Sassy Baby Mealtime On the Go Feeding Set, Colors May Vary

Sassy Baby Mealtime On the Go Feeding Set, Colors May Vary

Whether you are at home, Grandmas, daycare or on-the-go with your toddler in tow, this nine-piece feeding set is great for any feeding occasion. It includes one large sectioned feeding dish with lid and three removable individual dishes with lids that are perfect for snacks or smaller feeding portions. It also includes a toddler feeding spoon that easily stores in the large lid. Recommended for ages 6+ Months.Nine piece setComes with large sectioned bowl with lidIncludes three removable dishes with lidsToddler feeding spoon is included

Main features

  • Nine piece set
  • Comes with large sectioned bowl with lid
  • Includes three removable dishes with lids
  • Toddler feeding spoon is included
  • Colors May Vary, you may receive this item light green, red, fluorescent green

Verified reviews


The main dish is all I use

I do not use the individual smaller containers that came with it. They don’t seem that useful to me. But the main dish I like this because it is very useful to keep veggies and fruits separate when feeding my baby. It is a decent size.

Glenna Primrose, NE

overall pleased, but couple of complaints

Overall I like this product because it is compact and perfect for meals on the go. The spoon seems useless but we put another small spoon in there to replace it. The internal containers do leak a little but we never had the external container leak, (we don’t put liquids in, but our jarred peaches leaked). The main compartment is slightly small for a half of a sandwich, but I can squish one in. I have trouble completely sealing the main compartment at times, but I am working to figure it out, (might be user fault). As I said, I am still pleased with it and use it several times a week.

Jannie Chestnut Mountain, GA

I use this every day!

This is an absolutely great set for older babies and up. I never used it for baby food, so I can’t speak to the leaking issue. But for half a sandwich, and snacks like cut fruit, cheese, or crackers, it is perfect. It’s not very big, so if you’re going to be out for a whole day you’ll need to pack more than this holds, or use the small containers separately so you can put food in the big one too. I also think that for older than about 2, it might not be quite big enough for a meal– my 17 month old cleans it out already with no trouble! I guess that’s boys. 🙂 The lids are somewhat hard to get off, which I’m glad of for my toddler but might be a problem if an older child needed to be independent. And the main lid warped a bit in the dishwasher, but still fits fine with a little wiggle. I don’t quite understand all the objections to the spoon– the bowl is sort of flat, and wider than infant spoons, but really not so freakish and useless as you might expect from all the complaints here. As an added perk, the whole set is also a puzzle– my son often spends as much time after lunch fitting the little containers into the big one as he did eating.

Ellen Reydell, AR

love them

I have a lot of bento lunch boxes, including the laptop lunchbox. I like this one the best. It’s small enough to carry around easy, but has enough room for lunch for both my toddler/pre-schooler, as well as an adult (with a sandwich outside of it). We have a few of them and use them every day. I put veggies and dip in them, yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit salad… you name it. I also love it because of the price. The laptop lunchbox I bought was outrageous, there was only one cover for the container, and the plastic smelled like the food I put in it, but the smell never goes away. This one is not like that. It never has a smell, and it’s so portable, affordable, and it keeps food separate with the lids so the foods don’t mix.Absolutely perfect.

Elisha Berlin, NJ

great item

I’d agree with other reviewers that very juicy things can leak, but this isn’t really a problem for me. I mostly use the box to pack up the boy’s lunch for his care provider, and so the box gets tucked into the fridge upright, where it won’t tip or spill. It’s been invaluable as we introduce solid foods – our care provider has been hesitant to feed him solids without a clear plan of what foods are allowed. Packing his lunch in this excellent box is our solution.If we are going out and about with snacks, I just fill it with non-drippy things – waffle, fresh green beans, clementine segments, squash chunks, whatever. The box holds a goodly amount of such finger foods. We’re very happy with this product!

Tonia Bowling Green, KY

Great product- Spoon is crap, but the rest is great!

It has the oddest flat little spoon. We never use it. But the rest of this is PERFECT and we use it for on the go meals (when we don’t think that we will be eating somewhere healthy enough for our 11 month old) or when they go to grandma’s house and stay overnight. Perfect. It fits right inside our LLBean lunchbag and stays nice and cool. The separate containers allow me to heat up what needs to be heated and keep things like fruit cold. Great product. I have NO PROBLEMS with the lids staying on or getting them on and off. I also have no leaking issues. These work great and I get tons of compliments!

Doretha Lyman, SC

I returned it promptly

I bought this from Babies R Us. I really really need divided travel plates with lids. I thought this would work. However, some lids were hard to remove and others easily removed. The lids don’t have a rubber grip or anything, so I could tell one container might leak. The other container with the tight lid was so tight and did not have a thumb pull or bigger ‘lipped’ side to ull up on. I new I would end up turning it sideways to open and then spill when opened. Plus, the sheer tought of keeping track of all the lids made me cringe. I am returning it because it’s too expensive for so many headaches. I am STILL looking for a good alternate and might try the Tikes Turtle divider plate with lid instead.

Leola Guys Mills, PA

Not what I was expecting…

As a previous reviewer said, the concept is great, but this product is lacking. The lids do not stay on, which makes for a disgusting mess in the diaper bag. Frustrated now, we only use it at home and don’t bother with the useless lids. I regret buying it.

Rocio Cosmopolis, WA