Sassy Baby Food Nurser, Colors May Vary

Sassy Baby Food Nurser, Colors May Vary

Sassy baby food nursery is uniquely designed to allow your infant to eat cereals through a nipple. It makes transitioning from infant formula to solid food. A unique vacuum disk keeps nipple full and air out. Colors may vary.

Main features

  • Makes the transition from formula to solids easy on your baby
  • Unique vacuum disk keeps nipple full and air out
  • Silicone nipples
  • Travel cover included
  • Comes assorted boy/girl colors, youmay receive this item in pink, blue, aqua blue or green

Verified reviews


Never worked properly

I was very sad to see these perform so poorly. The top and bottom of both of these never screwed on easily, and the more I tried to use them the worse they got. I ended up keeping the nipples and digging out the old feeders I used 5 years ago. I suspect not all were made this badly, but they really need better quality control, especially for baby products.

Dale Floydada, TX

These bottles are a life saver!

I bought these when my 1 boys were sick and were having problems eating. They work great! The only thing I do not like is the lids do not stay on and if the baby food is to thin it will leak through the bottom. Also if it is to thick it won’t fit through the nipple. For regular fruits and veggies stage 2 baby food it does the job. One of my sons has brain damage and has issues eating off a spoon. With this bottle I am able to give him his baby food fast and without the mess of him loosing almost all of it to his bib. I would buy again and again!

Petra Water Valley, TX

Every mom needs these!

Every mom needs these! They are great for the infants who are too small to spoon feed and need a little more food! We started using these for my son at one month and he did great with them! We have done yogurt, baby food, soups, watered down grits! He is doing great…these really helped with reflux babies too! Thicker food stayed down more!

Margot Springfield, PA

They work well!

This product works very well in allowing a child who can hold its own bottle the ability to feed himself some strained fruits, rice cereal, or custers without the additional help of an adult or older sibling, however this process also can cause the child to become lazy and thus taking him/her longer to learn to eat such foods from a spoon. But if you are on a long car ride and its time for your child to have his strained fruits, its the best product on the market for this purpose.

Kendra Elkins, NH

Return buyer!

These bottles are awesome for days when you are in a rush rush rush. I bought these for my son (now 23 months) back when he was starting on solids around the age of 6 or 7 months. When I was in a hurry, he could eat without me having to spoon feed him. We used these for a good 2 months or so probably 5-6 times a week and they were life savers!To use, you simply spoon the food into the nurser, then GENTLY (as in SLOWLY) push the bottom disc up until the food fills the nipple. If you just jam it up, it’s going to make a mess (as I did one time and learned from). Our daughter is six months old now and I came back to order these AGAIN to use with her. We’ve had them 2 weeks and used them a few times with no issues whatsoever. They are an incredible time saver. I even bought a set for my girlfriend to use with her baby several months back and she thought they were incredibly handy especially on evenings when she was rushing one kid to football another to cheer and life was too chaotic to sit down and spoon feed her daughter.I do want to say after reading some of these reviews that I would not use these as the ONLY way to feed you baby and also that my experience has been that using these does not “delay” the baby in any way from learning fine motor skills as I had read previously.

Regina Leeds, MA

These are GREAT!

A couple years ago we had some of these but, I think we had the nuby brand. I thought those were pretty good. But, these are so much better! They easily hold a jar of baby food. Our daughter is 8 months old and eating very well off of the spoon. We got these to use with our stash of stage 1 and 2 baby foods. Now, that our daughter eats mostly stage 3 baby food and mashed up our food, she will use the baby food bottle to use up the thinner foods as snacks. If you are trying to decide between the nuby bottle set and these…get these! We have had both and in my opinion these are much better. Very sturdily made. One review on here said that they melt in the dishwasher…not sure about that…not taking the risk :).

Bertie Charlotte Court House, VA

better than the nuby

I purchased these and the similar Nuby feeder. Let me first say DO NOT BOIL THESE TO STERILIZE THEM! I ruined both kinds that way. After reordering and doing a simple wash I used both brands and found the Sassy to waste far less food and create a better seal for less mess. I do like the attachments for the Nuby, but find them to be just a perk and not necessary. Great for on the go feedings and grossed out dads who don’t like feeding infants!

Brooke Forestdale, MA

Messy until you get the hang of it.

This is messy filling up until you get the hang of it. And your baby too! I started my baby boy on these bottles when he was 3 months old. They filled him up and he slept great after getting a good feeding.

Dayna Hamer, SC

Good Feeder!

Thus far I am very pleased with this feeder. It does make feeding the baby less messy and more convenient (especially when we are out and spoon feeding could be difficult to clean up after). The cons are: 1) travel cap fits loosely and does come unsnapped from time to time, 2) There are several small parts to this feeder and these require extra effort when assembling or cleaning up, and 3) Feeder does not empty completely (there is always a small amount of food left over which the child can not express from the bottle, but it is very little). With the exception of these few minor complaints we are pleased thus far with this item and would recommend it to others who are searching for a similar product.

Katrina Raton, NM

just ok

This seemed like a good idea for my son that was slow to start eating solids. And he did like to use it but he would stick his hand in the bottom and tip the flat part sideways and then all the food will spill out the bottom. I used the directions and am sure I put it together correctly. Maybe he was too smart? I don’t know what the problem was but we only used them a few times and I gave up. He also started eating more food off a spoon.

Abbie Butler, WI


These are awesome. Easy to clean perfect for travel dishwasher safe, microwaveable. I know it was a nightmare when I traveled out of state and didn’t have these bottle, so glad I bought them. I PURSCHASED FROM TOMO BUYS. GREAT CUSTOMER SEVICE, ARRIVED SUPER FAST, PACKAGED NICE.

Estella Roderfield, WV


A MUST HAVE for your baby works perfect received as gift hard to find in stores and I would highly recommmend this product!!! I love every thing about this but will admit some times hard to screw on the top and bottom at times other then that is the best baby food product I’ve used A++++

Elba Emmett, ID