Sassy Baby Changing Pads 36 Count Box, White

Sassy Baby Changing Pads 36 Count Box, White

Keeping baby healthy and happy is one of the greatest concerns of parents and caregivers. Sassy offers disposable changing pads that are designed to ensure baby’s comfort and well being, while catering to parents and caregivers needs for convenience and safety. Sassy Disposable Changing Pads are great for changing, protecting, and feeding. Perfect for carrying in the diaper bag for on the go changing. Each pad is 13.5″ x 18″, and comes in a 36 count Dispensing box.

Main features

  • Pads are a safe, sanitary spot for baby’s needs
  • Pads are 135″x 18″
  • Come in a 36 ct despensing box

Verified reviews


Very Helpful

I found Boppy makes changing pads that are reusable a little more cost effective these did work great though. Good for on the go

Emma Rock Point, MD

WORST Changing “PAPERS” (pads)

I have had changing many pads in the past but this is the absolute – THINEST – WORST – DANGEROUS – ones yet! Please do not waste your money or frustration! Try changing a 6 month old baby on the these while the baby is ripping pieces off & trying to put them in his/her mouth while you are trying to change them, readjust position of paper – it “RIPS”, & keep baby kinda still (if not – it will rip more) – Good Luck With That! I have napkins thicker than these! They should put a Warning Label on them “CAUTION – BABY MAY CHOKE ON PAPER OR YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE MAY RISE EXTREMELY TRYING TO CHANGE BABY”!!!

Tamara Keystone, IA

Perfect for changing table and on the go

Our 3 month old daughter has the tendency to pee the second her diaper is taken off. Even when we lay another one under her in anticipation, it never fails that she pees so much it gets the changing table pad cover wet. We only have one cover and washing it and drying it takes a while. Being able to place one of these pads under her so we don’t have to constantly wash & dry the cotton cover is great. We got 2 packs of 36 each for under 10.00 shipped and they have lasted about 2 months and we still have about 15 left. We also pack them so we can cover the fold out changing tables at restuarants and shopping centers, they are a lot easier to pack than the bulky changing mats. I am ordering 2 more boxes today!

Sophie Dryden, MI

Small, not absorbent enough & wafer thin

To me, these are terrible. They are small (only covering half of the surface under the baby), don’t absorb much (as its like a piece of paper with a thin plastic coat on the back) and they are WAY to thin that my baby tears it all the time just from kicking and has done so since the age of 4 months. Personally I wont buy them again.

Janette Danbury, TX

Absolute must

These are so great especially at times of daddy-changing-the-baby-when-pooped.Before I started to use these I’d get to wash the changing pad cover after each time my husband gets to change our son when he pooped, not to mention the clothes of both my baby AND my husband.So if you have the same situation – these are the laundrysaver :))

Fran Fairfield, VA

OK product, good for the price

These are decent for the price, but I was hoping for something a bit larger, to create a barrier under the ‘whole’ baby on a public changing station. I should have better read the size information. They weren’t expensive, so I will definitely get my money’s worth.

Maritza Champlin, MN

One Star

You don’t really need this product

Stefanie Elizabethtown, IL

use it with every diaper change!

I don’t have a changing table or changing pad, so bed/couch it is! These do a great job protecting furniture from leaks/spills. I even end up using each pad several times if it is dry.I can see how with time these might be a little small. My now 6months old’s buttom still fits on these, but for a 1 year old this might be too small.

Laurel Hatch, UT

Total Disappointment and a Total Waste of Money–Cheap and So Not Worth the Price!

I bought these only to keep in the diaper bag to use when I have my baby in a public restroom and don’t want her to touch the communal changing table. I chose this option thinking it would be better than using reusable vinyl pads that are made in China and have lead. I should have heeded the negative reviews.I realized these were small, but they are super tiny. Even my little munchkin who is still around 12 pounds at nearly three months of age will not be able to get away with using just one of these at a time if I don’t want her to touch the changing table. That means I have to overlap two of them, which is double the cost and still doesn’t provide enough coverage when she wiggles, scoots, and kicks. When other reviewers said they are thin, they were not exaggerating. I have used two ply toilet paper that feels thicker than one of these, except these have some sort of mega-thin plasticized element that must be there to purportedly help make them waterproof. I honestly don’t see how this will hold anybody’s urine because I doubt that anything this thin can be that absorbent.If you need something to use for a changing table in your home, I would highly recommend buying some old-school Gerber lap pads. They have cotton flannel on both sides, with a layer of waterproof material in the middle. I have used them on top of my normal changing table pad since day one and have never had anything leak through one of them. I am now considering buying more of them to carry in the diaper bag and just bag them and wash them at home after each use. They are much thicker and look more comfortable than this tiny, thin, cheap stuff from Sassy. Plus, one of them is big enough to prevent my baby from actually touching the gross, germy changing table.Bottom line: save yourself some time and money. Skip these and find another option.

Mavis Saginaw, MI

Not a very good product

I purchased these pads to replace the babies r us brand ones when I ran out. My daughter loves to kick her legs when being changed and these pads are so flimsy that they would crumple up and rip. Not worth the money.

