Safety First Cabinet Flex-Lock 2-Pack

Safety First Cabinet Flex-Lock 2-Pack

With a secure three-way locking system, this Cabinet Flex-Lock helps prevent children from accessing cabinets that are off-limits. Flex-Lock from Safety First works on cabinets with handles and knobs and are simple for adults to use and install. This pack includes two locks. Recommended for children ages 0 to 4 years.

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This lock works well to keep little ones out (and doesn’t cause damage with screws) but is a pain for the adults to open up.

Blanche Bowie, TX

Use this if you don’t need in the cabinet

My wife got these for our less than one year old. He can’t remove them, but we have a difficult time as well. I definitely can’t do it one handed. We use ours for doors we get into rarely

Alberta Alexander, KS


I bought this lock because my son kept opening my glass door cabinets. I put this lock on it and now it is impossible to open. It is no way he can figure out how to get it off. It is even hard for an adult to get it off. I love it

Eva Millville, PA

Keeps everyone out!

I bought these to keep my 21 month old out of our bathroom cabinets. The only problem is they keep me out too! They are very secure, which I guess is the most important thing. But, they’re really hard to open, at least for me, as I have short fingers. We have a different kind in our kitchen, but the same issue there. I have a hard time getting them open, but so does my toddler. So, at least we’re safe, even if I can’t get into my cabinets!

Lara Nanty Glo, PA

Versitile and hard to open — a good thing!

After trying other more “standard” cabinet locks that didn’t work on any of the cabinets in our apartment, we tried these flex locks. They rock! The release mechanism is a little tricky, even for adults — but I figure that means that my very clever toddler will just have a harder time figuring them out. :)They are also incredibly versitile:Our bathroom under-the-sink cabinet had handles in the middle of the doors so standard locks wouldn’t reach. We tethered two of these together and it worked perfectly.Our kitchen cabinets have rounded knobs so that other locks slid right off, even when set as tight as possible. Because of the narrowness of the “flex” part, These ones can be tightened really well around the handles so there is no way to slide them off.We have a sideboard that has two cabinets and a set of drawers in the middle. We rigged these locks so they go around one door handle and lock through the drawer handle in the middle, and little man just cannot figure it out.So happy with these locks!

Susie Lansing, MN

Keeps baby out of trouble

We bought this to keep our 8-month old son out of the TV cabinet in the family room. He is fascinated by the lock but cannot get into it (and I suspect won’t ever be able to because it requires two hands to open.) Since you have to use two hands I would recommend putting it on a cabinets were you will not have the baby in your hand while trying to open it. It is not the most attractive looking thing on the outside of your cabinets, but I wasn’t concerned about that I just wanted to a lock that would keep my baby out of trouble and that I would not have to permanently install.

Allie Point Reyes Station, CA

good product

We have had them for several months and they are holding up well. My one year old will never be able to get them open. I had to show my husband several times how to open it. Once you figure it out, they are easy to operate.

Erna Catalina, AZ


These actually work and hold up to toddlers. We are very happy with them and plan to buy more now!

Yvonne Pinckneyville, IL


Very easy to place onto the cupboards and goes with my white cupboards. Only drawback is that you need two hands to open this, but it certainly does the job of keeping my 15 month old son out of my kitchen cupboard.

Theresa Swink, CO