Safety 1st Wooden Swing Gate, Espresso

Safety 1st Wooden Swing Gate, Espresso

Safety 1st Espresso Swing GateLength 2Height 26Width 30-48

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Adjustable from 30″ to 48″
  • 26″ high
  • Beautiful dark wood to enhance the home
  • Hardware mounted
  • Swings open

Verified reviews


Pretty but loud

Very nice looking, but it’s hard to open. Any time my family visits, someone inevitably gets stuck and can’t figure it out. It’s also really loud to lock and unlock if you have a second child/baby sleeping.

Savannah Tecumseh, KS


My only wish is that it were a bit lighter wood. That said It hardware mounts on an angle and simply latches open or closed. It looks nicer than every other gate I bought and it was already long enough so I did not have to purchase and put together some cheezy looking extensions.

Sheri Dilworth, MN

Holds up pretty well

Have had this over a year now, and it has held up pretty well. I wish some of the top parts were a stronger plastic, or maybe even metal, as the plastic seems to have gotten stripped and much easier to open, then when first installed. I would recommend using a level on your wall, because if your wall is not perfectly square, you will need to do some "customization" during the install. The two metal bars that stick out that are the locking mechanism, will not both touch properly if you dont start with a "plum" wall.

Elma Woodbridge, NJ

Piece of CRAP! Broke in less than a week!

Did not buy this from amazon, so this is NOT their fault…The gate takes forever to put up, even with a VERY handy husband. It was up for less than a week when one of the lower wood pieces broke off when closing the gate (by an adult!!), the next day the entire gate seperated and fell to pieces. Straight to the trashcan it went! TERRIBLE QUALITY! The gate closes VERY loudly, so no “sneaking out” in or out of the room either. The only positive thing I can say about this gate is: even a 4 yr old could not figure out how to get this gate open (when it worked that is). Bought 2 “Munchkin Loft”/ Munchkin Numi gates instead….they are a lot more expensive, but you pay for both design and quality….and we LOVE them!Will NEVER again buy a Safety 1st gate or recommend them to anyone.

Toni Groom, TX

Looks Good – a litle to much plastic in the latch.

This gate looks better than any other options I’ve seen. The wood fence is nice quality. The attachment to the wall however; (not the pivot, the latching side)is pretty “plasticky”. If you’re not careful pulling the release you will pull the entire thing off of the wall (the locking side not the whole gate). We have become used to being gentle with it, but when friends come over they have problems figuring it out. If it weren’t for that issue, the gate would be a “5 star” product.Also when installing the gate, it has to be 100% perfect. It is not forgiving. If the two hinges are not install perfectly in line and straight up, the gate will not close properly. So if you are not handy with tools and a perfectionist, look elsewhere or find someone who is to install it.

Jeri Conway, MO