of any cabinet or drawer (hardware included), then simply touch the magnetic key to the outside to disengage the lock and open the door. Starter set comes with two magnetic locks and one magnetic key.

Main features

  • One magnetic key and two Tot Locks with magnetic design
  • Easy to install locks are concealed from view
  • Key sold separately or in sets with locks
  • Can only be unlocked with Tot Lok’s special magnetic Key
  • Great for medicine cabinets, cutlery drawers, liquor cabinets, tool cabinets

Verified reviews


Time consuming to install, but well worth it!!!

These locks took some time to install, however when you follow the instructions it goes very smoothly. The time now was well worth the ease in the future. Plus, after my daughter has outgrown the need for cabinet locks I can put them in their inactive mode. This is great because when we have future company we can reactivate them and the home is childproof again. Just be careful on cheap cabinets because you can drill through the entire door! Definitely a wonderful investment.

Wendy Hendricks, MN


I LOVE these things! They work great and I love that you can’t see them or my child can not get his fingers stuck in anything! They took about 30 minutes to install and they are amazing!

Sandy New Bern, NC


These locks just cannot be beat. They were featured on HGTV to baby-proof your house which is how I found out about them in the first place. They cannot be opened at ALL by the child, unlike many of the other items out there. You have to not only have the key to open the door, you have to know how to manipulate it to open. If you have chemicals that you have store within a child’s reach, there is no other better way than this lock to make SURE that child is safe. I feel very blessed that I found out these locks exist because my little one is extremely curious and figures out EVERYTHING! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. Regarding the installation, my husband is not a handyman – he’s a musician and if he can figure it out, so can just about anyone else. Buy them!

Sonya French Camp, MS

They work!

Love these. Not the easiest to install and they may take a little getting used to, but so worth it! They are really secure and do not interfere with the appearance of your cabinets. Would recommend in a heartbeat!

Victoria Wellington, MO

Product may be a good product… if you can put it together

The instructions to put the item together are small and hard to understand. It’s been sitting on my kitchen counter for about a month, and god knows when I will get to it. Buy this item only if you have the patience to deal with many small parts and instructions that are hard to understand.

Candice Dike, TX

easy to install both in less than 15 minutes.

I read the directions twice then installed taking less than 15 minutes and I am pretty clueless with putting things together. One thing that should be changed is it says on the outside that a drill should be used but the directions says not to use a drill. The screws are small so a drill would be pointless. I like that it comes with paper guides so you only screww once and it is where it needs to be the first time instead of trial and error making many holes in cabinet.

Rhonda Bristol, WV

The best child-proof lock set

Even though the Tot Lok is a bit pricey, it’s well worth the money.My daughter’s room has a cabinet that has 2 doors with an open shelf space between them. We didn’t want her to have access to the cabinets, as we store her nicer books in the cabinets. We tried several different methods of keeping her out of the cabinet doors. I could spend several minutes rigging up what I thought would be a kid-proof barrier, only to have my daughter get into the cabinets within minutes.I found the Tot Loks one day when we were looking at child proof products, and boy, do I wish we had found them sooner. These things are great. After a lengthy install process – my hubby is a do-it-yourself handyman type and it still took awhile to install – our daughter can no longer get into the cabinets.I would highly recommend these to anyone who needs to keep kiddos (or even pets) out of cabinets. Just don’t lose the “key” or lock it inside the cabinet!

Janine Arapahoe, CO

LOVE these locks

We have these locks installed on our cabinets in our home. I’ve tried other brands without success.. my kids always figure a way to get in. With this system, they can try all they want but they cannot get in. Sometimes the doors require pressing to open, but after I figured it out.. I never have an issue opening the doors. This will be the system of choice in any additional homes we buy later on… I don’t think I’d ever want to change after having such a positive experience. I would definitely recommend this to a friend or family member, without hesitation!

Victoria Hickory, MS

These really work

The locks are great. The only tricky part was installing them b/c if you don’t drill far enough, the magents won’t line up when you use the key on the other side and it won’t work. I also could not flip the red bar to disengage it. I would recommend these b/c they work and with the key…they’re almost even adult proof.

