Sassy Baby’s First Books

Sassy Baby’s First Books

These simple books are designed with the brightest pictures to help you make up stories to tell your baby. Set of 4 books help you explore the senses with baby as you teach baby words and textures . There are 3 soft plastic books flaps and 1 cloth book. The cloth book has fun activities for baby to explore their senses.

Main features

  • Four sensory books for adult to explore with even the youngest baby
  • Three soft, plastic books contain bold pictures & photo pockets
  • Cloth book features activities to inspire the senses
  • One soft book has handle for baby to easily grasp
  • Books are great to help baby learn words, images and different textures

Verified reviews


Seems good for younger infants

We found these for our 5-6 month old baby and she really enjoyed them, but she was able to rip each individual page apart in about a week. Our baby is probably just really strong, but it would have been nice to have them last a bit longer. However, she did enjoy the colors very much and still plays with the soft pages. Overall, a nice set.

Christian Jefferson Valley, NY

Books are cute, weird vinyl texture

Like the title says, I wish they made these in a soft cloth or crinkle fabric. Nevertheless, my son’s attention is caught by these. I especially like the book that allows you to insert pictures of the family and friends your baby encounters often!

Kristina Bentonville, VA

strong smell

the books look cute but have strong smell . I washed and aire them for a few days but the smell is still there and I am not sure if they ar safe for babies to touch or smell. so I don’t le my baby play them

Carmella Minatare, NE

Great first books!

My 7 month old especially loves the “Dotty and Friends” book and will look at it for lengthy periods of time. It stays in her crib and is a great way for her to unwind as she’s settling down for sleep. It also goes with us to doctor’s appointments and restaurants since it does help distract her if she starts to get frustrated. Each book in the pack is cute so you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend these books for all babies!

Alissa Albany, MN

Get something else, really

We got this set for my (then) 8 month old. Months before a friend gave her one plastic book with pictures of several objects. It was a 99 cents store book. But it wasn’t of cheap design or construction. So we thought that this would add more variety to her bath time library but we were wrong.When I got this I was so disappointed… there was only 2 things liked.PROS:- There’s a photo album where you can fit 4 pictures. We use them for grandma and family.- The price was OK compared to other options here in Amazon.CONS:- Books only have 3 sheets (6 pages). As opposed to most other which have 4 sheets (8 pages).- “Illustrations” if they can be called that are very very simple. Not “baby simple”, but more like “repeat the same faces and change some colors and put some bow or antenna” simple.- Colors are too bright. We’ve learned that babies are more comfortable with high black and white contrast when newborn, but later they like (and can see color) but explosive, contrasting colors overstimulate them.- Baby never gave these much attention! We later get some Sesame Street ones (gifts from granny) and she loves them.- One of the books is made of cloth and there’s one banana that you can smell and touch. Oh my… the smell is so chemical that it doesn’t even smell to artificial banana fragrance.I hope my review is helpful? is it?

Alyson Cooper, IA

Great Product

Overall a good buy, especially since they come as a package. Only con is that the corners and edges are somewhat pointy and sticks the baby gums when she places it in her mouth.

Tammy Snowshoe, WV

Not the greatest

Books were shorter than expected and content was disappointing. I would suggest an alternative first experience for babies. Nothing else to say.

Elsa Monroe, OH


As soon as this set arrived my little guy was so excited! They are very soft and very colorful! he especially loves the cloth book because it had a mirror and a squeaker in it!I didn’t realize that several of the books are meant to be photo alums… so you have to put your own pictures in them. I like to wash these books often since he puts them in his mouth so I didn’t add my own picture to it, he still likes them the way they are and they are great practice!the plastic smell is very overwhelming when you open the box, so I would recommend giving them a dunk in soapy water or wiping them off before handing them over to baby.Other than that, they’re cute!

Tracey Cypress, IL

Best books!

Sassy really knows what it’s doing with all of it’s developmental toys. These books are my son’s absolute favorite. The faces on the page ALWAYS elicit a smile from him and it’s so much fun to see him interact with the crazy looking bugs 🙂

Sandy Ekwok, AK


Can’t recommend these books enough. Great, soft, son loves them so much! I put these in the crib so he wakes up to them and he loves playing with them.

Adriana West Farmington, ME

Baby loves!

These are awesome for baby. Bright colored and (for the most) part easy to clean. They do have a strong plastic smell at first, but it faded out quickly. The book with the teething handle and the one with the yellow bug on the cover are the easiest to clean, rinse under running water under the sink, as they are fully water (and slobber) proof. The same could be said for the picture album except you will get water inside the picture pockets, that one I just surface clean.The fourth book is my least favorite and the reason I don’t give this set 5 stars.Not really waterproof, it soaks up baby’s drool (YUCK!) it can only be surface cleaned. I am guessing this is because of the scented packet inside one of the pages (its supposed to smell like bananas) and the small squeaker inside another. Overall a good purchase.

Valarie Wainwright, OK

children’s book

my 9 month old daughter likes playing with her Sassy books. they are easy for her to hold and flip through. she also can’t get a papercut and they’re easy to clean.

Robyn North Lawrence, NY

Babies love these

These are basic books but they double as chew toys. Don’t leave them in the floor cause the dogs will have them gone in seconds. Babies will be able to chew on them nonstop until they get a few more teeth in.

Felicia Urbana, OH

Baby loves it, best buy

I bought this when my daughter is 1 month old. She smiles the very first second when she saw it. The bright color really catch her attention. Now she is almost 5 month old, she still enjoy it. The yellow bug on the cover is her favorite, it never fail to make her smile. When you see the precious smile, you know it is worth every penny.

Sheryl La Veta, CO

Price is too high

The books were okay. There weren’t that many pages per book (only 3-4 pages). What I do like about them is that they’re bright and colorful. Plus, my baby can abuse it as much as she like, without it being ripped apart or pieces in her mouth. I would have liked it much more if they were priced lower.

Paige Allegany, NY

head up!

These books are great but beware, the edges are heat sealed and can be kind sharp. Just check them before you let your little one put them in their mouth. Otherwise, these are a great deal!

Dayna Bay Center, WA

I hate the smell

My daughter has never even got the chance to touch these. They have a very bad smell to them. Not like plastic like a chemical, I’ve washed them and the smell does not go away so this was a waste of money. Do not Buy.

Lupe Wilton, MN

“Life saver”

Most definitely saved the lives of our paper/board books. My son wants to gnaw on everything so to save our favorite books from certain sogginess we got him these for Christmas.

Hilary Roanoke, IL

Great Book Set

My daughter absolutely loves these books and cannot take her eyes off of them while we read the short stories to her. Short being the key word because they are less than a handful of pages, although perfect to keep little ones engaged by swapping out stories within the collection of several books.

Naomi Golden Valley, AZ