Safety 1st Whale and Baby Spout Guard

Safety 1st Whale and Baby Spout Guard

Consumer Insight: Parents look for fun and unique ways to protect their child from the dangers of the bath tub spout.

Main features

  • Easily attaches to spout, Fun water spouting feature, Easy to remove yet still difficult for child to remove, Creates water stream for bath time fun, Made with soft material

Verified reviews


works not the best choice for us

This is adorable and once on keeps your little ones protected BUT…1) It’s hard to put on without squishing my fingers (almost as hard to remove)2) there’s no hole to access the knob for the showerSo, if you use the bathroom just for kids baths, you can leave it on and it’s hard for them to remove and would be fine.If others (older kids, guests) need the shower, there are probably better options!

Dorothy Veneta, OR

Good basic safety item

When I bought this, I thought maybe the purple baby whale was removable to let you use the shower diverter without removing the entire thing. It doesn’t, so I still have to take it off to use the shower. But thankfully it goes on and off pretty easily.It’s tricky to get the water to come out of the whale’s mouth; you have to line it up just right. This will be less of an issue, of course, if you can just leave it in place.

Vilma Haines, OR

Didn’t work for us – at all.

This didn’t work for us at all. In fact, it drew my 8 month old’s attention which caused her to stand up and go towards the spout more than when I had it uncovered. More dangerous than before! The water must be left on very slowly for it to come through the whale, otherwise it will come gushing out the back of the whale and make a mess. She plays with it in the tub, but if I knew then what I know now I’d have skipped this purchase.

Paige Kings Mills, OH

Very nice. I’ve had this for 2 years and it …

Very nice. I’ve had this for 2 years and it has saved my son several times from falling into, or standing up and hitting the metal spout.

Lottie Durhamville, NY


We got one before this one. He got scared of it. This one is great, he never got injured with the faucet.

Alberta Merritt Island, FL

Works great!

This fit right over the top of the bathtub faucet and has prevented several head bonks since its implementation. It is fun for my little girl too – she likes to get some soap and wash the baby on the mommy whale’s back. One word of caution – it will mildew on the inside unless you take it off and disinfect the inside of it weekly with a bathroom cleaner wipe. I also take it off after the kid is out of the tub and leave it to dry on the counter over nite.

Manuela Perry Park, KY

Works well but hard to use shower

This is cute and it is easy to slide on, it’s hard to turn the shower on with it in place. We’ve taken to removing it unless the baby’s in the tub.

Alejandra Hatton, AR

Doesn’t fit

The product is fine, it arrived in good shape and is as described… But it doesn’t fit my bath spout. I admit that it was a gamble to buy this item because my bathtub fixtures are rather old – my spout does not have the pull/push shower switch on the top like most newer fixtures. Also, the body of the spout gets gradually bigger towards the base. The whale has these large plastic teeth in his, ahem, behind that are meant to grab the spout. Unfortunately, if the spout is too wide these teeth are rendered useless. So, between that and the lack of the shower switch, which I’m sure would help hold it in place, this whale just droops off the spout. I’m going to have to figure out how to make it work.

Fran Winslow, AZ

Love it!

This works great! The first time I used it, I didn’t have any water coming out the whale’s “spout” but that was because I had pushed it back TOO far on the faucet. Now what I do is start the water, and then attach the whale. When I get it in the right spot, the water shoots out the front and my daughter loves it. It’s very safe too, it’s soft enough to protect her head but firm enough to do it’s job. One caution, however, is that I often turn on the hot water in the middle of her bath to warm it back up. I need to be careful when hot water is shooting out this spout, so that I dont burn her! But I have learned to push her to the back of tub and add the water, and then I turn off the faucet and let it stop dripping before I swish it around and let her play where she wants again. We do not have a shower pull on our faucet, so this is not an issue for us. And actually, I take the whale off the faucet and put it away after her bath anyway. It’s very easy to remove and place back on. It is perfect for what we need.

Elisabeth Pittsville, WI

Looks and fits great

I really like this faucet cover. It has already prevented several what would have been bumps and bruises. It fits the faucet well but unfortunately my 8 month old is very capable of pulling it right off. I’m still happy I bought it.

Gay Acworth, NH

works great

This fits our faucet pretty well and stays on (ours doesn’t have a shower button on the top). It is soft, though I would prefer it to be a little “cushier”, but it is definitely better than nothing. And also it keeps our baby from constantly trying to touch the faucet, which has gross build up inside. The water doesn’t shoot out of the front whale spout though, it just flows down as usual, but I don’t really care about that feature.

