Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate, Natural

Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate, Natural

Safety 1st has parents covered with the Wide Doorways Fabric Gate. It stretches easily to cover spaces as wide as 60 inches, making it perfect in open spaces and wide doorways where a regular-size gate can’t go the distance. It’s machine washable and includes a drawstring bag that’s easy to store or take with you on the road. Features include pressure mounted fastening so no hardware is required, a height of 27 inches to keep little ones safe, and a stain resistant protection for durability.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Adjustable from 38 inches to 60 inches
  • 27 inches high
  • Sturdy adjustable design
  • Pressure mounted
  • Perfect for hallways and between rooms
  • Adjustable from 38″ to 60″
  • 27″ high

Verified reviews


Easy to put up and doesn’t look bad

This gate is very easy to put up and it doesn’t look too bad because the colors are neutral. The fabric is mesh so you can kind of see through it. I have it stretched close to the max (about 55 inch archway), so it looks good…if you put it in a smaller doorway then the fabric will be bunched up and look sloppy. I have some trouble stepping over it, but my husband who is 6’1″ can step over it without any trouble. If it is in a high traffic area then I would not recommend this…we put it in an archway that we don’t really use, so it is perfect for that. Also, our dog doesn’t jump on it and our baby isn’t walking/climbing things yet; so I’m not sure how well it would stand up to a child trying to climb it or push against it.

Earline Honeoye, NY

too wobbly

it held onto the wall pretty good with pressure mounting however trying to lengthen and shorten it is a Pain! I hate doing it, it wobbles and you gotta do each side little by little rotating until its the right length…

Deena Ricetown, KY

So much work to put it together… and NOT safe!

We have the Evenflo wide and soft gate, and I decided to try one of this. Bad decision! It took me a long time to put it together, and you need to keep turning to adjust the width, where Evenflo one you just push one button to adjust it, and also you just open the box and it’s ready to use. We only had it up for 3 days, and my 13 months old boy tried to push it but it forced the bottom part to turn and it fell on him. I am getting another Evenflo one instead. Anyway… I shouldn’t have try to save $10 to get a different gate.

Heidi Oneill, NE

Great for corralling a rookie walker

I’ve been looking for months to find a safe and easy-to-use gate for my foyer hallway that I can put up and take down when needed. This fits the bill. It’s not only easy to use and secures both my suddenly mobile daughter and helps me keep my two dogs out of her way as she finds her confidence walking around the house. The best part is that it allows me to adjust the top and bottom rails to fit the walls and basboards, respectively. I highly suggest this if you need a good gate but don’t want to install a pressure-mounted walk-thru gate that is more difficult to use on a “temporary” basis in high traffic areas.

Bobbi Purchase, NY

looks great, requires good hand strength to install, loosens over time

I really love this gate. It looks great and works well. Two cautions:1. It was challenging for me to put it together and have it securely in the door frame. I have carpal tunnel.2. Over time the gate seems to loosen a bit, my toddler pulled it over on himself twice in the past two days and hit his head on the hardwood floor. This was the first time we experienced that. I plan to have my husband tighten it tonight. Until this happened I would have given it five stars.

Jean Cut Off, LA

Works Well!

This gate is very effective for keeping my toddler out. It is easy to adjust and the perfect height. My toddler even hangs in the gate and it doesn’t fall.

Britney Milton, WI

Perfect and Adjustable

Perfect for the wide space separating the living room for the kitchen. My 18 month old can hand on it and pull on it without it coming loose.I love the mesh in the middle, because my daughter can see through it when we are cooking in the kitchen and she’s playing in the living room.The only time it has fallen down is when my 65 pound dog attempts to jump over it to get in the kitchen. But considering my daughter only weighs 25 pounds, it’ll be a while before she’s heavy enough to pull it down.

Sheena Trevett, ME

Perfect extra wide gate!

I bought this gate to cover an extra wide doorway. It is exactly what i was looking for. It is not the type of gate that is easy to take up and down, so we leave it in place for the most part. it is easy to expand to fit whatever size doorway you need. my son has fun pressing his face into the mesh to look through to the other side!

