Sassy 2 Count Grow Up Cup, Purple/Orange, 9 Ounce

Sassy 2 Count Grow Up Cup, Purple/Orange, 9 Ounce

The best way to move up to an open cup is with the Sassy Grow Up Cup. Unique no spill, no spout design helps develop coordination for drinking from an open cup. It’s easy to use and cleanup is a snap since it is top rack dishwasher safe. Additionally, it is preferred by pediatric dentists over spouted cups. All lids can be used on any Sassy Grow Up Cup. BPA Free

Main features

  • Revolutionary 360-degree design, sip anywhere around the rim
  • Silicone valve for spill-free drinking helps children transition to an open cup
  • Pediatric dentist preferred over spouted cup
  • Appropriate for 12+ Months, BPA Free
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Great cups!

We only use these cups! They don’t leak at all EXCEPT if you put any kind of carbonated beverage inside.

Paulette Adamsville, AL

Great No-Spill cups

We’ve never had one of these cups spill! 6+ months of use (we dishwasher the cup and hand wash the lid), and it is still as good as new. I like that the spout teaches the child to drink from a normal cup, while still avoiding any messes from too much tilting or knock-overs. I would definitely recommend this for every parent! It hods 8 oz, and fits conveniently in any cup holder or diaper bag bottle pocket.

Rosemarie Morley, IA


I feel like I literally bought one of every sippy cup out there after not being satisfied with essentially any of them! After wasting so much money and throwing too many like-new cups away, I found these on a whim and decided to try them. My daughter just turned two, and I really liked the idea of it being more like drinking out of a regular cup. I am trying to steer away from the sippy style and train her for a big girl cup. I bought these and have had them for a few days now and am in love! They have very little leak issues, only if the cup is slammed down and dropped, really. I tried the cup myself before giving it to my daughter and I had no problem getting water out of it with a little effort. She has had no problems either. I would highly recommend this cup for any growing toddler, and I plan on buying more!

Valeria Alta, IA

best transition cup

My 2 yr old loves these cups. So easy to clean and never had any leak. He is learning to drink from a regular cup now and these have helped immensely. Way better than sippy cups.

Frances Inkster, MI

Great, spill-proof cup

I’m not sure how or why other reviewers aren’t able to get water out of it…I tried it and was able to (by sucking on the edge of it where the rubber meets the cup) with no issue. I showed my 18 month old how to do it, and she followed suit, no problem. They don’t leak, they are easy to clean, and they do exactly what we need!

Christine Osage, OK

simply don’t work

It is nearly impossible for the liquid to come out of the top of these cups. I even contacted the company and they sent me a new valve. I was excited to get it but it didn’t improve anything. I am extremely disappointed.

Diana Fort Gay, WV

Great cup!

Great cup for my 2 year old. She’s ready for a regular cup but mom isn’t quite ready, sense she has a 8 month old sister who pulls her cup off the table. This lets my daughter think she’s got a big cup but with NO leaks! Amazing cup! Cute as well, highly recommend! A great buy!

Jasmine Georgetown, NY

Great cups!

We love these cups! They’ve helped our toddler learn how to drink out of big girl cups. It took her a little while and a few tries to figure out how to use it, but she caught on and now uses it with ease. I had to take one star off because they do leak. If you drop it, or if your kiddo shakes it, or leaves it on it’s side, it will leak. So, beware when using it for anything other than water.

Jody Davis City, IA

Great Transition Cup!

We bought one of these cups for our daughter at 14 months old. She figured it out in no time and absolutely love it! After a month of use she is pro and is getting so good that I can hand her my normal adult cup of water and she can drink from it without spilling! These cups truly taught her how to drink from a normal cup!As to concerns over leakage…. They do leak a TINY bit if left upside down or on their side. I find they leak more with water then with milk. I find depending on what I have in the cup (water, milk, juice, etc.), i just tighten the lid or loosen the lid accordingly. Milk is thicker so I dont tighten he lid all the way. Water is thin so I screw the lid on as tight as i can get it.These are super easy to clean and I feel like there are less nooks and crannies for mold or mildew to hide.Overall this has been the best cup we have tried.

Juliana Hillside, CO

These cups are awesome

Much better then normal sippy cupps. They only spill thier stuff if they are forcefully shaken or dropped from about 4 feet. They are not perfect, but MUCH better then most.