Janette Lowake, TX

Great product

This product serves its purpose well. Other people gave it bad reviews because it didn’t fit correctly, didn’t have a space for the shower pull on the spout or that it would mold easily. It only needs to fit for the 5-10 mins your child is in the bath, it’s obvious from the photos there isn’t a space for a shower system that has a pull on the spout and take it off when your child is done bathing. Well worth the money and highly recommended!

Edith East Troy, WI

Great product

It won’t work for one if the spout has a shower knob. Ours didn’t so it worked well for us. The design is very cute. Water is supposed to also spit out from the whale’s mouth but you have to position in a very particular manner in order for that to work. Even if you got it into position, the spout guard would slip from that position quickly. That’s more of a decorative part anyways so it didn’t matter much to us.

Iva Mansfield, PA

Only gets occasional use when grandson visits

However, it fit on our faucet and stayed on well. Looks cute and thick enough to provide the safety that is wanted.

Pearlie Juneau, AK

cute but did not fit

very adorable but did not fit our tub. I am not sure if I was supposed to stretch it our more or if just not the right size for our bathroom.

Patrice Antioch, CA

may work for you

It’s cute, it’s safe and it shoots a little stream of water from the blow hole in front. The problem is, I’ve tried it on at least 5 different bath spouts, and it fit on only one. It’s still a good price, if you care more about your little one bumping their noggin, but if it would anger you if it doesn’t do what it should, this is not the cover for you. It will still cover all spouts, just won’t shoot water through the right holes.

Jenny Eaton Rapids, MI

Cute and sturdy

This cover is SO CUTE! It fits perfectly on our spout and does not fall off or need constant adjusting. My only dislike is the fact that it “spits” water out the front. When my daughter was younger it used to hit her right in the face and i ended up having to pull out the mechanism that created the stream of water.

Gilda Clifton Springs, NY

need a lot of water pressure for “spout” to work

works great, but we don’t have enough water pressure for the spout to work. but my kid loves the whales, and it stays put on our faucet.

Ana Olney Springs, CO

very nice

I love this spout guard. It’s thick enough to where I know my baby will not get hurt if he bumps his head and it’s a great toy. My son loves the whales and the water feature it has.I put it on without him seeing it, and so far he hasn’t tried to get it off. I use it in our big tub (spout without the shower knob), and it fits great. If you have a shower knob it will not fit, but that’s specified in the description.Would definitely recommend.

Earline Barataria, LA


This is very cute and stays on well. I expected it to mold pretty quickly. It didn’t. I’ve had it for many months now and it’s done great!

Alyssa Van Buren, AR

Does the job and looks cute.

It’s only slightly more difficult to fill up the baby tub due to the way the water flows around this whale cover. It makes us feel better to have something softer than the spout just in case a little head gets too close.

Marisa Petrolia, TX


I love this thing. It’s fit both of the faucets I’ve put it on. I fell on a tub faucet and cut my eye when I was little so I feel so safe having this for my son.

Renee Mattituck, NY

good price

Def one of the best ones out there and at such a great price. Fits on the faucet well and comes off easy enough when you need to use the shower head instead. Water does come out of the big whales spout which is cute too.

Susanne Renville, MN

Cute and safe

I bought this for my active one-year-old who is an absolute animal in the tub. Now I don’t have to worry about him bumping his head on the faucet. And he’s just mesmerized by the whales!

Ofelia Richmond, TX

cant get it off

this is too small and I have a standard tub fixture. It is hard to get on and off. I would get something else.

Elva Wellesley, MA

Faucet to skinny AND MOLD!

I like this product do not get me wrong.. But people have not really discussed the fact that if you have a bathroom that often gets mold like ours does.. this product breeds it =x the whole inside ledge was covered in black slimy sludge. As son as I saw that I took it off and have not used it since. The inside is very large and open , perhaps that is why the mold grows there. Also it does not fit on skinnier faucets so it moves around a lot and has fallen off on occasion . I am looking for a better alternative.

Hattie Fort Harrison, MT

Its ok

Sometime the spout on the whale works and sometimes it doesn’t I have moved it into a million different positions but it just doesn’t always work. Overall though it does the job of keeping my little one from hitting his head

Darla Danbury, TX

Cute product could be a little cheaper

This is cute product for a children’s tub. It is a little pricey for this item, but cute and well made.

Carmela Havana, KS

Wouldn’t stay on our tub faucet.

Great in theory, didn’t work though. Our faucet is smooth with no tab for the shower, so this was supposed to be the best design for us. It won’t stay on. It slowly inches it’s way off, and especially as the water is running. We ended up just using it as a bath toy.

Whitney Tasley, VA

Great but not for certain showers

Very cute and does what it is supposed to which is protect baby’s head! However, my shower pulls out from the bottom of faucet to turn on so i have to keep taking this on and off. It would be nice to just leave it on. If you don’t have this type of shower then it is perfect!

Dayna Deerfield, MA