Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System

Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System

Brand new Samsung wireless video security monitoring system sew-3030 with 3.5″ high quality color LCD display. The Samsung wireless video monitor system is packed with features such as night vision capability, digital zoom, a large 3.5″ color LCD screen, interference free reception, two way talk, remote monitoring from anywhere in the world, viewing the camera on your television, temperature senor and alarm, remote activated night light and remote music activation and sleep mode. The Samsung wireless video monitoring system has a sleek and stylish design, is loaded with features and is completely portable. Feel secure by keeping an eye on your baby, the kids in the pool, elderly parents, the front of your shop, or even your pet. The system comes with one camera which has night vision capability up to 10′, has 2x digital zoom and is expandable to accommodate up to 4 cameras. The camera is table or wall mountable. Experience exceptional picture quality with the large 3.5″ color LCD screen. The system utilizes 2.4 GHZ frequency hop technology so you won’t have to worry about interference from other electronic devices such as wireless routers, microwaves or cordless phones. Other features include two way talk so that you can not only hear sound from the camera, but you can also talk back. Watch the camera remotely from anywhere in the world on your pc via Skype by using the USB port. You can also monitor the camera right on your television utilizing the picture in picture function. The monitor continuously displays the temperature around the camera. You can even set a minimum and maximum temperature range and if the temperature goes outside of that range an alarm with be activated on the monitor. Other important features include a remote activated night light and remote music activation with 4 preloaded lullabies and an automatic sleep mode with sound detection.

Main features

  • Two-way communication, temperature sensor included
  • Video/audio output for viewing on television, music play functions for lullaby
  • Night vision camera supports up to 10ft(3m) viewing

Verified reviews


very nice monitor but some issues

I love this monitor. The picture is great. One thing I really dislike about it is how you have to set the sensitivity on the camera just perfect for it you to have the ability to put it in sleep mode. If the sensitivity is too low the monitor will not come out of sleep mode when baby crys. If you have sensitivity set too high the monitor will continuously beep/vibrate. It is really irritating. I have yet to find the perfect sensitivity setting. Therefore I sleep with the screen on and it puts off a very bright glow in my bedroom. Other then that major flaw. I love it. best of luck to others

Amber West Monroe, NY

Great monitor for the $$, couple quirks, terrible support

I’ve had this monitor awhile now and have been relatively pleased. It does have a few quirks, though, so I will give you the good and bad.Good:
• The picture is fabulous, both in daylight and at night. I have it installed to the left above the baby’s crib, which is not a large distance away. Saw another reviewer complaining of the night vision when installed at a distance, but mine is good. I haven’t tried a long-distance installation as I don’t need that.
• The audio is excellent with absolutely no white noise! I can hear the baby breathing and it is just like I am sleeping in the bed next to his crib.
• The walkie-talkie feature is very clear.
• Night light is a nice feature and you can control it from the parent’s unit. So, if he is crying I can turn it on for a little light.
• The range is good with the little antena up, considering our old house has solid wood walls. It works even from the farthest room in the house.
• Parent’s unit plugs in and stays charged a long time. I can get 6-7 hours on a single charge. No batteries to buy!
• Time based alarm on the parents unit allows me to set it to wake up to pump w/out having to set and re-set my regular alarm.
• Very small and sleek, smart-phone like appearance of the parent’s unit. Lightweight and very portable.Bad:
• The temperature is about 10 degrees off i.e. if the temp is 72, the unit reads 82. I saw another reviewer complaining of the same thing, so I don’t think the issue is isolated.
• The sensitivity of the sleep mode audio alarm is very hard to get adjusted. The intent is to adjust the level to where it doesn’t go off for normal rustling, but will go off when baby is crying (when you use the sleep mode, the audio and video goes completely off and only comes back on when the alarm is triggered based on the audio sensitivity you have set). I had it set where the alarm was constantly going off. And then barely move it down at all and the alarm doesn’t go off when he cries. It’s been a pain to get it at an acceptable level. So, instead, I’ve set it to the least sensitive, which is like turning it off. There is no offical off switch.
• The volume is tricky as it only works in 1x view and not 2x view. See the discussion related to this post for instructions from a helpful poster.
• No audio only option so that I am not bothered by the screen light glow in my room at night (I prefer not to use the sleep mode and keep the sensitivity at the lowest level). However, I get around this by just setting it face down on a microfiber cloth. Speaker is on the back of the unit, so this works just fine.
• As another reviewer stated, the beeping when menu items/buttons are selected is annoying for your partner in bed still trying to sleep while you are playing with the monitor.
• Support is horrible. I called to have a question answered and every time got answering machine. No response after 1 week and counting!! This is unacceptable and will make me reconsider future samsung purchases.Overall, it’s a great monitor and cheaper than other monitors with the talk feature. However, the lack of support is frustrating.