Kelli Abercrombie, ND

Great for wide doorways

This is a great gate for wide doorways- not to be used for stairs (as it says in the description). Our doorways are too wide for typical baby gates (55") and these gates do technically fit our doorways. However, I was disappointed that there is no way to pull the fabric so that it is taut. This is primarily a cosmetic issue, however, the loose fabric does allow baby to lean into the gate, creating more pressure on it in different areas than I think would be there if the fabric was taut. One time, when I hadn’t secured it tight enough to the wall, the baby was able to actually knock the gate loose and it fell on him. These gates are light enough that even if they do fall, they will not harm your child, pet, or anything else. They are very high to step over though if you are short, and are kind of a pain to put u[ and down every time if you aren’t able to step over them.

Carey Nankin, OH

Still trying to decide…

I’m not sure how I feel about this gate yet. We are taking in foster children soon and we needed something that was no climb for children and jumbable for cats. Since we don’t have any children yet I can’t tell if they work yet. However, I put it up and the cats didn’t really know what to make of it. I have a feeling that I am going to have to keep lifting them over and then they are going to want back in. This was the lowest gate I could find though. Metal gates with doors were not long enough for the opening we had or too tall for the cats to jump. We will still keep these, but it will probably be in other areas that I didn’t orginally intend to put them. The two things that I really like about this gate is that they hold firmly in place and are portable. They even come with a bag to store them in. I will make another update once I can telll more.

Christy Paynes Creek, CA

Love this gate!

This was a perfect solution for our wall to cabinet space. As we were able to install hardware on either surface, and it was fairly wide, this is a nice-looking, neutral, safe and soft solution. Would highly recommend!

Francesca Fairbanks, AK

Sturdy and does the job

We’ve had this gate up for about two months and my 18 month old son has not yet been able to bring it down. We have it in an opening that is 58″ and it fits great. My husband had it out of the package and in place in about ten minutes. I agree with other reviewers that it might be strange to have it in a smaller opening as the bunched up fabric would look weird. In my wide hallway though it looks and fits great.

Luz Bear River City, UT

Good quality; works for petite moms

This gate does a great job of keeping my 10-month-old in our den with a wide doorway. The quality is very nice and it seems very secure, even with my strong little guy climbing up on it, pushing into the mesh etc. The only drawback is that it is a bit of a hassle to take it down and put it back up when the baby is sleeping etc. so we pretty much keep it up all the time. However I am only 5’3" and I can climb over it without much difficulty.

Jennie Longdale, OK

Good where walls not directly across from eachother, but needs brackets.

Hello. I use this gate where the two walls are not directly across from each other. My baby likes to hang from this gate and lay against the mesh. The gate would come loose from the wall. (Perhaps that is because the gate is diagonal and the ends don’t have full contact with the walls.) With wooden brackets screwed into the walls, he can hang to his heart’s content and the gate stays sturdy. I have had it for about 1 1/2 years. It’s still holding strong and looks good. It’s hard for me to hop over, but I am very happy with this gate.

Christian Redwood City, CA

Easy to install

I like this safety gate. It is easy to install and not very obtrusive looking. So far its doing a good job at keeping my crawler away from the dining room. I like that she can’t use it to pull herself up to stand and take the gate down with her.

Vera Roopville, GA

Nice gate

Didn’t like at first but this is a great gate. Just took me a while to figure out how to best work it. It is one of those twist tension rods. It is easy to use.

Jana Nahant, MA

Good gate that you need not install permanently

My husband and I wanted a gate that we could easily take down and put up, one that we didn’t have to use a drill or mount or put any holes in the walls. It was also important that the gate fit a wide doorway and be adjustable to use in other wide doorways if necessary. This gate does all of those things. The top and bottom parts of the gate are basically tension rods like a shower curtain rod. They are easy to twist in order to remove the gate to make it tight again. This gate was also super easy to assemble. Keep in mind that if the gate it not at it’s max width the mesh material will be bunched. For us it’s been no problem, but since it isn’t taut, our toddler can lean on it into the next room. It reminds me of some kind of play ground net toy when she does it. But having said that, the mesh is very strong and I don’t worry about it ripping or breaking.

