Samsung Secured Digital Wirelss Baby Audio Monitor

Samsung Secured Digital Wirelss Baby Audio Monitor

Designed to fit anywhere in the home and will pair in seconds. View larger Never miss a sound tanks to an interference free and secure connection featuring the latest DECT technology available. View larger Samsung Simple and Secured Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor The SEW-2001W is a wireless audio monitoring kit to be an extra set of ears for your baby. The pairing is easy so that a parent unit and a baby unit can be connected just by the push of a button. The voice activated function keeps the speakers quiet until baby sound is detected and keeps static noise level to minimum to keep the baby environment healthy. The parent unit comes with belt clip for simple portability and it activates the sound alert when the unit is out of wireless range or detects baby sound. The SEW-2001W will be the simplest solution for your baby care giving you a peace of mind. Crystal Clear Sound and an Interference Free Connection The SEW-2001W features the latest DECT Digital Wireless technology, bringing you a fuller and clearer sound quality. This ensures that you won’t miss a beat when it comes to how your baby is doing. The DECT Digital Wireless technology also features a 1.8 GHz secure signal that ensures you an interference free connection. The SEW-2001W also has an unbelievable range of up to 900 ft., giving you total freedom, convenience, and security. Truly a Simple and Secure Solution The SEW-2001W gives you a simple and elegant design that will compliment any decor. Pairing your monitor to your parent unit is as easy as pushing a button. With the built in belt clip, an unmatched 900 ft. range, and a sound alert that alerts you in case you are out of range or detect your baby’s sound you have complete freedom to go about your business with a peace of mind. It’s truly the simple and secure solution to your baby care needs. What’s Included The system comes with the following components: Baby unit 1EA, Parent unit 1EA, Power adaptor (2EA), Rechargeable battery pack (1EA), User Manual Simple & Secure SEW-2001W Digital Baby Audio Monitor At a Glance: Latest DECT Digital Wireless Technology for fuller and clearer sound DECT 1.8Ghz wireless technology provides secure and interference free connection Unsurpassed range (Up to 900 feet) that lets you go to the distance Elegant design to fit anywhere at home Rechargeable battery and low battery alarm notification Product Name & Model SEW-2001W View larger Simple & Secure Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor SEW-2002W View larger Simple & Secure Digital Wireless Baby Audio Monitor (Two Parent Units) SEW-3036W View larger BabyVIEW Wireless Video Baby Monitor (3. 5″ LCD) SEW-3037W View larger SafeVIEW Wireless Pan Tilt Zoom Video Baby Monitor (3. 5″ LCD) VOX (Voice Operated Switch) ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Out of Range Alert ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Sound Level Indicator ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Infrared Night Vision ✓ ✓ Two-Way Talk (Communication) ✓ ✓ Expandable System – Additional Camera Up to 4 ✓ ✓ Built-in Belt Clip ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Remote Pan and Tilt ✓

Main features

  • Latest DECT Digital Wireless Technology for full and clear sound quality
  • DECT 1.8 GHZ interference free connection
  • Elegant, sleek, and simple design, Rechargeable battery and low battery alarm