Gayle Jasper, TN

Pick a different one!

I was so disappointed in this monitor. If you want to put the parent unit in sleep mode it turns the sound off and then it only activates when a sound is made. It also has an alarm that goes off when the baby cries (as if you couldn’t figure it out on your own from the actual crying.) It fails mostly because you can only choose between beeping or vibrating, you can’t turn it off. As if the crying wasn’t enough now you have to listen to the monitor beeping or vibrating at you. Impossible if you let your little one cry it out. When we first got it. The sensitivity was too high and the fan in his room was setting it off so we turned it down a little. Then it was the air conditioning setting it off every time it kicked on. That was a fun night… So we turned the sensitivity down some more. Now I can hear him crying in his room before the monitor goes off. Seriously, don’t waste your time or money on this product. We went with the motorola and are very happy. You can turn off the screen and still hear. There’s no stupid alarm and the picture quality is great!

Cindy Melvin, AL

It’s an ok product

I expected it to be a bit better for the price. It works good though. Pretty clear picture and clear sound for sure.

Anne Ambrose, ND

Awesome Monitor

We absolutely love this monitor. The nightvision is amazing. It’s easy to use. The only thing is it doesn’t allow you to “pan”. But for the price I got mine for, I wouldn’t expect it. We absolutely love it. Much better than our old video monitor and a nice big 3.5 inch screen on a handheld? No other monitor has that. Love that we will be able to add cameras to it down the road for the play room and potentially other babies

Camille Bohannon, VA

Good Monitor – Very Poor Internet Support for Multiple Cameras

Edit: 6/7/2012Changing my review from 3 to 1 stars. We’ve only had this unit for 6+ months and after 1 fall on a CARPETED FLOOR it stopped working. I am stuck buying a new system (parent unit + camera), since the parent unit can’t be ordered separately. All in all, this was not a good purchase: no support for multiple cameras in web cam mode, no calibration for the thermostat and no durability. Stay away.***We put this monitor through the paces this weekend. Since we are having twins, we bought an additional camera. Using the main screen, the images are bright and after some adjustment everything seems to work fine. I have STRONG words of caution if you are buying this because of the “Skype” features or are planning to plug it into your Windows computer.*You need a CD drive to install the drivers. There was no place to download the drivers. You cannot find the product under the main website, you have to go to Something not smell right? Yeah… But is no help either – no driver download, nothing.*There is no software that comes with this camera. They don’t mention any software and in fact there is nothing, only a driver that allows the camera to be used like a web-cam. So officially you can’t complain about this… but I do find it very odd. I was expecting at least a lame viewing interface for your computer.*The image when viewing through the main monitor LCD screen is way larger than what appears when you view it as a web-cam. So if you are aiming that camera at your baby and it looks great on the screen you are carrying around, odds are that most of your baby will be off screen if you try viewing it as a webcam. This is aweful – in 2011 isn’t digital information being carried through a USB cable still digital information? Shouldn’t the image information like image size and format stay the same?? But no.*When viewing as a web-cam, you can only see one camera. This is very annoying. When using the main viewer, the cameras can be set to auto-rotate. Works great. When in USB web-cam mode, this is disabled for some unkown reason. You CAN change cameras, manually, if you sit and hit the button on the viewer that is hooked into your computer, but that makes no sense if you are trying to use this device over Skype. And the reason has to be just poorly written software. Why sell a unit that can support 4 cameras but then not support all 4 cameras for internet viewing? Sad, for an otherwise great looking product, especially if you have multiple kids/cameras.*Skype – well it “works with” Skype – sorta. I was able to create a Skype account for the monitor that is hooked up to a dedicated computer. It can be set to automatically connect to video calls, BUT for whatever reason the camera does not automatically come on, I just get an icon without video. If I’m with the Samsung unit and the computer, during the call I can hit the “video” button and vwalla! it works. But again, that doesn’t work if you are trying to use it over Skype. So I am very dispointed with the internet functionality of this unit. I think the description is misleading in selling the Skype functionality. Otherwise, I am happy with the portable monitor unit and the cameras.