Lenore Lost Hills, CA

Excellent Cup

Pro: Infant/Toddler learns to tip head when drinking and begins to control flow.Con: The top sometimes isn’t easy to line up correctly when you screw the top on. It is only a slight nuisance as the cup is every bit worthwhile.I started my daughter around 13 months with one small green and one medium size cup. I wish I had started at 8+ months with the green one. We switched pretty quickly to the medium size cup and bought more.The real difference in size is the weight with water in them. That is the only reason the small one would be better prior to year one. Since we started so late, we haven’t needed the handle.This is now one of my standard gift items. The other cup I discovered on recommendation of a parents shopping next to me is the Thermos Foogo straw cup. It keeps things cold or hot. It has a flip top lid that my daughter likes to push the button and play with.

Margaret San Rafael, NM


Don’t waste your money on any other cup that claims to be leakproof – they aren’t, these are! My granddaughter walks around with it upside down under one arm and it doesn’t drip!!

Maggie Springboro, PA

Nifty idea

Cup cap can be screwed on tighter or loser depending on where your child is in learning to drink out of a normal cup. Flow is minimal when cap is screwed on tightly and flow is fast when cap is just barely on. Great idea and daughter transitioned to it quickly.

Socorro Sweeny, TX

Cups work well.

I like these cups. They do not leak and they teach the child to actually sip from a cup more than the other cups they have to tilt their had back and does not teach them anything about drinking out of a real cup.

Lina Sprott, AL

A winner

i purchased this for my 2 year old to replace her leaking straw cups. It comes completely apart very easily for a thorough cleaning and really is leak proof. I plan on buying more.

Shelly Weston, WY

Great step up from sippy cups

This cup was our step-up from the sippy cup. My daughter has shown an interest in drinking from a grown up cup since about 9 months, but she lacks the coordination to know when to stop tilting it back. She used sippy cups since 4 months old. I tried a straw cup, but she would tilt the cup back defeating the purpose of the straw. I tried the Avent 360 cup but she did not like it because the drink would come out too fast. I bought a 12oz Sassy Grow Up cup for her to try and she loved it, but the cup was too big. So I bought these 9oz cups which are just right. She is 18 months old and still uses these cups. She started using the Sassy Grow Up cup at 14 months.Pros:- Fewer parts therefore easier to clean- Drink does not come out as fast- Allows child to mimic drinking motionsCons:- Has a slow leak when tipped over.- Not insulated

Lourdes Kingsbury, IN

great transition cup

Bought these for my twins. We love them. The are NOT leak proof. If left on there side they will spill out little by little. They take a little getting use to but are very nice. We bought bigger ones and my husband put them on the bottom rack of our dishwasher and RUINED them. Just an FYI

Loraine Bushnell, FL

Love the colors – great idea

These cups are so bright and cheery! The colors are really fantastic. I like how the cup works. You twist the lid on and the fluid can be drawn out by the mouth if you suck on the rim (like a straw but you place your entire mouth on the rim like a cup). So it is basically half cup and half straw. Great way to get your LO off of sippy cups.My LO caught on after a few tries but really hasn’t taken to it. I will try again in a couple of weeks to see if that changes (it usually does 🙂

Juliette Seward, PA

Best sippy cups we used

These cups have been great and we get asked about them everywhere we go. From the very beginning they were easy for our daughter to use. She was about 15 months old when we got them. They’ve lasted (she’s now 2) because she couldn’t chew through a nub or nipple. Even though she can drink from a regular cup now, we still use these for on the to and she doesn’t have any issue going back and forth.

Jeanie Hannastown, PA

Love them~

I bought these cups and love them. They don’t leak, not when set upside down, sideways, shaken, tossed, whatever you can imagine a toddler does with their cups. Not a drop. They were easy for my 16 month old to figure out. I like that he cannot twist the top off as well. We have had no issues with these when it comes to cleaning. The valve completely removes from the lid so it can be washed separately. I always love people’s reactions too when they see the cup and wonder, well how does the liquid come out.I have recommended these to friends and have even bought several more for my stubborn child who refuses to drink from anything but big boy cups. You will not be disappointed in this item.

Allyson New Effington, SD

Great cup

Children will be children and we believe in avoiding unnecessary disasters when possible. These cups are bright and fun and effective and we like the 9 ounce size for our older toddler. They work very well and are safe for top rack DW

Mallory Northwood, OH