Patty Tannersville, PA

Good for the price

These aren’t as thick as the Pee Wee pads, but at half the price, iy’s a good deal. The descripyion left the size off: 13 x 9″

Angie Clay Center, OH

Good for a newborn!

These absorbed ANYTHING. We loved them for when our little girl was a newborn. We put it on her changing table, and put it under her to clean up “accidents” while we were changing her. However, as she grew and kicked, and turned over, they became pretty useless, since she would just kick them all over the place. But they were great for when she was little!I also take them with me as a “just in case” in her diaper bag. They’re okay if I forget to bring my changing pad cover.

Margot Smyrna Mills, ME

These are papers NOT pads

These are not absorbent at all. My baby regularly pees on the changing table and I have used puppy pads in the past for easy clean-up. They were a little pricey so I thought I would try these. I used maybe two and the rest are sitting in a drawer. After trying these I went back to using puppy pads. Also, I know it is a little strange to comment on, but the pattern on these “pads” includes different colors of baby hands. One of the colors is red which looks like bloody little hand prints. Gross.

Earline Cayey, PR

Super handy for small messes while changing

These pads may not be ultra absorbent, but they do just fine for us! We put them under our little guy for any last minute ‘oops’ messes. They fold up easily and we use these all the time at home. We use a thicker type of pad when going out – but for home use these are great.

Della Edgerton, OH

Good for the Price

I used these as an extra top layer on my changing table. They are a good price, but are small and thin. I never had problems with leaks running through, but my son is very excited when is on the changing table & his kicks always ripped them up immediately. I never really got to put these to the test since I was having to throw them away without even really allowing them to serve their purpose. If your child isn’t a fierce kicker, they would work well as a top layer on a changing table. Just remember they are super thin & rip easily! I would not purchase these for use in traveling situations as they just don’t cover enough space. For travel, I would suggestJL Childress Full Body Changing Pad, Blackas it covers everything so I never worry about my son touching anything head to toe.

Meagan Idalia, CO

The best addition to your diaper changing pad

This is a genius product, we always have one of those right on top of our changing pad (we still use a changing pad cover of course) and we also use it on the go when we change our baby outside. This disposable pad saved us lots of trouble in those times when accidents happen, it is just does not let anything go through it so the underlying changing pad remains clean, just finish the change and throw this paper away. We keep using the disposable paper until it gets dirty and only then do we throw it away, so that we do not use too many of them, but when an accident happens at 3 in the morning these are a saver!

Colleen Benson, IL

Too flimsy & sticks to baby’s bottom when trying to change

I knew these where a cheap price when I bought them, so can’t say that I didn’t expect that it might be a cheap product which they are. They are soooo thin and flimsy. I was using Babies R Us store brand of disposible pads before and these don’t even compare. They are so thin that they stick right to my baby’s butt when changing and I’m wrestling with them to unstick them and try to get a diaper under my baby; they just fold and crinkle up. Not even worth $5. I’d say they’re only worth $1. I do not plan to ever buy these again. Not recommended for every day use.

Marianne Flatwoods, LA

Does the work

Originally I was looking for a padded changing pad like they gave me at the hospital. This is very thin, like the bib they give you at the dentist office. It’s incredibly comfortable to have so that I don’t have to launder the changing table sheet. I use a new one approximately once a day. Liquid does not run through it, so it’s great for when she pees while changing.Now that she’s 3 months she moves a lot so that it’s harder to keep it in place.

Beatrice Newark, NJ

way too small and flimsy

What a waste! they are so tiny! it takes 5 or 6 of these things to cover a changing table in a public restroom – and they are so thin (like a sheet of paper or papertowel – that they blow around as you put them down and if your kid moves… it just did not work for me at all. I can’t even think of a useful way to use up what i have left.Much better to buy wee wee pads they make for puppies/kittens – they are sturdy and large enough to cover a changing table.

Amparo Perkinston, MS

It’s perfect for changing poopy diapers at home, not in public bathrooms!

I bought this product form 4 months ago before my baby was even born. It took me this long to write a review because I wanted to be sure I can give this product a fair assessment.First off, we do not use this product as an on-the-go-changing pad for public bathrooms. We use the Skip Hop Pronto Changer Diaper Bag for that. We originally bought Sassy as an on-the-go-changing pad but we’ve realized it’s too thin and too small and won’t really protect our baby in public bathrooms.We use the Sassy changing pads at home to change poopy diapers (not really needed for just wet diapers). As first time parents, we have awkward moments, accidents happen, and sometimes poop gets into the changing pad. We have a couple of reusable, washable, fabic changing pads but our baby poops 2-3 times a day and 2 of these washable pads aren’t enough unless we want to do laundry everyday (or buy more of this). So we started using Sassy changing pads when our baby poops and it’s been perfect! If the poops gets on the changing pad, no problem, just throw it out with the diaper. The thinness and small size doesn’t really matter since we only use it under the baby’s bottom half since we’re using it at home, and not at a public bathroom.I give it a 5-star rating because it’s just perfect for what we use it for.

Herminia Bingham, ME