Bridgette Mayfield, KS

needs some work

We’ve been using a Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor 1.8″ Screen and were quite happy with its performance when set up close to baby’s bed, but when we mounted the camera in a corner to get a view of the whole bedroom (baby is now toddler), it just wasn’t sufficient.When we finally decided to upgrade with Baby #2 on the way (thought it was a good time to get a system that could support multiple cameras and had a larger viewing screen), we initially decided on the Samsung Wireless Video Security Monitoring System w/ 3.5″ LCD after doing some research. Picture quality during daytime viewing was fine (not great), but the night vision was dismal (the screen was mostly black and we couldn’t really see anything at all). We did not test the camera at close range — this was only mounted in the corner, near the ceiling, about 10 ft. away from toddler in his bed. Also, even with the camera sensitivity set to the highest possible, we could not get the monitor to engage when “asleep” when there was noise in the toddler’s room (as it was supposed to do). The stand on the monitor was poorly designed, and we found the controls to be somewhat cumbersome.Because night vision was one of our #1 priorities and the Samsung failed there, we returned the Samsung in favor of the Summer Infant BabyTouch, though it was considerably more expensive. We now love the Summer. Not only does it support up to 4 different cameras (like the Samsung), but the cameras MOVE (have the ability to pan around the room). Night vision is amazing, even mounted in the same spot as we had the Samsung (about 10 feet away from our target). Daytime picture is also pretty good. If you’re expecting to get TV quality out of a baby monitor, you’re not going to find it, and this unit does not have it (neither does the Samsung). But you can certainly see what you need to see. The controls are easy and intuitive, and the touch screen is great. We love that you can turn the video portion off to conserve battery, but still have continuous audio (unlike the Samsung). Video turns on and off with a single button touch. The camera silently pans around the room as well using controls on the touch screen, which the Samsung does not do.If night vision at varying distances is important to you, then the Summer BabyTouch is going to suit your needs better than this Samsung unit. All in all, the Summer is also just easier to use and was worth the extra cost over the Samsung.

Nelda Carlisle, IN

Samsung….hi tech but no research done amongst parents

Ok, Sent this back for a few reasons. Main one – small buttons hi tech almost like an iPhone. Now if you have babies you know the house will be a mess things fall and this looks like one of those devices that if falls …dies. The stand is small and awkward.(does not feel secure) You can choose if you want this monitor to beep or to vibrate. Why cant I just have video on and the sound of my baby crying instead? No I get this loud weird beep that will wake up everyone THEN you get sound from your baby. The video was descent but nothing special . Really 2 stars is fair.I got the levana instead. Much I love other samsung products but they should do some research before putting this out in the market,

Claire Decatur, IN

Do not buy

We had a previous samsung monitor that we were replacing. Now having this monitor less than 6 months, it’s completely broke. It will not work without being on the charger and when off the charger turns on and off by itself. Warning this sucks!

Helga Rome, MS

Great Quality camera. Temperature sensor not so good.

