Sassy 2 Pack Baby Less Mess Toddler Spoon, Colors May Vary

Sassy 2 Pack Baby Less Mess Toddler Spoon, Colors May Vary

2 pack of spoons

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good product for baby

it’a very beautiful product. a good product for my baby I think, he like the color although he cannot use it.

Josie Greenwood, MS

Perfect for my 6 month old.

I was pleasantly surprised by how small these were. They fit my baby’s little hands perfectly and I don’t worry that she will stab herself in the eye with these. My favorite spoons for baby to feed herself with (attempt to feed herself with)

Brandie Idaho City, ID


Excellent product and beautiful colors. Go thru the dishwasher well. Will probably use as a shower gift as needed. .

Kasey Pflugerville, TX

good spoons

Baby likes and uses these spoons. Food does not seam to fall off easily.Worth a try. Good that Amazon presents so many of these products for us to try.

Alisa Leona, TX

Sassy lessmess

I love their shape and color. My 11mo uses them to eat everyday, he learned with these spoons and isnow doing a great job.

Nannie Moshannon, PA

Not that great

My baby didn’t show much interest on these spoons and for some reason she had a harder time holding them than the regular spoons.

Regina Palms, MI

Great spoons!

My daughter has trouble coordinating getting all the food off regular spoons and into her mouth, but not with these spoons. The first time she used them my 15 months old got almost all of her yogart into her mouth and very minimal on her shirt!! Really great spoons.

Latasha Rathdrum, ID

Clever handle, shallow spoon

I like the bend in the handle, very clever. But the spoon "bowl" is quite shallow so food doesn’t really stay on well. But we still use them. If the bowl part was a little bigger/deeper, I’d definitely give it 5-stars.

Patti Newfield, NJ

Great spoon

Has been a pleasure as a teaching tool for my grandson! Makes learning to use a spoon so easy!

Denice Warwick, NY

Great spoons!

Bought these for my daughter (15 months) so she can start practicing feeding herself. Although these spoons are great and very sturdy I don’t like the holes. Don’t really serve a purpose other than being hard to clean. We have tried multiple foods and the food doesn’t "cling" to the spoon any different than any other regular spoon. Also the spoon is bent only for right handed feeding, sometimes my daughter uses the left hand so the spoon is very awkward to use for her.

Joy Randall, IA

Don’t work for both hands and babies aren’t “handed” yet.

this is a great idea in theory, but babies aren’t "handed" and these only work in the right hand. My baby will pass the spoon between her hands and get frustrated when this doesn’t work well in her left hand. But, the food does stay on them well.

Angelique Palmyra, VA

13 month old can use these

I’ve been letting my daughter play with various baby spoons for many months, but these are the only ones that she figured out how to use. She was able to scoop yogurt AND get it into her mouth … consistently.Ordering more right now.

Cindy Shawnee, OH


Spoon the design is perfect, for now, always want to eat their own children, this again good however, bending angle can be smooth to help children put food imports

Wanda Uniondale, NY