Kellie Waterford, CA

The right lock for the right situation – a roundup

As with everything about being a parent, locks are more complicated than you’d have thought (or would like!):SCREW-MOUNTED MAGNETIC LOCKS: The Safety 1st Tot-Lok Locks can be difficult to install, especially on drawers, but have more flexibility about where you can install the lock than the adhesive locks and seem very secure. Still, most people may want to try the adhesive locks (see below) first, to make it easier to get some child proofing done quickly.Pros:+ Very nice & secure once installed, especially since the fit can be adjusted to give a tight lock when closed.+ Works vertically or horizontally … that is, on the side of a door or the top.+ Can easily be switched to hold the lock open, for when no children are aroundCons:- Complicated to install, especially in some situations. So you might not get around to installing them, given all the other demands on your time.- Requires drilling a hole partway through the cabinet door from the inside for the magnetic part, plus some small holes to attach- May require some new tools – a collar lock, to keep from drilling through the door; and a right angle chuck for tight spacesIf you plan to be in your home for a while, and want a finished, secure set of locks, the Tot Loks may be a good choice.One note, if you use them often the magnetic key will wear the finish where it rubs.ADHESIVE MOUNT MAGNETIC LOCKS: The KidCo Adhesive Mount Magnet Locks will only work in some spots, but it’s still a good lock to try first, for a lot of people, because it works well (in the right situations) and is easy to install. Buy some and see how they work on your cabinets. Once you’ve tried a few, it’s a lot easier to see where’ll they’ll work or won’t work.Pros:+ Quick to install, after a few minutes of figuring it out+ No drilling required, so less work and no damage to furniture or cabinetsCons:- Only installs horizontally (along the top edge of a door or drawer), given the way they use gravity to lock.We just use the adhesive mount, no additional screws, for some furniture we didn’t want to drill holes into. They seem to be strong enough so far, especially since our kids seem to give up trying a door after a while – if it won’t open, they lose interest. I don’t know how the adhesive would stand up to long term use or really heavy pulling.HOOK LOCKS: The advantage that either of the magnetic locks has over the old fashioned hook type (like theMommy’s Helper Safe-Lok Cabinet Door and Drawer Lock) is that the hooks have a lot more play (they have to open a little bit to give you access to the lock). So a child can bang them back and forth – they might not open the door or drawer, but they will make a racket. Maybe OK in some situations, but not a great solution for easily accessible drawers or doors.SLIDE LOCKS: Slide locks (such as theAmerican Red Cross Cabinet Safety Slide Lock) are very quick and easy to install, if they fit. But they can also be pretty easy for some kids to unlock, so if they are within reach they aren’t much of a barrier to older kids. And even younger kids can sometimes open them by pulling or pushing on the doors. However, they are a good temporary solution and can be useful to carry when you travel.FLEX LOCKS: Flex locks (like the Safety First Cabinet Flex-Lock (see reviews) orCabinet Flex-Lock 2-Pack) are strong and easy to install, and you can see by looking at them whether the lock is secure (unlike the magnetic locks, which are designed to be out of sight). So you might want to use them for critical spots such as under the sink; or use them when you travel. And as a bonus, they are so secure that even some adults can’t open them! 😉 (They do take two hands to open.) Not attractive, but they do the job if you keep them tightened.

Tiffany Madison, MD


We used other types of latches, such as the ones that you push down and the ones that you squeeze and pull apart. Not toddler proof! We bought these magnet latches to put on our drawers in the kitchen and what a dream!! Another reviewer suggested two keys. Definitely. We only have one and are going to purchase another. Small price to pay for security. The thing I like about these is that if your little one is out of the house for the day, or they outgrow them, meaning they are old enough to be safe around knives and such, you can fix them where they don’t require the key! One drawback: If you have a double-wide or single-wide mobile home, you will have to do some modifications to your drawers to get them to work. My husband spent an entire evening working on three drawers due to the modifications needing to be made for them to work correctly for our drawers. After it was all done, it works perfectly. Also, a small price to pay for the security of my little angel. Do yourself a favor and invest a little money and get these latches!!!!

Jeanne Bude, MS