The camera and the monitor are of great quality during night and day. The viewing angle of the camera, while can be a bit wider, is very much acceptable for most rooms and in par with competition. The quality of the video is significantly better than others I’ve seen. The batter life of the monitor is very acceptable considering the size of the screen.The sleep function can be setup to “wake up” the monitor on noise. I didn’t play with it much, but it appears to be working if you take enough time to tune the sensitivity on the camera itself.The two way communication feature comes handy when one of the parents take care of the baby and the second needs to relay some information. Not so much for “speaking to the baby” as the quality of the speaker is mediocre. Since it’s a secondary function I am not worrying too much about it. The “singing” function is useless as it plays very soft and, as mentioned, the speaker is mediocre. Once again, I purchased the set for camera and sound communication FROM the baby’s room which works excellent!The one thing that seems to be problematic is the temperature sensor that always shows the temp about 10F higher than it actually is. I tried two different cams and they seem to all have that problem. I learned to live with it, but because of that I can’t rely on temperature alarm function which could be useful otherwise.Distance wise, with the antenna extended I was able to get out of the house and move to a significant distance while still getting a good signal. With antenna closed, it still covers the whole house just fine.In short, highly recommend, but be warned that you may not be able to rely on temperature sensor.

Elva Sparks, NE

This monitor is ok, but not stellar

This monitor is not bad. It does much of what I need it to do. I like that it has infrared and you can see in the dark pretty well. The auto-mute feature works pretty well and turns the volume off until baby cries, so you don’t hear any background noise. The range is pretty good – although when I go outside about 30 feet away, I often lose range.The zoom is useless. The resolution when zoomed in is so bad, you can barely see anything. The regular resolution (non-zoomed) is not bad, but I’ve seen better on other monitors. The temperature measurement is useless too. Since the thermometer is on the camera, the temperature measures the heat given off by the camera and is a good 5 to 10 degrees about what it is in the room. I’ve had the camera about a year, and lately the charging plug seems to have a bad connection so I have to jiggle it to get it to charge – sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s quite frustrating. There seems to be a weird bug with the date and time setting. I’ve set it to the date and time, and after a few days, it resets to 2010. No idea why. Of course, this also happens when it isn’t charged in time, but even when it is charged, the date resets over night some times.All in all, this is rather buggy, but does the job ok for me.

Bettye Sanborn, IA

Great value

I bought this to replace our Luvion camera that accidentally broke. It has the exact same features. I love the temperature and sleep features and the price was really good.

Anastasia Caledonia, MO

disappointed: most important features on this monitor don’t work

I ordered this monitor specifically because of the following advertised features: “interference free reception, two way talk, remote music activation and sleep mode.” These functions somewhat work but with lots of problems and at low quality.Let’s take them one by one:1) Interference free reception: somewhat true. No interference most times, although not completely interference free. If you happen to be right next to a lot of electronic equipment (wi-fi router, tv, phones & others) you will have some interference.2) Two-way talk. It works but the baby can hear ONLY IF the volume on the camera is set at maximum or close to max. If volume on the camera is even a little lower than the max. level, the voice won’t be loud enough (read: not audible at all) in the baby’s room.3) Remote music activation – works, however the music and the lullabies are useless. The speaker quality on the camera/receiver in baby room is horrendous. VERY VERY BAD. It’s like the first computer speakers from 20 yrs. ago, they buzz and the sound is metallic with white noise in the background. That is not baby-calming music, just the opposite. Also, be aware that the 4 lullabies are very short (about 1 minute each). The unit plays one and automatically jumps to the next, always in same order. You cannot program it to play one song only.8) Finally, the sleep mode. You can set the receiver to turn the video off after 1,2,5,15 minutes or never. The screen turns off automatically but the alarm that makes it turn back on doesn’t work properly, which makes this an UNRELIABLE monitor.Here’s the biggest problems:The camera/transmitter has 2 buttons: volume and sensitivity. The volume controls the music and the incoming voice feature. Unless the volume is set at max., no music or voice comes out of the unit. The speakers on the camera are horrible making the quality of music and voice very bad. The sensitivity button controls how sensitive the receiver is, obviously. On the highest level of sensitivity, the parent unit triggers the alarm non-stop, even if there’s absolutely no sound in the room. You need to lower the sensitivity significantly (more than half down) for the parent unit not to trigger the alarm every other second with no reason. However, when you decrease the sensitivity, the parent unit doesn’t work reliably. Sometimes the alarm is triggered by low intensity sounds (ie, baby cooing), but about 2 in 3 times you need a really loud sound to trigger the alarm. Because the sensitivity level doesn’t work properly, many times you’ll end up with a screaming baby before the monitor actually triggers the alarm. So useless.