Brooke Gleason, TN

Great gate for wide spaces

We have a few really wide arches in our house and we didn’t want to have to attach a gate to our walls if we didn’t need to. This gate was easy to put up and it keeps our very active daughter in the room that we want her. I highly recommend this gate if you have a large space to block off. Also, if you have neutral walls it compliments pretty well too (added bonus). 🙂

Brigitte Rose Lodge, OR

Great as pressure-mounted gates

We bought a pair of these gates for the living room as it is now our son’s play area too. We also didn’t want to have holes in our door frames so these gates worked great pressure mounted. Our 13-month old has leaned on the mesh screen many times and the gate has held up to the test. Each gate also comes with its own storage bag for later when you decide to take it down and put it away. Another thing, I’m 5-3 and had have no problems getting over the gates other than it being an inconvenience going over them multiple times a day (i.e. doing daily, normal stuff around the house). These gates were a great buy for our family’s needs.

Kimberly Keego Harbor, MI


I read reviews after reviews before ordering a gate. I first purchased one locally at our BRU and it was the only one they had for extending to 53". It was HORRIBLE! I worked for twenty minutes trying to get it together and didn’t come close- I took it back and went back to Amazon to read reviews and try not to choose a wrong one. I ultimately went with this one because the reviews were okay and the price was the best. I love this gate. There’s nothing I don’t like about it. It took all of two minutes to put together and put up. It is very strong and sturdy. The color isn’t bad. If you want a gate with a door, then obviously don’t buy this one. I could do with or with out a door. I would definitely recommend this gate and it fits our needs perfectly.

Adela Itasca, TX

A great gate for hallways, wide openings

We needed a gate that wouldn’t need to be permanently installed in wall studs since we rent. This is an extremely tight and safe fit and WILL NOT damage walls/sheetrock. Our hallway is 48" and this is a nice fit; haven’t tried it on larger openings.Some have said it is difficult to put rods through the fabric because of the rubber end caps: tip to use to make this easier: place a knee-high pantyhose on the end you are threading into the fabric; the rod will slide almost effortlessly through without the struggle against the rubber endcaps.The mesh is strong and appears durable, and the children love to see Mom and Dad through it.A fair price.

Lee Gerald, MO

Awesome for Wide Spaces

This gate blocks the door from my family room into my kitchen (somewhere around 45" wide). Works great. I was able to get a tight fit in the doorway and it’s very stable. My son has pulled on this many, many times and it never moves.

Linda Marseilles, IL

Works for 60″ doorway

We have a 60″ doorway to our kitchen we wanted to block and this looked like the best choice. I was a little worried that I saw a review that said it wouldn’t fit a 60″ doorway, but got it anyway to try it. It works fine. It helped when assembling to not have the bars at full extension, as it’s true, the fabric does not have much elasticity – which is good. The bars can easily be extended fully once the side pieces are on by twisting the ends. Also, when I put mine together at first it was all twisty as another review mentioned. I discovered later that this was because one of the side pieces was not fully seated. There is a small ridge and groove in the plastic pieces that needs to line up to put the side piece all the way on – it should snap in.I am 5’6″ and while it’s not exactly convenient to step over, it’s not difficult. So I’m very glad I got this gate, we’ve had no problems at all once I got the side piece attached properly.

Erin Rochester, PA

Holds well

This pressure mounted gate is used between our living room and kitchen to keep our 13 month old away from the cabinets and our stairs (that lead from the kitchen to the bedrooms upstairs). We’ve never had a problem with the gate being too loose and our son can run straight at it and it doesn’t budge. It’s a lot taller than you would expect, which is nice for my son (who is 97th percentile in height) but annoying for the adults that have to continuously walk over it. Next time, I’ll opt for a gate that swings open.

Willie Grand Forks Afb, ND

Fabric Gate Heaven

We have an extra wide opening that leads from the living room to kitchen. This was a fantastic buy. Our little one love sto peek a boo through the holes. I’m 5"3 and it is easy for me to get over and back without having to take it down. I needed a little help with the pressure mounting the first time but it was possible to do by myself.

Mindy Buchanan, NY


Best baby gate we have bought! Our daughter pushes and pulls on it all day and it never budges. We don’t have to worry about her falling into the gate since it is so soft.

Renee Poplar Grove, IL