Safety 1st Tubside Kneeler Step Stool

Safety 1st Tubside Kneeler Step Stool

Ask any parent and you’ll find out how uncomfortable bathing a child in the tub can be. First there’s the squatting. Then you have to endure your elbows and knees pressing against the hard floor and porcelain as you lean to scrub and rinse. The Tubside Kneeler can make a big difference, creating a comfortable place for maneuvering at the tub. The padded stool cushions your knees while the arm rests cushions your elbows. It’s easy to use (the arm rests fit over the tub edge, attaching with suction cups), and it converts to a handy step stool for your child.

Main features

  • Cushions your knees and elbows during bath time
  • Machine-washable bag holds bath accessories
  • Converts to a step stool to help your toddler reach the sink
  • Slip-resistant grips help keep tub kneeler and step stool in place
  • Stores compactly when not in use

Verified reviews


Makes bathing easier

After looking at several different variations my husband and I decided to go with this one. The cushioning on the kneeler is awesome and I also really like the elbow rest.The hanging organizer has two pockets which fit our daughters bathwash and bubble bath. We use a new washcloth at each bathing so this is really all we need to hold.What I liked most about this product was that it “grows” with your child so they can use it as a stepstool as they get older. For the price I think its the best choice out there. Mom and dad can use it (we actually bought it for grandma who loves to bathe our daughter but has an ackward time doing it in our tub) and then our daughter can use it to brush her teeth or to stand in the kitchen.The maximum weight on this product is 200 pounds so I think its a good product for adults as well who maybe need a little extra help reaching that top shelf in the kitchen!

Angelia Merepoint, ME

Do you need padding and height? or just padding?

This works great in our master bath since we have an oversized tub and I need the added height this kneeler provides to reach/bathe my baby. In our other (smaller/lower) tub, I only use a towel — since the step/kneeler would give me too much height and cause me to bend over more and hurt my back. So … figure out if you need added height before buying this. If you don’t, go with a pad (or just folded towel).

Corinne North Blenheim, NY

Not Deep Tub Friendly

I really wanted to like this mat and elbow pad set. Unfortunately, we have a really deep tub, so the sides are tall and the cute little piece in between the elbow pad and mat isn’t long enough. I use it, detached from the mat on the bottom because it does save my knees, but I can’t use the net because now it is flimsy without the bottom attached and won’t hold anything. So, if you have a deep tub, just get the bottom part, otherwise, it will just be a waste of money.

Gladys Canton, NC

Worked Great for a Surprising Reason

I registered for this thinking it would be great for bathing baby. So far baby is really too little to bathe in the big tub (4 mos.) BUT, this item was absolutely indispensable when I was first home and recovering from my C-section! Without it I wouldn’t have been able to get in or out of bed, the car, or a chair.As far as the reviews about it being too tall or problems with older bathtubs, my tub is about 85 years old, and I wouldn’t begin to be able to reach the floor of the tub without this. Between getting high enough to reach over the side easily and getting a long enough reach to reach the floor of the tub, I have really needed the kneeler when I put baby’s tub into the big tub.

Lavonne Tabernash, CO

some things to consider before purchasing this…

This item is a great IDEA. Key word, ‘IDEA’.PROS:- It’s a 4-in-1: elbow rest, knee rest, storage pocket for wash/shampoos, and then later can be used as a stepping stool.- Cute little ice animal theme, polar bears, penguins, whales, etc.- The elbow rest has suction cups that attach to the tubside.- The little storage pockets that hang on the side are helpful for all those crazy bath toys and products babies come with.CONS:- What I did not consider before purchasing this item was the placement of my bathtub’s faucet and the toilet. We have two bathrooms, and both bathtubs, on the side where the faucet is the toilet is directly next to it. Generally, if one were to be giving their child a bath, they would be right by the faucet so that they could control the water flow/temperature…. With toilets directly next to my bathtubs, I can’t exactly kneel with 3 inches between the two porcelain objects. Hah. I sit uncomfortably on the closed toilet instead and lean over the whole time, which SUCKS.- The stool does not raise up to be any higher than what the picture shows. It is a very VERY short stepping stool, and will be useless for quite a while.- The suction cups for the elbow rest POP OFF almost every time you lean on it, which defeats the purpose. They were very hard to get to stay put in the first place before anyone ever leaned on it.- Also, the top of the elbow rest CRACKED after maybe the 2nd time we used it.Conclusion:I LOOOVED the idea of this product. Still haven’t seen a similar product, but I was very disappointed with the quality and exact features of this, and I was frustrated with myself for not considering that I couldn’t even use this feature because of my bathroom set-ups. This will be up for sale at my next garage sale.

Molly Moravian Falls, NC

A must have!

We got this for the upcoming arrival of our daughter. But, the first time I used it was to clean the tub after my husband gave the dog a bath. IT IS AWESOME! It’s very sturdy and has alot of padding. I love the arm rest, it came loose a couple of times but a quick cleaning of the side of the tub and suction cups solved that. I was worried when I read the other reviews of this product, but once I gave it a try I was hooked. Our daughter and dog will never have a bath again without it.

Emma Ashaway, RI


this is so cool I like that it will be used for longer than just a kneeler for baby baths…. for the little one as a todler

Maura Little Cedar, IA

Another so-so product from Safety First

The kneeling stool is great. The padding is sufficient and I love that it flips over to convert to a stool…Very useful! BUT…the elbow pad is a joke! There is a hard plastic honey comb underneath it and hard plastic surrounding it that force you to put your elbows into two tiny areas or risk severe pain from the plastic. Not to mention that to two measley suction cups that are suppose to hold it onto the side of the tub do not work at all. It constantly pops off the tub whenever I put any weight on it. I don’t regret my purchase because of the stool which works really great. I suggest that if you still want this product after reading the reviews, you try to find it used so that you don’t have to pay retail.

Ashley Red Oak, OK

Not sturdy

The kneeler is not very sturdy. I was not comfortable kneeling on it, and I felt like my weight would break right through the flimsy little styrofoam-like cushion. If that is what the manufactorer considers cusioning, I’m not impressed. I might as well kneel on a folded towel. I was hoping for something that would be soft. Also, the construction of the item is not very sturdy. It is made of plastic, and it does not seem at all durable. The elbow "cushion" is also not very soft. It is not secure, either. When I leaned against it to test it, it slid right off. If I’d been busy bathing my baby, I would have tumbled into the tub with him. I don’t recommend this product.

Melanie Van Buren, MO

Purchased on-line, no weight limit listed

My post baby weight was over 200lbs, if you are over 200 lbs, this is not for you. I was only a few pounds over that so I thought “it will be safe”. Err! Wrong answer, I cracked the kneeler portion. What a blow to the postpartum ego.

Libby Steger, IL

Given as a gift

This Kneeler & Step Stool thing looks great. We gave it as a gift but I totally wanted one for myself after seeing it. I think it would really help your knees & elbows during bath time.

Annabelle Melmore, OH