Dayna Jamaica, VA


Bought this item July 2011 based on the good reviews on amazon. The picture is alright(didn’t see what all the fuss was about). It did not have the range to reach from my bedroom to the nursery so my husband and I decided to keep it just for travel. We only used it 5 or 6 times over the past year and the monitor stopped working. The picture is a black screen and none of the menu buttons work when the monitor is turned on. The company I bought it from won’t take it back and Samsung only offered one year warranty. When I called Samsung about the issue they said there wasn’t anything they could do- when I asked for a manager I had to leave a message and haven’t gotten a call back. I am VERY disappointed with this product and will NOT buy another Samsung product. We ended up getting two Summer Infant monitors and they work great (have had one for over a year and use it numerous times a day).

Ramona Dos Rios, CA

Sleek and easy to use, some minor annoyances

We have been using this camera and monitor for about 5 months, and we’ve come to rely on it. It’s the best looking by far of all the monitors, and feels expensive. The picture is decent (much better than our neighbor’s Summer Infant) and the screen is bigger. However, calling this a color monitor is a stretch – nightvision is obviously not color, but even in broad daylight the colors are washed out. Overall the camera works great, and since the whole thing can run off wall power or batteries, we are pretty pleased. Here are my major gripes; it would be a perfect product of these were fixed:1. Beeping – Every time you press a button on the monitor (and you have to click several to do anything), it beeps. There is no mute. So when my wife tries to zoom or adjust something, you get a loud beep every time. Considering baby monitors are used at night, this was not a wise choice.2. All or Nothing – As far as I can tell, there is no option to hear only sound and turn off the video – and the lowest level of brightness will light up a dark room. Audio mode would have been a great feature at times.3. Temp Alarms – As others have mentioned, the temp sensor is always way off, saying it’s 90 in a room that is 75. But you can just ignore that, right? Well – there is an alarm that goes off when the temp gets high. Yes, you CAN select to disable this, but in our extensive experience, it’s hit or miss to actually turn it off. It either vibrates or beeps EVERY 5 SECONDS until you turn it off, on, disable, enable, etc. Wish this would have been a hard switch as the menu setting doesn’t always take.4. Monitor Stand – we keep the monitor on a nightstand, as you’d expect. The little built-in kickstand is wimpy, only comes out about an inch, and doesn’t lock. Most of the time, reaching for the monitor means knocking it over.5. Skype integration a little misleading – So we were excited that this camera could possibly display video of our sleeping baby over Skype, wow, how high-tech! Well, when they say “Works with Skype”, they mean you can output the monitor (wired) to a running computer that has Skype and use the camera as a remote webcam. We tried it, it worked, but we were hoping (perhaps naively) that it would work without a PC, or perhaps via Wi-Fi. No luck. Maybe if you had a laptop or tablet it would be easier? But we don’t use it, it’s pretty cumbersome.Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone even with these shortfalls. Compared to some other baby monitors, it is much better quality. Compared to HD home security cameras avaialable at twice the price, you get what you pay for.

Rosanna Alpine, TX

After a year, we are still loving this product

Its true, the temperature thing doesn’t work. And, the little sensitivity controls are not that easy to use (they are just small “radio” type dials). Even with those two issues, this cameral and monitor have been very reliable. We don’t have any problem with range – have been out by the pool while baby napped and been able to see and hear our son just fine. The picture, even when it is nearly pitch black in the room, is completely clear. (There is a way to adjust the brightness of the picture to respond to the amount of light in the room.)We used this system along with our Snuza. When we first put our son in his own room, we could see him and also know that he was breathing just fine by listening for the tick of our Snuza. It was a great combination!Snuza Portable Baby Movement Monitor, Orange/White, 0-12 MonthsI haven’t tried any other monitoring system so I can’t compare – but I would buy this one again and be perfectly happy. In fact, when we finish his playroom, we may get a second camera to keep in there!

