Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard, Orion

Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard, Orion

Safety 1st Travel Ease Elite Play Yard (Orion)Full-size bassinetFolds quickly and compactly for storage and travelToy bar with 3 soft toysLength 46.25Height 40.25Width 30

Main features

  • Toy bar with 3 soft toys
  • Elevated changer and Full-size bassinet
  • Assembled dimensions are 40.25 X 30.00 X 46.25
  • Fits through a doorway plus 2 wheels for portability
  • Folds quickly and compactly for storage and travel

Verified reviews


would not buy again

As play yards go, I suppose this one is OKAY but NOTHING spectacular! The “changing” table is a joke… it leans terribly and isn’t practical like I thought it would be! I love the storage on the side of the play yard. Using the play yard’s bassinet option was great but when I moved the “pad” to the bottom of the play yard once my daughter was too big for the bassinet I noticed that the pad/floor leaned to the center. The mattress seems to bulge and is not flat. It’s not level at all and just seems very flimsy. It seems like there isn’t enough support on the bottom of this play yard. I am just not satisfied with this product!

Maricela Hillsville, VA

Great bassinet

I really love the Safety 1st Travel Ease Play Yard. I have been using this as a bassinet for my son for 2 1/2 months now. This has been great to keep next to the bed as it has a changing table and storage so that I don’t have to go into the nursery every time he needs to be changed.I moved 1 month after initially setting it up and we did struggle a bit to break this down. Like a normal play yard, all 4 sides cave in when the buttons are pushed, but I didn’t realize that you have to push them again in order to completely fold it up. I had another friend who is a mom come and help figure it out, but now that I know I don’t foresee a problem in the future. It is pretty large to travel with — just the play yard itself and the bassinet fit nicely in the bag, but I couldn’t see fitting the changing table in there in order to travel with it on a plane.The storage compartment is super convenient. I keep diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and a few other things in there. And my son loves the bears that swing from the top. Sometimes if he’s fussing during the night, I’ll just reach over the swing the bar a little so they move and it keeps him occupied. You can also hang stroller toys from the top.I have not yet tested the sturdiness of the bottom of the play yard so I can’t speak to that, only the bassinet which has been great so far. The ‘mattress’ is firm with some padding on top. I also use theCarters Quilted Woven Playard Fitted Sheet, Animaland it fits perfectly. I do lay a Koala Baby Deluxe Plush Sheet Saver (from a certain large Baby store) across the mattress so that I don’t have to constantly change the sheet if he spits up.All the other reviews are right on in saying the changing table could be much better – it leans one way slightly but that really hasn’t been much of an issue for me (though this alone is why I deducted 1 star). I just put my son closer to one side and he’s fine. I lay another sheet saver across the changing table so that any messes are contained and can just be laundered, rather than having to clean the changing table itself.Overall, I highly recommend this play yard, especially for anyone who wants to avoid purchasing a separate bassinet. I plan on traveling on a plane with it soon, as well as using the bottom section and will update my review in the future.

Laurel Dawson Springs, KY

Excellent, easy to assemble, sturdy.

I was looking for a moderately priced pack ‘n play for our bedroom for when we bring our daughter home. I wanted something that had the changing station, bassinet, and some small storage for diapers, wipes, etc. for those first couple of months. This more than delivered. It was extremely easy to “assemble” (I use that term loosely as all the parts were pretty well put together when it arrived) and is compact enough when folded that it would be easy to travel with. It’s extremely sturdy and the fabric seems easy to keep clean. The changer on top doesn’t feel like it will fall in like some of the more fancy ones do. Also, I love that the storage on the side has a rigid top bar to keep it from flopping around and being difficult to get things in and out of. Not too big or too small and a great value!

Sybil Jeffrey, WV

A few minor flaws

I love the color scheme of this play yard. The brown is nice and deep and contrasts really well with the green. The colors are very true to the items picture.We have been using it for three months and I originally really wanted it because of the changing table (the nursery is up stairs). Unfortunately it isn’t exactly level and more poor son always ends of sliding to the edge and making it just a little harder to get him cleaned up and diapered. Also the padding isnt all that great. At first touch it feels find but as you lay your child on it, you can really feel the two support bars underneath… I cannot imagine it is comfortable. We end up just changing him in the bassinet portion. One review was saying that the padding on the bassinet is too hard, but it is my understanding that babies are not suppose to be sleeping on plush surfaces and the pad adds just enough cushioning to be supportive but safe.The outside material has held up surprisingly well. We have 6 cats, 2 of which are kittens, and they have been trying to use the mesh as a scratch post. Thankfully the mesh isnt even showing signs of wear and isnt threading or stringy at all!The supply area is a good size an holds everything you need for about a dozen diaper changes.Ultimately I am pretty happy with this item, but would have liked a better changing table for the amount of money I spent

Tessa Lake City, KS

Changing table is useless

You might be able to use the changing table for a newborn, but not much older than that, we gave up on using it. The bassinet insert is wobbly and my son never slept well in it. The bassinet was only recommended for up to 15 pounds anyway. The bottom floorboard is quite hard. It does pack well to use for travel so travelling is the only time we end up using it.

Zelma Tamuning, GU


This is a great product! it arrived on time and in perfect condition! I have nothing to complain about! SO easy to assemble, looks great and i love the fact that its not bulky! would definately recommend this product and I would buy from this seller again for sure..

Colleen Forestport, NY

Great quality and easy set up!

Very happy with my choice on this Play Yard. I’m 8.5 months pregnant with my 3rd child and was able to put this together all by myself without tears =) The quality is great and the coloring is very nice. I highly recommend!

Maryellen Darlington, SC


We’ve had this for the two months my daughter has been born, and out of the times she has used it, it has been great! I was a little leery about the bassinet portion, but it is rather sturdy as is the rest of the yard! I also like the little toy bar that hangs over it, and the fact that the little bears have velcro.

Amelia Dudley, GA