Sassy A – Z Letter Links

Sassy A – Z Letter Links

Teach baby how to spell basic words with A-Z Letter links! This set includes 26 letters with bright colors to engage baby’s vision. Each letter has a different color and design, engaging baby to explore the differences with hand and mouth.

Main features

  • 26-piece link set contains every letter
  • Links work wonderfully to connect toys together or to play gyms
  • Multiple textures to explore with hands and mouth
  • Help baby identify letters and spell words
  • Multiple colors

Verified reviews


Not very practical

Seems like a good idea, but in execution, these do not act as links very well, and the varied ways that the letters are depicted is confusing. As links, some of them (B, S, D in particular) open easily and detach from other links. Also, the narrow areas in some of the links, like K, make other links not hang well. As letters, the depictions are too varied. Some of the letters are plainly depicted, like B, D, O, Q, S, but others are outlines, making the representation inconsistent and confusing.

Pat Terrell, TX

A favorite!

I purchased these links for my son at around age 4-5 months. He’s loved them ever since, even now at 11 months. They are a top 2 or 3 favorite amongst all of his toys.The different colors and textures are great, although I do wish there was a little more variety in my batch – I seem to have gotten a lot of plain orange letters.They link together easily, but as one reviewer mentioned, some of the openings (the “J” and “D”) are large, and links can come apart and fly across the room or car. Luckily, I haven’t lost any yet.I like that there are so many links in this set and they are priced well; however, they probably aren’t that practical for teaching letters. As another reviewer mentioned, the shapes are not consistent – some are outlines, while some are actual letters.That being said, I would get them again and again for my son. They provide him hours of entertainment and help develop his fine motor skills.

Kristine Vesuvius, VA

My son loves these!

My friend suggested we buy links for our 4 month old son and we found these. I love that there are so many and they are all different shapes, textures and colors. I think these are better than the oval links because they have more angles to grab on to (my son likes the letter B). I’m not sure if these will help him with learning the alphabet later on but I’d like to think so =). Some of the letters aren’t obvious – our young cousins (age 4 and 2) thought the letter P was a heart but still had a lot of fun playing with these. I agree with some of the over reviews that the links do come off easily. I think it’s fun for my son though, he acts surprised whenever he’s able to break the links apart.

Cleo Marissa, IL


These are really cool. I like that I found these links to represent letters. My baby won’t realize this, but it is ideal to have around for the baby to play with while my 5 year old who is learning letter sounds and formations observes.

Angel Sulphur Rock, AR

Simple, but the kid just loves them.

The product is paint free and BPA free. There are lots of colors and textures. My kid absolutely loves them and I love knowing they are safe for him. He has at least 1 letter in his hand all day it seems like. And that is only when he doesn’t have one in both! What else really needs to be said?

Agnes Glenmora, LA

Great Alphabet and Spelling Toy

First, I love that these are top rack dishwasher safe! Second, I love the thickness, textures, and colors. They also come in a tiny tote that is reusable and seals with velcro.I used a different set of links with my baby growing up so I can’t speak to whether these hold up well as links. I introduced them around 2YO as an alphabet toy. As soon as she starts to learn to spell, we will make words with these.The inconsistent patterns and variations make it difficult to identify some of the letters– even for me! However, I think that once your kid is familiar with the letter shapes, this could help them think abstractly. They’re not abstract art but they do require you to think outside the box to identify the (sometimes hidden) letters.I’ve uploaded some photos so you can get a better idea.

Matilda Oskaloosa, IA

My son loved these!

These are a great toy for a young baby. They are colorful and easy to hold onto. My son loved these from just a few months old.

Alice Howells, NE


These are scattered all over in various places in our home/truck. I’ll very likely be back to buy more. They hold things like a pacifier. toy, or whatever to the baby carrier/wrap/mei tai.The letters aren’t so easy to figure out on several of them when up close in your hand, the different shapes do provide fun for our baby when he is pulling them apart. He inspects the shapes and works at it to locate the opening.

Sybil Mount Clare, WV

Top Toy

These are terrific. We have some attached to each stroller, some for the tub, some in the diaper bag. Our daughter loves them!

Sue Mantador, ND

Cute great for sensory development

Haven’t taken them out they are for the daddy to be to put in his new diaper bag for his birthday! They are very cute and lots of different feels to them… bpa free 🙂

Nannie Stowe, VT

Cute and functional

I love that these are the links and the alphabet. Plus, they have some rubber on them, which I like.

Elma Saint Simons Island, GA

Entertaining for babies!