Jessie Ethel, WV

Fantastic monitor

We have been extremely happy with this purchase. After returning two broken Levana monitors we decided to go with one made by a company that knows electronics. This monitor has many features we don’t even need, like playing music and talking to your baby from another room. But the screen is clear, the controls are easy to use the camera is easily mounted, the screen has a stand, and you can set it so there is only sound if your baby cries. The only thing that hasn’t worked for us is the temperature reading, but it stays in a consistent range (about 10 degrees higher than actual temp) and we just go by that. We have owned it for about 8 months and have not had any other issues. I think monitors are generally overpriced for what they are, but I strongly recommend this over any other monitors out there.

Natalie Oakwood, IL

Good Purchase

Great Shipping. Video and sound quality is fantastic. 4 out of 5 stars because you have to have the monitor hooked up to your computer in order to use it with skype, messenger, etc. The light on the camera is a nice feature for late night feedings and diaper changes. Bright enough so that you can see but not so bright that it stimulates baby into becoming alert. We have not had any issues with interference. The range is great! Out of the 4 monitor systems that I have purchased this one has the best range. We rarely use the two-way talk, but when we do it serves its purpose.

Eve Poneto, IN

Works well, until it breaks (updated)

Overall I’m happy with this product. It delivers good video and audio. It has quirks. I don’t use the auto on/off feature based on sound because you have to calibrte the sensitivity on the camera. Great if you want to mess around with it, get it perfect, then never move or bump the camera and risk screwing it up. Also, the GUI design needs some attention. It’s just not very user friendly. With all that said, great picture and audio.*2013 Update*This worked well until it broke (the main unit, not the camera). Luckily my Amex covered it as it was just out of the 1yr warranty. I used it the money form Amex to buy the new (2013) model thinking it would work with the old camera, so I’d have two. It doesn’t, AND the 2013 model has less features (no temp, for example, not that the old one ever told the right temp). Normally I like Samsung products but these just seem to be designed to give me a headache. I’d keep looking.

Carole Kenna, NM

LOVE! wish it panned

1st I love this more than any other monitor out there!2nd I have had several manufactuer issues and have had to use the warranty twice3rd I would buy it again4th I wish it panned, but again I’d buy it again

Ericka La Grange Park, IL

more than i expected

I purchased this as a baby monitor — because I wanted a budget friendly video monitor with all the bells & whistles. Which led me to this product. When I received it in the mail I was momentarily confused, since I was expecting it to scream BABY on the packaging. INSTEAD it has more uses then I ever thought possible! So I will hopefully be getting more used out of this unit then I was expecting, since it is more like a “surveillance” camera then a monitor. Though with the two-way talk & lullaby music it will be very baby friendly. But should I want a camera I can access via Skype while I am on vacation, or monitor my grown children in the backyard (or if you have a pool!) I can do that with this unit. I am very impressed!

Callie Roaring Springs, TX

please don’t waste your time/money on this

we needed to get another monitor for my mom’s house and we previously had the older model summer infant day/night monitor which i had no actual complaints about except that the actual hand piece is bulky and looks like a cordless phone from the 1980’s. the samsung seemed to get good enough reviews that i thought how could i go wrong?! …soo many ways. first, the clarity of the camera is far worse than the summer infant. i can’t even tell if my son’s eyes are open or closed in the monitor. and it’s not smooth. like the rate per sec is seriously low.. so it’s very choppy and since the quality is so poor, i’m not sure if he’s moving a cover over his face or over his lovee. the sound is also definitely not as clear as the summer infant monitor, so i can’t tell if he’s just mumbling to himself, or actually calling out to me since i can’t tell what he’s saying. and lastly there’s was a feature that at first i thought may have been a good idea, which was an alert that either vibrates or beeps when the monitor picks up a sound (which at first was going off constantly until i found the sensitivity dial on the camera – no biggie – that was an user error) but unfortunately, the choice is either vibrate or beep and nothing else.. like off. so you don’t have a choice and it could literally drive you batty. additionally, the battery is quite questionable. i left it on one night (after it was fully charged) and put it on ‘sleep’ to test out the feature, and by the morning it was out of batteries. what’s the point in that? i’d give it 0 stars. there’s absolutely nothing positive i can say about this monitor other than the hand piece is possibly better looking than the OLD summer infant monitor i had. but it’s cheaply made and only marginally more attractive than my old monitor.

Victoria Zeigler, IL