Verified reviews


Overpriced and too quiet – try the Sony BabyCall first

Having read the other reviews, I feel the need to clarify a couple of things. Honestly, when I read 7 or 8 reviews that all use the same cheesy language (“wireless freedom!” “crystal clear sound!”), written within a few days of each other, and all giving a product 5 stars, I get really skeptical really fast about how genuine those reviews may – or may NOT – be. For the record, I bought the Samsung Secured at a Target in Orlando, while on vacation, after my Sony Baby Call spent an unfortunate evening with an electrical storm. I am evaluating the Samsung based on previous use with a Baby Call, Summer Secure Sleep, Safety First Glow & Grow, and Safety First Crystal Clear.1) “Wireless” is both a half-truth and not really an advantage over anything. Why? Because most baby monitors on the market right now have the exact same DECT “wireless” technology. This monitor works on a battery, which needs to be plugged in regularly to charge. Yes, you can unplug it and walk around the house during the day, but if you are going to use it at night, you will need to plug it in or run the risk of it dying while you are fast asleep. The piece that goes in your child’s room is not wireless. Every basic monitor available right now functions this way.2) Sound quality is not the only aspect of a baby monitor that matters. This is easily the quietest monitor that I have tried thus far. What is the point of decent sound quality, if you can’t actually HEAR it over the dishwasher, shower, or other children? Despite the glowing reviews, I found that my child still sounds far away over this monitor. There isn’t much true interference, but there is a buzz that is constant no matter where I try to use it (including our hotel on vacation, our home, and my mother’s house). I also find it annoying that the receiver takes a good 10-15 seconds to pair with the transmitter, every time you turn it on. Meaning I don’t ever have instant sound. Not cool, Samsung.3) The cost. Seriously? It’s a standard monitor, with no advanced functions or video capability, and yet it is 2-3x the cost of comparable units. Why the ridiculous price tag???On top of those issues, I find that the green lights on this monitor are VERY bright. I have to turn it to face away from me at night, or the lights will keep me from sleeping. Not a very pleasant discovery for a sleep-deprived mother of young children. Especially given that the already too-quiet monitor is even more difficult to hear when facing away.Bottom line: There is no ACTUAL advantage of this monitor over any other I have tried, and in fact, it falls short of my experience with the Baby Call. Given the inflated price tag, in the end, you really are just paying for the name. Do yourself a favor and try a Sony Baby Call first. You will see a number of reviews (including mine) that mention interference, but in the case of the Sony, you can (in most cases) simply adjust the channel (as opposed to the Samsung, which only gets so loud). The sound quality really IS great, and oh yeah – the Baby Call is HALF the price.

Janine Sweeny, TX

Good product, unhappy with the customer service.

I rated this unit only 3 starts even though I really like it. Reason for that is outlined below.Pros: very clear sound and very sound sensitive (picks up sound from cat walking in the room). Easy to use and carry with you.Cons: rechargeable batteries in the parents unit stop holding charge 1.5 month after purchase. Contacted manufacturer- they were very polite, opened case and told me to wait from repair department to contact me….. 24 hrs later I get an email from repair department stating that I need to send check for $50 and a unit to them, then also pay for the return s/h and they will repair/replace unit…… really? This should be covered under the warrantee repair… With an actual cost of unit at $70 I am better buying a new unit… Till today ( 2+month) I am waiting on repair department to answer my question on should not it be covered under the warrantee.We still use it, but keep in the charger at all the time. That is not convenient and I would expect more from couple month old Samsung product. That is why I rated it 3.

Shelley Lynndyl, UT

Good quality monitor

We bought this monitor to replace an older analog Sony monitor that had started making loud whooshing noises whenever we plugged anything else into the same socket. We have been using the Samsung monitor for about a month now and it is a huge improvement! It is small, lightweight, nice looking, and best of all, it doesn’t make any weird noises!It was super easy to set up and install and holds a charge easily all day. This is really helpful when baby is asleep but I am in the living room watching TV as opposed to the bedroom, where we keep the charging cable to plug it in overnight. This works really well and means that we never have to worry about the battery going dead at a bad time.There are just two small drawbacks to this monitor, and both of them are to do with how I sleep, so they might not be such a big deal to other buyers. The first is the green "on" light on the front of the monitor – it is INCREDIBLY bright. As in, lights up my whole bedroom, can make hand puppet shadows bright. I don’t know how Samsung managed to find a tiny bulb that produces so much light but it is pretty impressive. Sadly it keeps me up at night because I like my room to be almost pitch black in order to sleep.The second issue (and this might be a deal breaker for more people) is that I think the speaker is too quiet. I keep it at top volume all the time because I cannot hear anything lower. I am a very heavy sleeper though so I do need something quite loud to wake me up.Overall I think this is a really good monitor and pretty good value. If it had a less blinding light and a louder speaker, I would give it 5 stars!

Terrie White Swan, WA

Good sound quality

My daughter uses this baby monitor a lot for her baby when he is in the crib and she is outside. The sound quality is good, and the monitor is lightweight and easy to carry. You can hear the baby starting to get fussy before he starts crying, which is good. It sure beats having to come back inside frequently to check on the baby!

Chris Magazine, AR

Problem with parents’ monitor

This worked well for the first 6 months we had it. Then the parents’ monitor (the one that makes sound) stopped working consistently. When it’s plugged in, it works fine, but when it’s running on battery, even when fully charged, it sometimes cuts out and I have to turn it off and on to make it work. So annoying!

Dona West Liberty, OH