My child is 4 months old and she loves her links! These are nice because they are slightly larger than regular links, and they have patterns and textures.

Judi Saranac, MI

Baby loves links!

My 4 month old loves to grasp & jiggle these. I have them hanging above the changing table. When she’s older we’ll play letter learning games with them for sure.

Clarice Burr, NE

good teethers

these links are much more interesting than regular links. they offer a variety of textures and are easy for my 4 1/2 mo’s fingers to catch. he’s starting to put everything in his mouth and these offer a variety of shapes, sizes and textures and are easy to clean. plus the price is right.some of the openings are wide, but some work great with regular links… i kept the wide ones like S and Q for tummy time. i wouldn’t use them to teach letters since they’re inconsistant, so if that’s what you’re looking for you’re better off with something else.

Germaine Simpson, LA

not as good as the oval shaped links

i purchased these links after i purchased the oval shaped links and unfortunately these are not as good because they come apart so easily since the openings are placed mostly in corners so when my daughter pulls on them they come right off unlike the oval shaped ones which have the openings in the middle so when it’s pulled it stays intact i gave this item two stars because they are cute.

Sarah Boles, IL

Decent links

I think these are a solid buy. I’ve seen better quality. Some of the letters are kind of hard to decipher and many of them are hard to get to actually stay connected. But overall I’m happy with the purchase.

Graciela Scandia, MN

What’s not to love?

The letters are cute! My daughter loves them. She chews on them, tosses them around, and rattles them. I would get a bunch for other babies!One thing though some letters have bigger opening so the chain may come apart. You just need to link them up in different order.

Nita Arlington, WI

Cute, great for teething, baby loves it

I like how we can put together words such as baby’s name with this.My baby loves it. Sometimes she wants to just chew on one letter, sometimes she likes them in links.I always have some with her for car rides or in the stroller. Love the different shapes and textures

Adele West Columbia, SC

Great sturdy toy

Fantastic traditional plastic letters. Beware… my baby is not the only one in love with these. The dogs are too! We have to make sure they are put away in a container every night or we have chewed letters by morning. These are a hit all around!

Adela Iona, SD

Great for any age

At 6 months it was too early for my son to learn letters (in my opinion), so I just made links out of letters and my son loved to use them as rattles – one of the favorite ones. At 9 months, I just us them in chains of 4-5 letters and put them on chairs and couches and he trains to pull up and get them from there to play with them. So I hope we continue enjoying them as toys until I feel he is ready to learn the actual letters

Tamera Isabel, SD

The ONLY links little hands can’t get stuck in!

Most parents love to get a set of links for connecting toys to activity mats or strollers or even as toys themselves, but these links are definitely a cut above the rest! I HATE the other round-shaped ones, because my daughter has got her hand stuck in them in awkward positions more than once. These alphabet ones are great, because she can only get her hand into the “O” and the “Q” so I use those ones to connect to the bar and leave the other letters closer where she can reach them for teething/mouthing. They might not look exactly like the letters they’re supposed to represent, but that’s okay with me, because I’m not trying to teach my baby the alphabet at this time anyway. These are just a safer design of link. ‘

Charmaine Riverhead, NY

Not for hanging or securing items, but good for playing.

Due to the shape, many of the letters do not hold in a chain very well, releasing easily. The texture and different shapes seem to hold my daughter’s interest as well or better than her animal ones.

Staci Avon, CO

Great product

We love links in our house – fun by themselves or to attach other toys to highchairs and strollers. These are bright, colorful, and very sturdy. I do agree with some of the other reviews that a few of the letter’s openings are larger than others and come apart too easily. Also not the best for teaching letters, but useful after letters are easily recognizable to the child.Overall, the regular oval links work better for linking, but these are still fun and I don’t regret the purchase. My daughter loves to play with them, shake them around, and of course chew on them.

Rene Lancaster, TX

Fun but can lose attached items.

I like these. The colors and patterns are great. If you are using them to attach toys to your baby’s car seat or floor gym they do have openings that make the items easily pulled off. I bought them anyway, still use them and love them.

Leonor Roseglen, ND

These are great!

My 9 month old baby boy loves his links. I use them to secure his pacifier to the stroller and toys as well. He likes to teeth on these, as they have different textures. He is always playing with the links, each day he has some shaking them around, chewing on them, and pulling them apart. I like these link is particular because they are safe for teething, the colors are bright and not painted, so they don’t chip or flake, also it’s a good value. You get 26 alphabet links.

Meredith Chapel Hill, TN