Sassy Baby Powdered Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

Sassy Baby Powdered Formula Dispenser, Colors May Vary

With an easy-pour spout, this Powdered Formula Dispenser from Sassy features 4 single-serving compartments designed to hold pre-measured powdered formula or cereal for meals anytime, anywhere. The snap-on lid keeps powdered formula and cereal fresh and secure during travel. Colors and styles may vary. Styles are selected at random when shipped.”

Main features

  • Comes with four single-serving compartments
  • Features ergonomic shape for a comfortable hold
  • Textured design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colors May Vary, you may receive this item blue, orange or pink

Verified reviews


Great for on the go or at home.

We use this all the time! It is great for on the go, fill it and toss it in the diaper bag. The lid is secure, and we have never had a problem with this dispenser. I also like to use it at home, it makes preparing bottles quicker and when you pour the powder in all at one time instead of using one scoop at a time, it mixes WAY better and you can shake less vigorously. I fill it and leave it sitting on the counter…which is great because my husband can make a bottle with out asking me for prep. directions (because for some reason he can’t ever remember how to make a bottle when he needs to, lol).

Sybil Addison, TX

Buy the Munchkin

We received one of these and two of the Munchkin (3 compartment dispensers). Both my husband and I HATE this one so much that we actually avoid using it. When we are holding our baby and trying to shake the formula out into a bottle, it often ends up spilling onto the counter because of the flat lid. The opening on our Munchkin dispensers has a slightly funnel shaped lid that lets the formula slide out with minimal tapping. ONE STAR for the fact that it has 4 compartments instead of 3. The Sassy dispenser would have been a waste of money, had we purchased it ourselves. Get the Munchkin dispenser instead.

Tamara Neillsville, WI


The product works but it is not as pictured. I had specifically bought this brand because it is the same as one I had bought for my older son. The tab to open it is not as pictured and makes it difficult to use. I thought I made the mistake and didn’t really it was their mistake until I already opened and used it. So beware!!

Barbra Lewiston, NY

I got pink both times

I ordered this and got pink both times…I have little boys and still used the pink anyway! 🙂 Every mom should own this! Great for diaper bags and can also be used later for small snacks like cheerios or the yogurt bites! Ideal for night time so you don’t have to fumble around warming up bottles…put hot water in the bottle, measure out the formula, and by time baby wakes up water is warm and ready to make!

Ashlee Lafayette, TN

Can’t live without this thing!

These little containers are just the best thing, ever! I use one for formula and the other for cereal for quick fixes when on the road. Just pre-measure what you need and away you go! The lid fits tightly and I have never experienced any spillage. I actually bought mine from Walgreen’s (I was in a hurry), and I was kinda bummed they only had blue (I have a girl), but these little things are real time-savers.When making up the formula (I use Isomil Advance), I place two four ounce servings in one half of the container, and then a six and an eight in the other two sections.Very handy! I love it. I just wish there were more color selections, but function over form works for me!

Lindsay Rhame, ND

Powdered Formula Dispenser

Love the divided compartments. Love that you can store enough formula for an entire day’s use in such a small container. Very, Very practical. I plan on using it later for dispensing cherrios and other snacks.

Tracy Parshall, ND

VERY impressed!

At such a cheap price, I was VERY impressed with the quality. I haven’t had any problems with the formula spilling into other compartments (I tested it!) and it’s SO much easier than having to mix it before you leave, and wrap it in some kind of cooler thing.Just fill the bottle/sippy up with water, and mix it when baby’s hungry! Pours fairly easy, and is a REAL time saver! It doesn’t take up any more room than my son’s sippy cups.Really a great buy – if you formula feed, you HAVE to have one of these! (Also good for snacks like cheerios!)

Claire East Alton, IL

These are wonderful

These are great to take along so that you don’t have to carry a whole can of formula or try to pour premeasured formula out of a baggie or tupperware. The chambers do mix a little at times but only when the lid isn’t on tighly so make sure it snaps in place. All in all it’s a great item.

Kimberley Cornelius, NC

It’s great for when you leave home

Sometimes the formula is passed from one compartment to another, but most times it does not happen. It is very comfortable and fit up to 8 ounces of infant formula in each compartment. It’s great for when you leave home

Geraldine Elmwood Park, IL

Very convenient for baby formula…

Although this item is not perfect — there can be some shifting between compartments — overall it’s a very convenient way of packing baby formula into the diaper bag!

Gayla Wagener, SC

Contents do shift

I love the idea of this dispenser, also the size is compact (about the size of large orange) for travel.However, I was surprised to see that after a trip in the diaper bag, contents from one compartment tend to shift to another (an empty one in my case), thus somewhat defeating the purpose of a pre-measured formula dispenser.

Rosalind Galax, VA

more convenient than the whole can but hard to spin the top around.

i have this formula dispenser and the avent formula dispenser and i must say i like the avent one better.Philips Avent Formula Dispenser / Snack Cup, BPA-FreeThis one is harder to clean and the top doesn’t spin as easy when you are changing from one compartment to the next. You have to put a bit of effort into it. Even my big strong husband struggles with it. and the avent one spins with ease.I run it through the dishwasher and no matter where I put it in the dishwasher it always ends up getting flipped upside down and filled with water where as the avent one doesn’t for some reason.i say buy two of the avent one and don’t waste your money on this one. even though it holds more volume of formula. unless you enjoy cleaning things and working your arm muscles while you make a bottle for your screaming baby.

Nita Wyoming, NY

Great for travel

I always hated toting around the formula can with my other 2 children, so when I found this, I had to buy it. So far, I haven’t seemed to have had the same problems as some of the other reviewers. It is a great help to have it already measured so that it cuts out some of the mess. The only thing would be if the hole was a little smaller. The larger hole makes it a little messier, but it’s still a great product.

Kari Fair Haven, NY